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How to Calm the Mind and Reduce Stress

By: Gloria Pierson

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Learn to use a simple, proven tool to calm your mind. When stressed we cut ourselves off from the power of the Universe. By calming our Inner Self first, the outer will calm. Learn to quiet your mind and connect with Source.

Om mani padme hum
“The jewel in the lotus of the heart.”
Pronounced: ohm maa-nee paad-may-hoom


Ave Maria or Hail Mary
“Ave Maria” means “Hail Mary” a mantram in honor of Mother Mary

My God and my all.
This was a phrase that Saint Francis used in his prayers

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on us.
The Jesus prayer

Kyrie eleison or Lord have Mercy

“The Lord as the source of abiding joy.”

Barukh attah Adonal
“Blessed art thou, O Lord”
Pronounced: baa-rook aa-taa aa-doh-nai

Ribono shel olam
“Lord of the Universe”
Pronounced: rib-on-oh shell oh-lam

The name of God.

Reduce Stress

By: Gloria Pierson

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A full body scan is a great way to reduce stress. In this video, I will guide you through the steps. It is a tool that you could easily practice yourself.

When you are aware of where and how you hold tension in your body, you can begin to deal with it and to find solutions. The intent of a body scan is to feel the discomfort until you can describe it in detail, rather than avoid the discomfort. Our bodies normal reaction to tension is to ignore it and hope it goes away. This technique does just the opposite.

Before you begin the body scan, I suggest you take a step away from your problems and redirect your feelings. If there is a challenge that came up, change your perspective. If it is not something you can change, trust in divine order. Have faith that there will be a solution. That faith will open the door to solutions.

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