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Life Changing Creative Visualization

By: Gloria Pierson

If you feel you are struggling or feel stuck, creative visualization can be life-changing for you. There is a three-step process that I describe in the video and then guide you through a visualization. Visualization is using your imagination to create what you want. You become an energy magnet to attract what you desire. All growth begins within and then manifests on the physical plane.

Visualization helps you to impress your desires on your subconscious mind and that is what is aligned with Infinite Intelligence. There are angels, beings of light and ascended masters that will help us, but, we need to put our desires out there first. Stop struggling and allow the Universe to flow and help you.

Begin to Visualize an Abundant Future

By: Gloria Pierson

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Money consciousness is an attitude of the mind. Strong desire sets this energy in motion and visualization is the perfect tool to amplify a strong desire. If we spend time concentrating on what we want, channels will open up for us. With visualization, you can make your “money making” facilities stronger and begin to visualize an abundant future. This video has a guided visualization for you to try. I call it the Movie Screen Technique.

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In this channel, I guide you to create positive shifts in your life using the power of positive thinking and mindfulness to open the door to the treasures of abundance, happiness, and health.

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How to Begin Using Visualization

By: Gloria Pierson

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Our thoughts are creative and what we imagine or visualizes will manifest in the physical form. Visualization takes practice and determination. If you are having trouble with visualization, this video provides a technique to learn the process. It is a great tool for you to try. It works!

Technique to Improve Attention and Visualization

By: Gloria Pierson

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Technique to Improve Attention and Visualization

Our thoughts are a product of our mind and our mind is creative. The process of visualization makes it possible to use our thoughts and our mind to achieve specific goals. Of course, this takes practice, especially with our dependence on technology and wanting immediate results and gratification. If you begin a workout program, it takes practice and time to build your muscles. Likewise, with visualization, practice is needed to master it. This blog will provide one technique to improve attention and visualization.

If you prefer, here is the link to the YouTube video for this process.

Compare our attention to a magnifying glass. If the magnifying glass is not focused on one area, it proves worthless. However, if you concentrate the glass on a specific area, it is magical how useful the result is. By learning to improve attention, you will be shocked how it can have to help you overcome obstacles. Practice makes perfect!

There is a professor at Harvard that assigns her students to write an intensive research paper on a single work of art. Before they begin the research, they must spend three full hours looking at the work of art, examining every inch. This does seem like a long time, however, just because you have looked at something does not mean you have seen it.

By learning to improve your attention and practice visualization, you can begin to have your thoughts become a reality. The creative power of your mind will be in harmony with Source, and that is the Law of Attraction.

I have other blogs and videos about visualization and learning to visualize the life you want in detail, but, sometimes we need baby steps to achieve that end. I was speaking with someone last week that was having problems staying consistent and on track. After a few days, she would give up. This is the suggestion I gave to her. It breaks down the bigger picture into smaller step

Technique to Improve Attention and Visualization
1. Find a photograph that appeals to you. You may use the photograph in this blog. Examine it for ten minutes. Look at all the details. Look at the “whole “photo first, then break it down into sections and look at specific information and colors.
2. After ten minutes, close your eyes and try to see it mentally. Can you see every detail?
3. Accepting this visualization process is essential. If you have a fixed perception of what you ought to see, you may feel discouraged. This takes practice. Try not to judge nor let your ego rule.
4. Practice this every day, until you feel confident about your visualization.
How did this work for you? Remember practice makes perfect.

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The Power of Visualization Technique

By: Gloria Pierson

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All growth is from within and visualization is a fantastic tool to help. The world within gives the cause and the world without the effect. It is important to control our thoughts to bring desirable conditions. “Right thinking” can be learned to manifest what you desire in your life. A new relationship? A new job? More money? A new home?

For visualization to be most effective, you need to believe in the images and as the experience becomes effective your belief will deepen. The tool explained in this video can help you kick-start your process. It is preparing your mind to accept and become receptive to the helpful images. I like to refer to it as Step One in the Visualization learning process.

Let me guide you through the process.

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