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How to Release Your Past and Allow Your Energy to Flow

By: Gloria Pierson

HOW TO RELEASE YOUR PAST TO ALLOW YOUR ENERGY TO FLOW We have to accept the past, it cannot be changed, but, we have the freedom to move forward. By releasing the past, you relieve stress and release emotions. Stress stops the flow of energy. It is like dragging a large rock with a rope attached to it around your ankle. Start with a clean slate and watch how you can manifest your dreams.

How to Stay Calm During Disagreements

By: Gloria Pierson

There seems to be a lot of anxiety in the world today.  Besides our day to day problems, we have the pandemic and an election. People are divided on many issues, and you may find it hard to stay calm during disagreements. One way to stay calm is to practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness will help give you a “pause” before you react. The key is to practice mindfulness daily, not just when you are in a disagreement or distressed. 

A straightforward way to practice mindfulness is to not multi-task. Pick one activity in your day and give all your attention to it.  Instead of eating lunch and reading, just eat your lunch. If you are talking on the phone and answering email, stop and give all your focus and attention to the person you are speaking with.

Also, practice the Loving Kindness Meditation

This mindfulness meditation explores a traditional heart-opening meditation practice called loving-kindness meditation. You might also hear this type of meditation referred to as “metta” in the Pali language, or “maitri” in the Sanskrit language.

Loving-kindness meditation is a Buddhist compassion practice, but you do not have to be a Buddhist to try it. Anyone can benefit from meditating on compassion.

Why practice compassion and opening your heart? When we’re ruminating on our pain and suffering, we are thinking about ourselves. Thinking about ourselves only causes us more pain. All our suffering comes from putting ourselves first or thinking about ourselves too much.

Thinking that we need to “get ours” before others get theirs keeps us trapped in the belief that we are separate from others, and it traps us in the belief that there’s not enough of the good stuff to go around.

In truth, we are all connected, and anything in this life that provides lasting happiness is available in great abundance. Most significantly, love.

We benefit when we open our hearts and act more compassionately towards others. By shifting the focus on self to focusing on others, we realize that we are connected to all others. By practicing giving, rather than receiving, we recognize that we already have an abundance within us.

Let’s begin with the following simple version of a loving-kindness meditation:

Loving Kindness Meditation

  • Sit comfortably in a quiet place, free from distractions
  • Spend 1 minute or more focused on your breath, let go of all other thoughts
  • When the mind has settled down, imagine a soft, glowing light at the center of your heart
  • This is your abundant source of love
  • Now, bring to mind a loved one. Picture them sitting directly across from you
  • Choose a person you know, someone you are close to, someone you care about
  • As you extend the warm, soft, glowing light from your heart to theirs, think the following four thoughts
    • May this person have all the happiness in the world, and all the causes for future happiness
    • May this person be free from all their pain and free from the causes of future pain
    • May this person, who I love, never be separated from joy
    • May this person, who I love, live in a state of contentment, free from grasping to things and free from aversion
  • Spend as much time as you’d like with each thought, all the while, filling your friend with light
  • After sending the four thoughts, picture your friend having received those thoughts, now happy and content
  • Notice how it feels in your own body to see your loved one so happy

Expanding Your Capacity for Compassion

As you get more practiced with this meditation, try switching the person you send the four wishes to. We began here with a loved one. As your capacity for compassion increases, try sending the same four wishes to someone you hardly know, this should be someone you have no particular feelings of like or dislike. Then, try the meditation with a person who presents you with a challenge.

Release Fear and Embrace Change

By: Gloria Pierson

gloria pierson, gloria marie pierson, release fear and embrace change

A significant change in our lives, even if we want it, can be complicated. Letting go of the old is difficult. I remember when I was trying to train my Labrador, the breeder said, “Dogs like a routine, the same things day after day.” As humans, we are also like our routines. Letting go of the old is scary and uncomfortable. However, like a trapeze artist must let go of one bar to proceed. We need to let go to move forward.

What is it you want to change in your life? A new job? Start a business? A new relationship? More friends? More money? A move to a new location? You may have the desire for the new, but something is holding you back. Try this four-step process to release your fears and embrace change.

1. Rather than pretend you are not afraid, get in touch with how you are feeling. Complete the following sentence at least ten times. Next, read them out loud. Notice any discomfort or uneasiness in your body as you read them. Your feelings may go from excitement to fear.

The idea of making a major change makes me feel________________________________________.
Some examples: afraid, ambitious, brilliant, cautious, confident, determined, enthusiastic, frustrated, hopeful, impatient, lucky, nervous, optimistic, pessimistic, restless, scared, terrified, upset, worried.

2. List twelve reasons “why” you want a change.

3. What is the worst possible thing that could occur? Visualize it. For example, you start a business, and it fails. How do you feel? When you have a clear view of your fears, they usually diminish. This exercise will help you dilute the outcome because you already experienced it. When you do make a change, it is never as bad as you imagined.

4. Next, let switch to possibilities and solutions.

What if? ________________________________

What if everything went smoothly and you were ecstatic with the change you made. Answer the “What if?” question at least ten different ways. Then go for it! Plan some goals and begin taking some action steps; even baby steps will put you in the right direction.

Release Fear & Embrace Change

By: Gloria Pierson

Letting go is one of the most difficult things to do. Whether you are letting go of a job, relationship, home, or school, change is not easy. You are out of your comfort zone and it can be scary. But, if you are thinking of a change in your life, this video will guide you through a four-step process to help release the fears and embrace change.

Attracting Love Into Your Life

By: Gloria Pierson

Whether you want a romantic partner or new friends, learn to get in touch with your beautiful soul and raise your vibration to attract what you want. Project your beautiful soul energy that is connected to the Divine and become a magnetic of powerful energy. This guided meditation/visualization can be repeated daily to get you the incredible results that you deserve.

How To Stop A Poverty Mindset

By: Gloria Pierson

Poverty consciousness is an obstacle to manifesting the abundance you want. You may not even be aware of some of your long-held beliefs. Discover the four ways you may be in a poverty mindset and techniques to change your mindset beginning today.

Three Ways To Control Negative Thoughts

By: Gloria Pierson

Three techniques to stop negative thoughts before they overwhelm you. The quicker you can control the thoughts the less effect they will have over you. Nip them in the bud! Try all three methods to control negative thoughts or find the one that is easiest for you. Start today to feel peaceful and gentle.

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A Practicall Way to Expand Your Consciousness

By: Gloria Pierson

A guided powerful meditation to cleanse and strengthen your auric field and expand your consciousness. This threefold technique will enable you to expand your consciousness, harness the energy and intelligence that you have in order to control your own destiny.

Law of Attraction Techniques That Work

By: Gloria Pierson

You have the spiritual power to take a picture of your desire and propel it into the Universe. Of course, you must have a strong desire and faith that your intention will come to fruition. Learn the “Card Technique” as a practical tool to make things happen. It has been around since 1948, so it passes the test of time. All things are possible. Believe.

How to Focus on Changing Your Condition

By: Gloria Pierson

Try a seven day “mental diet” to change your conditions in your life. The thoughts we have today will produce your conditions in your future. The great news is that you can change your thoughts and form new habits. For this diet, you do not need to give up any food. You must only give up any thoughts of failure, disappointment, jealousy, sickness, and criticism. Follow the six steps and begin today to focus on changing your conditions.