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Be Still and Know That I Am God

By: Gloria Pierson

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“Be Still and Know That I am God” is probably one of the greatest verses in the Bible. This verse alone can help us deal with fear and anxiety. It reminds us to stop and focus on God alone. But, often in our crazy, busy, daily life we forget to practice that. We are usually more conditioned to accept the fear and anxiety as a part of our life struggles.

It has been said that Buddha did a whole silent lecture once. He merely gazed at a flower. The beauty in a flower is the same beauty we all have inside of us. It is our God nature that we can access if we become still.

Yesterday I had the privilege of driving through Yellowstone National Park. I was really lucky because I was not the one driving, I was fortunate to sit back and absorb the beauty of this great National Park. It was in the silence of the drive that I marveled how great God is and in the stillness I felt a part of the incredible beauty and nature that I saw.

The beauty was sometimes in the smallest of things. The way the sun was reflecting on a river, the different mineral colors in the mountains, or an elk quietly grazing or the perfect timing of Old Faithful geyser erupting every 90 minutes. My thoughts kept going to: Be still and know that I am God. I felt love, joy, and peace.

You can access this same feeling. One easy way is when difficulties arise, turn your thoughts to this beautiful phrase, “Be still and know that I am God.” Take a pause from your problems, focus on God. God does not work with the laws of this earth, he can and does perform miracles.

Another way is to spend time in nature in silence. Like Buddha, gaze at a simple flower, or leaf or tree. Begin to connect to your deepest, beautiful inner self. By practicing in this way, it will help you to connect with your inner self the next time you are filled with fear.

This week, when fearful thoughts arise, remember, “Be still and know that I am God.”

Two Most Powerful Words

By: Gloria Pierson

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Our words carry tremendous energy and it is important to choose the words we put into the Universe carefully. Our words manifest into our lives. It takes diligence to become aware of this and to correct old habits. But, there are two words that can align you with the Divine. The two most powerful words are,” I AM.”

“I AM” is “God in Action.” When you say and feel,” I AM”, you are releasing God’s everlasting life flow into your life. Try saying this right now, “I AM unlimited.” “I AM love.” “I AM strong.”
How did that feel? By saying “I AM” you are using enormous power that is love, peace, beauty, harmony and opulence for life. Isn’t that what we all want?

I know I get stuck in a rut sometimes and do not choose my words wisely. I try to catch myself before I sink too far down and write some “I AM” affirmations. I write them down and say them out loud several times a day. I have had some amazing, wonderful experiences with the use of these two powerful words.

What is it that you would like to manifest more of in your life? Start with an “I AM” to align your thoughts with God’s Divine Energy. This is very great stuff.

The “I AM” opens the door to the tremendous love and energy of the Divine. One word of caution, you can SLAM the door shut just as easily by saying, “I AM not.” I am not prosperous. I am not well. I am not happy. This energy works both ways and that is why it is important to become aware of the words you use.

Also, be aware of saying affirmations like, “I AM sick.” You are reversing the principles of life. This is not a positive affirmation, but, it is an affirmation.

A lifetime of habits cannot be changed overnight, but, with awareness, change will begin. Think this over and start to incorporate it into your life. Keep that beautiful, powerful energy of God coming into your life.

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3 Ways to Stop Fear

By: Gloria Pierson

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What we think is what we attract into our lives.  If we lived in an isolated area surrounded by the peaceful sounds and views of nature, it would probably be easier.  But, most of us live complicated lives and every day we face challenges.  Add to that the violence and hatred that we see in the news and trying to remaining positive and peaceful can be challenging. It is challenging, but, it is doable: try these 3 ways to stop fear the next time you feel yourself slipping.

The Law of Attraction simply put is: the thoughts, action and words we put out into the Universe, the exact thoughts, action and words will return to us. If we have fearful thoughts or thoughts of hate, we will attract more fear and negativity into our lives. They may come into our lives as a different form, but, they will come in.

Maybe you are trying to manifest abundance into your life. Guard your thoughts about abundance others have carefully. Envy or jealousy of others good fortune will not help you manifest abundance into your life.  God wants us all to live opulent, joyful lives.  There is plenty of abundance for everyone. If you are feeling envious of someone, try to bless them and feel happiness for them, you too deserve and can manifest the same.

It is the fear that we deal with on a daily basis that prevents us from leading happy, joyful lives. Our fears do not go away overnight; we have a life time of creating them. But, you can take charge of your thoughts and gradually pick away at them. Like a gardener weeding out a garden, you can pick out the fearful, negative habits from your mind.

3 Steps to Stop Fear

  1.  Meditate or pray at least once a day. In prayer and meditation, we learn to re-program out minds and align closer to God.  With God all things are possible.
  2. Spend time in nature. Nature is very healing. We can shut out the fear, the news, and our problems if just for a short time. Even a short time, we help us connect to our Inner Self and our soul.
  3. Do something loving for yourself. We cannot stop all the fear and hatred in the world, but, we can take steps to love ourselves and that love that you feel will go out into the world. Our bodies are made of energy and pure, positive energy will affect those around you. Instead of fear based energy, loving energy is healing. Take a long bath. Read an inspiring book.


What do you do to release fear?


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3 Ways to Help with Sadness

By: Gloria Pierson

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One day this past week, I woke up sad. There was really no specific reason, it just was. We can have a very happy, fulfilled life, but, some day’s sadness can come over us. Perhaps a friend received a diagnosis or you are concerned about a family member. The news and world events that are tragic can also bring about this feeling. Try these 3 ways to help with sadness the next time you feel that way.

If you are feeling sad, it is alright, do not feel bad about it. Try to get in touch with your feelings instead of ignoring them. These tools can help you create a shift in your thinking so you do not keep descending to a deep, dark place. By shifting our energy, we are creating space for more positive thoughts to come into our mind.

Many times we are sad over something we have no control of. When I read about a mass shooting, I am sad, but, there is nothing I can do to bring the lost lives back to life. What I can do, is create positive energy around me and that will help heal others.

3 Ways to Help with Sadness
1. Write down ten things you are grateful for. Even if you are struggling now, you have something to be grateful for. You are reading this article which means you woke up today and you are breathing. Try to not list the ten obvious things, go deep. Gratitude centers you in the moment and allows God’s graces to flow to you.
2. Call a friend. If you are fortunate to have a buddy that lifts you up when you talk with them. Give them a call and let them know you are sad. Hopefully, they will listen non-judgmentally and give you that pick up you want. Do you have any friends like that? The kind of friend that you know will cheer you up or make you laugh. Treasure that friendship.
3. Watch an inspiring video or read an inspiring passage in a book. With the Internet, it would take only a little searching to find the perfect media to read or watch.

Remember that sadness will pass. The sun and blue sky are still behind every dark cloud.

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A Tool for Confidence

By: Gloria Pierson

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This is a tool that I use if I am feeling a little down or need to boost my confidence. I remember the three accomplishments I am proudest of in my life so far. Our minds tend to replay our mistakes or the should-of or could-of. That is a habit. But, we can break that habit. Try this tool for confidence the next time you need a little boost.

What would your three accomplishments be? Take some time to think about them. It may not be the first three that you think about. Also, do not restrict it to adulthood, you may have had an awesome achievement while you were in elementary school.

When you are thinking about this, really try to go deep. What is it that YOU think? This is not how you made the most money or the one that your parents were thrilled about. It maybe something that you worked hard to accomplish and did not give up.

My proudest accomplishments:
1. My boys – I did the best job I could raising them and being a mother. I am very lucky that God blessed me with two wonderful sons and I am proud of the men that have become.
2. Earning my Screen Actors Card while in my 20’s. – I gave up my full time teaching job to pursue an acting career. That is a tough business and I worked several part time jobs while trying to support myself. I would take acting classes at night and when I booked my first national commercial, it was fantastic. That SAG card took years of dedication and commitment to earn.
3. Surviving my divorce. – I was married for 21 years and never envisioned myself divorced. It was really difficult in so many ways. First dealing with the betrayal and struggling to survive on my own. I received alimony for only a few months. I was a stay at home Mom, so, getting back into the workforce and supporting my sons was challenging. But, I survived and I am proud that I went from devastation to happiness.

What are your proudest accomplishments so far? Write them down and next time you are ready for a challenge, know that you CAN do it. You have done it before and that strength and determination is there for you again! No matter what decade you are in, there is more you can and hopefully will do.

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Shift From Fear to Gratitude

By: Gloria Pierson

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Normally, I am pretty good dealing with anxiety. The past several years brought so many crises in my life, that I was left with very little choice than to put on my big girl pants and deal with it. But, this past week brought a situation that threw me off and I needed to back to the basics again. A shift from fear to gratitude was needed.

My son had a crisis at college. A miracle occurred and it was all worked out. The Dean of the Registrar at his University is a Saint and I will be forever grateful for her kindness and compassion. But, even when the situation was worked out, I still felt a lot of anxiety a week later. If you are a parent, you know, that it is so difficult to see your children going through a rough time.

I was meditating every morning, but, I still had that uncomfortable feeling in my solar plexius (about two inches above the navel). When I thought about this and allowed myself some quiet time to acutally feel the anxiety in my body, I realized my ego was in control. The ego was still focusing on the what-ifs. What if it didn’t work out? What would my son do? Can this happen again?

I allowed the ego mind to rule instead of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is in a state of grace and does what we tell it. That was the shift I needed. Instead of allowing fear based thoughts every time I felt the anxiety, I would focus on gratitude and the miracle that God provided.

It was a subtle shift. Just taking charge of my thoughts and creating a new habit. Gratitude puts us in touch with our higher selves and that aligns us with God, faith, and trust. Deepak Chopra said, “Gratitude is like a flashlight in a dark forest.”

Within in a day of a gratitude shift, the anxiety was gone and I just felt so blessed for the miracle that occurred.

Next time you are filled with stress or anxiety turn your thoughts to gratitude. We can change our habits by changing our thoughts.

Creating a Worry Box

By: Gloria Pierson

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A worry box is a great tool for dealing with fear. Fear and worry can both be forms of prayer, but, not the type of prayer you want to draw your energy too. Sometimes we can get caught in the spiral of fear and before we know it our fear encompasses many aspects of our lives. That is why I like to have several tools to deal with fear and creating a worry box is one of my favorites.

Normally, I try to nip fear in the bud. I have had many hurdles the past several years and it has taught me to overcome and deal with fear. If we do not deal with it, we are imprinting the fear on our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind does not judge and obeys whatever we tell it.

If we are concentrating on thoughts of worry or fear, that is exactly what we are putting in our subconscious mind. Consider the analogy of a garden, instead of growing flowers, you are planting weeds. It has been written that fear is man’s greatest enemy. However, the good news is that you can control and overcome it.

The past several months, I have had many challenges. It seemed that whatever I put into motion just stopped dead in its’ tracks. Lots of hard work produced nothing. It was a very frustrating time, like, I was running in place and getting nowhere. This is when worry and fear starting trying to take over. But, I was determined to deal with it and move on. The worry box is one of the tools I used.

Steps to Make Worry Box

1. Find a box you want to use. You probably already have one in your home. It could be a decorative box that is empty. Empty boxes are stagnant energy, put that box to use. Or you can use any small cardboard box and decorate it. Have some fun and let those creative juices flow.
2. Next, light a candle or some incense and say a prayer for guidance and strength. Write down your worries. I remember years ago having worry dolls. I would tell each one of them my problems and then put them in a small pouch. This is a very similar activity.
3. Cut out each “worry” and place it in your box. As you place each one, ask God to surround each of your worries with his Divine Love and Wisdom to help you work through them. Say a prayer of Gratitude that God has heard and will answer your prayers. Have trust and faith in God.
4. Close the box and leave the worries there. When you think about them or fear begins to set in, declare that God, the Universal Intelligence, is working on each and every one is perfect timing and in a perfect way.

Have Some Fun and Create a New Vision Board

By: Gloria Pierson

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Yesterday was a New Moon in Aries. New Moons are time for beginning new projects, new ideas and starting over. I thought this would be the perfect time to have some fun and create a new vision board. Of course, do not feel you need to wait for a New Moon to make one. It is a positive project for you to try anytime you feel inspired. Vision boards are a powerful tool for manifestation.

I have a vision board in my closet that I made several years ago. It has collected dust and has seen better days. It was interesting to note that some of my vision remained the same, but, it had recently become more fine-tuned. I turned off my phone and had such fun constructing the new vision board. I was inspired and loved my completed project. This new board is not hidden in my closet, but, in my office below my altar where I can see it every day.

Steps to Create a Vision Board:

1. Gather the materials: Poster board of any size, glue, scissors, markers, pastel crayons, stickers, magazines, photos albums, a happy photo of yourself, and any quotes you like.
2. Glue the photo of yourself in the center.
3. Imagine the board divided into four sections. The top left is for relationships and love. The top right is for self-expression/career. The bottom right is for prosperity/wealth. The bottom left is for health and spirituality. Of course, these are just suggestions. Divide the poster board with works best for you and this point in your life.
4. Next, start looking through magazines, photo albums, and the Internet for quotes and for pictures that inspire you and that you would like to envision in your future. Do not spend a lot of time thinking about it, follow your heart and instincts. Find lots and lots of photos, you may not use them all.
5. Place the photos on the board. Which ones tell the story of your life six months, a year, maybe several years from now? Which quotes do you want to live your life by? When you are ready begin gluing them on.
6. On my board, I could not find some of the photos or quotes I wanted and that is when the markers and pastel crayons came into use. I wrote words and drew pictures.
7. At the top of my board, I wrote, “I AM Presence, Divine Wisdom, Love, and Power.” The I AM presence is God in action. I believe the God is the Universal Force that will manifest my dreams.
8. At the bottom of the board, I wrote the date.

I hope you have fun with this. Put it in an area of your home that you can see it every day for inspiration.

Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui

By: Gloria Pierson

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This is a fantastic book for helping you simplify your life by clearing your clutter. “Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui” by Karen Kingston is a practical, easy to put in place formula for freeing yourself from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual clutter forever in a joyful way.

The author gives many examples that by changing and clearing your home you are also changing the possibilities in your life. All of our objects have energy and by clinging to clutter, we may also be clinging to our past. “Do you own your stuff or does it own you?”

One entire chapter explores, “So Why Do People Keep Clutter?” I found myself nodding my head in agreement to many of the reasons: keeping things just in case, security, status, identity, inherited clutteritis or belief that more is better.

The author interjects stories from her clients and many are hilarious, but, hilarious also in the way we can probably relate. For example, your “duck” collection might have begun with a co-worker giving you a gift and before you know it, your entire home is filled with ducks.

The chapter on the Feng Shui Bagua is very easy to understand. In fact, I have read many books on Feng Shui and this is the first time I understood it. There are illustrations to help you map out your Bagua.

The authors’ Clutter Test:
1. Does it lift my energy when I think about it or look at it?
2. Do I absolutely love it?
3. Is it genuinely useful?

It is no surprise that earlier editions of this book sold over one million copies. Personally, I felt my home was pretty clutter free, but, I have a list of projects that I cannot wait to start. Freeing up  space and energy will be fantastic.

I received this book from Blogging for Books in order to write this review.

Take The I Love Me Quiz

By: Gloria Pierson

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So many times we are brought up to help others, take care of others and little by little our needs shrink into the background. Who is it you ALWAYS put before yourself? Is it your close friends, your parents, your children, or everyone? It is impossible to live a life filled with happiness, abundance, and love if we do not love ourselves first. Today take the I Love Me Quiz below.

Any external change in our lives must first begin internally. We need to change our innermost self and then our exterior lives will follow. It does not happen the other way around.

Take a look in the mirror and say, “I love you.” Does it feel authentic? Or do you feel like; “Wow, that felt awkward?” This is a good place to begin.

Think about someone you truly love. It could be a romantic partner, your husband/wife, a friend, your child, or a parent. Now think how you treat them. You are most likely very kind, generous, and would go above and beyond to help them. Do you treat yourself with that same love?

We cannot keep giving if we do not love and nourish ourselves. It is like a car filled with a tank of gas. If the car keeps driving and driving without stopping to fill up at a gas station, it will eventually stop.

Take the I Love Me Quiz.

Try to answer the following questions and see if you learn anything about yourself.
Yes=2 points
Sometimes = 1 point
No = no points

1. I am up to date with my health checks (dentist, optician, etc.).
2. I eat healthy most of the time & do not abuse my body.
3. I have plenty of sleep, so I always feel rested.
4. I have regular periods of me time (relax, meditate, journal, etc.).
5. I take regular breaks from work and use my time wisely.
6. I say “No” to myself and others when I need to.
7. My home is tidy, organized and somewhere I enjoy being.
8. I choose to spend time with people that energize & inspire me.
9. I have no regrets and have forgiven myself for past mistakes.
10. I have reserves of things that are important to me in my life.

Did you learn anything about yourself? What action can you take this week to get more “2’s”?