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Strength in the Storm

By: Gloria Pierson

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Hurricane Irma is charging towards Florida. I live in Florida, and I am in the path of the storm. As I am writing this, the hurricane has shifted, and it appears that we are not going to get a direct hit. This has been a very stressful week, trying to decide whether to stay or evacuate. My family and I decided to stay. We spent the week shuttering up our homes, buying supplies and getting ready as best as we could.  One thing I had to do was find strength in the storm.

I have been through many hurricanes, but, I have never seen the anxiety and stress level this high. There were long lines to get gas and supplies. Currently, most stations are out of gas, and the stores are out of bottled water. Floridians had to make many decisions this week. It was suggested to put your important papers in a Ziploc bag. I look at my bad with the papers and flash drives and think that my life is in one bag.

What would you put in your bag? What would you protect? With a life threating storm, material possessions did not matter to me at all.

Normally, I meditate and pray every morning. This week, I increased that to three times a day. I cannot control the hurricane, all I can control is my thoughts and put my faith in God. One hidden blessing is that today I am stronger than I was earlier in the week. Most Floridians will be stronger; we have no choice, especially the Floridians that

Please pray for everyone affected by this massive hurricane.

Our life flows and ebbs like a river. There is constant movement. Usually, though, we resist the movement. Our distractions and our rigidity to change gets us caught on logs or rocks in the river. We stop the flow instead of going with it. Try to image your life as a river and go with the flow.

A few summers ago, my son and I were on the Snake River. Across the river were a family of otters. It was delightful watching them play, going under water and then popping back up. They followed the flow of the river with trust and abandonment. We could use a lesson from these otters and try to go with the flow of our life like the flow of a river.

The rocks and logs represent our need to control outcomes even though sometimes there is nothing we can do to control them. We can set clear intentions with the Universe, remain focused, stay flexible, and pray.

Prayer Works Miracles

By: Gloria Pierson

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Prayer works! Prayer is always the solution when a problem arises. When we pray we align ourselves with God instead of our difficulty. We access our inner peace and our inner presence of God. Prayer works miracles.

Recently my son was having a problem in school. It was, of course, on a full moon and my first reaction to preach and worry. Naturally that did not go over well and my son did not return my calls or messages. So, I took a step back, put away my phone, went to bed and read a passage in a spiritual book. It made me remember to put the problem in God’s hands.

I said the following prayer from an Emmet Fox book:

“There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer; no disease that enough love will not heal; no door that enough love will not open; no gulf that enough love will not bridge; no wall that enough love will not throw down; no sin that enough love will not redeem.”

After reading that, I sent my son love and put the problem in God’s hands. Instead of thinking about the difficulty, I thought, “God is Love and he is guiding us now.”

The next morning when I looked at my phone, my son had sent me a text message the same time I was praying and the problem was solved the next day. We are divine beings in a human body and need reminders. This was a reminder to me. How much better is it to put any difficulty in God’s hands instead of stressing and worrying? God is omnipotent and does not follow the “laws” of our earth. Of course, if there are any practical steps you must take to solve the problem, by all means take those steps.

Next time you have a difficulty try this and I also encourage you to keep a journal of the “miracles” of prayers. If you begin to be aware, you may have more miracles in your life than you realize. Miracles are seen in the Light.