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Build Self Esteem and Confidence

By: Gloria Marie

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You are not alone if you feel you need to build confidence. These are my personal six tips to increase your confidence and self-esteem. In addition, I describe a tool to take your power back and increase the energy in your solar plexus, the “powerhouse sun” of your body.

  1. List What You Honor
  2. Posture
  3. Turn Negative Thoughts to Positive
  4. Change a Small Habit
  5. Take a Risk – Challange Yourself
  6. Have Confidence in the Universe

The Power of Self Love -Short Cut to Manifesting

By: Gloria Marie

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Self-love is learning to make your happiness and well being a priority. For manifesting your desires, self-love is necessary. Learn about the “mirror effect” and together we will do a healing session to amplify our self-love.

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Happy Thoughts Challenge

By: Gloria Marie

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Have you felt the intense energy of the past few weeks? It seems to me that the year has started with a bang. Many things have not gone exactly like I had planned or had hoped they would go. Several of these circumstances are beyond my control. I cannot control the circumstances, but, I can control my thoughts and my reactions to the situations. And you can too. You have the power to control your thoughts and the ability to focus on solutions instead of problems. So, this week, we are going to try “The Happy Thoughts Challenge.”

It can be old habits that have us first react to problems with negativity and fear. These are lower vibrating energies that can stop manifestations and solutions. If we keep our thoughts happy and positive about a challenging situation or problem. We vibrate at a higher energy and connect with our Inner Self. Our Inner Self is connected to Divine Intelligence and that enable us to find solutions.

Fear and worry will spiral into more fear and worry. Shut the door on them and focus on God where the problem is. Say NO to fear, stop it in its track. When fear sets in, repeat simple affirmations like the following:

God is love.
I am surrounded by Divine Love.
God is guiding me now.
There is no power but God.

Another tool is to imagine the problem already solved. Of course, be flexible as to how it would be solved. Picture yourself and visualize how you would feel, how you would look, and how your life would be with the problem solved. Think positive, happy thoughts and that is what you will attract.

The Happy Thoughts Challenge

This week, pick one problem, one challenge or one circumstance in your life that you would like to change. Then pick one day this week to change your thoughts about the situation. Instead of fear or worry, substitute one of the affirmations listed above. Also, spend at least 10 minutes visualizing the problem solved! At the end of the day, journal about how you felt doing this challenge. If you felt a difference, try it a second day.

“Triumph Over Fear: Turn It Into Confidence”

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On Your Way to More Confidence

By: Gloria Marie

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Often we need a more holistic approach to wellness and self-esteem. We may need to learn how to forgive ourselves for our short comings or faults. We need to learn to love our bodies, have faith in our abilities and feel secure. Today I will give you 3 ways to boost your self-esteem and be on your way to more confidence.

1. Word Wall Sunday

Listed below are adjectives that you can use to describe yourself. Today, I want you to pick 3 adjectives that you feel describe yourself today and pick another 3 adjectives that you would like to become. The list below are just suggestions, feel free to add others.

For example: I feel I am kind, reliable and spiritual. I would like to become more fun, romantic, and creative. We are our thoughts, so, by consciously deciding what you would like, subtle shifts will begin.

Get a blank sheet of paper. At the top of the page, write your name, Word Wall and the date. On this paper, write all 6 adjectives that you have chosen. Have fun with it: color it, put borders, and make some drawings. Then put it where you can see it every day for the next week. Maybe put it by your computer, where you prepare dinner, or on your bathroom mirror. Every time you see it, read the words and feel them in your heart. You are taking charge of your life.

Kind Bright Passionate Fun
Generous Happy Beautiful Trustworthy
Patient Faithful Cheerful Reliable
Humorous Truthful Positive Creative
Peaceful Forgiving Prosperous Romantic
Grateful Compassionate Athletics Content
Spiritual Religious Loving Healthy
Joyful Dependable Generous Artistic
Blessed Confident Carefree Focused

2. Now take this a step further. – Show your friends or co-workers this list. Ask them to pick out 3 adjectives that describe you. Were you surprised by their choices? Did they pick out qualities that you thought you did not have?

3. Take an action toward the 3 adjectives that you would like to become. If you want to become more athletic: join a gym. If you want to be more prosperous: think of ways to cut your budget and also ways to generate more income. If you want to be more creative: publish an article, learn to paint. You get the idea?

What action step did you take?

Improve Your Self Esteem

By: Gloria Marie

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Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself as a person. Life changes can sometimes affect our self-esteem. Divorce, job loss, and break up of a relationship can all effect our self-esteem. It is a reflection of what you think about yourself. The good news is you can control and improve it. You can take responsibility for your own thoughts. Change unhappiness into happiness. You are not defined by another person, job or circumstance. Try the exercise below to improve your self esteem.

During my divorce there were many time my self-esteem suffered. When I was unemployed, alone, and scared, it took a hit. The future frightened me. It even materialized in how I dressed. My closet was filled with all black clothes. Great for attending funerals, but, this was my new life. I realized that I could control my thoughts, improve my self-esteem, and begin to create a life filled with happiness and joy.

Try this exercise below. Remember, self-esteem is an inside job and you can improve it.

1. List what you honor and appreciate about yourself – your gifts, talents, skills, and abilities. Consider these questions:
a. What do I appreciate about who I am?
b. What are my strengths?
c. What do my friends appreciate about me?
d. How would people who love me describe me?
2. When you have completed your list, read it out loud while looking in the mirror. This is more difficult than it may seem. Do this daily, until, you feel authentic while saying the statements. Keep this list to repeat when you need a little pick me up.
a. Begin each statement with the words, (your name), I love you’re…. (Gloria I love your sense of humor)
b. Begin each statement with the words, I love my…….. (I love my commitment to feeling good about myself!)

What did you LOVE about yourself?  Was the mirror exercise difficult?