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Learning to Love Yourself Motivation

By: Gloria Pierson

Learn to love you: the incredible, amazing human being that you are. It is time to stop the negative self-talk and negative thinking. It is time to treat yourself with the same love and respect that you give to others. Start today with the tools discussed in this video on learning to love yourself motivation.

There Is Nothing You Cannot Have

By: Gloria Pierson

Your thoughts and desires are like a radio station for what you want and what you do not want. Learn to use techniques to keep your vibration stronger and over time, they will get stronger and stronger until your desires manifest on the physical plane. The simple three steps: ask, answer and receive. Receiving also includes allowing. Is there anything from your past, good or bad, that is interfering with your allowing?

You Get What You Think About

By: Gloria Pierson

Ask and it will be given. You are connected to Source and you get what you think about. There is continuous expansion. Like a spiral, we can create our desires and new ones will sprout up. Our desires never end and the flow from Source never ends. The stronger your thoughts, the stronger your vibration and that is when you attract what you want.

How to Begin Using Visualization

By: Gloria Pierson

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Our thoughts are creative and what we imagine or visualizes will manifest in the physical form. Visualization takes practice and determination. If you are having trouble with visualization, this video provides a technique to learn the process. It is a great tool for you to try. It works!