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Prayer Works Miracles

By: Gloria Pierson

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Prayer works! Prayer is always the solution when a problem arises. When we pray we align ourselves with God instead of our difficulty. We access our inner peace and our inner presence of God. Prayer works miracles.

Recently my son was having a problem in school. It was, of course, on a full moon and my first reaction to preach and worry. Naturally that did not go over well and my son did not return my calls or messages. So, I took a step back, put away my phone, went to bed and read a passage in a spiritual book. It made me remember to put the problem in God’s hands.

I said the following prayer from an Emmet Fox book:

“There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer; no disease that enough love will not heal; no door that enough love will not open; no gulf that enough love will not bridge; no wall that enough love will not throw down; no sin that enough love will not redeem.”

After reading that, I sent my son love and put the problem in God’s hands. Instead of thinking about the difficulty, I thought, “God is Love and he is guiding us now.”

The next morning when I looked at my phone, my son had sent me a text message the same time I was praying and the problem was solved the next day. We are divine beings in a human body and need reminders. This was a reminder to me. How much better is it to put any difficulty in God’s hands instead of stressing and worrying? God is omnipotent and does not follow the “laws” of our earth. Of course, if there are any practical steps you must take to solve the problem, by all means take those steps.

Next time you have a difficulty try this and I also encourage you to keep a journal of the “miracles” of prayers. If you begin to be aware, you may have more miracles in your life than you realize. Miracles are seen in the Light.

Two Most Powerful Words

By: Gloria Pierson

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Our words carry tremendous energy and it is important to choose the words we put into the Universe carefully. Our words manifest into our lives. It takes diligence to become aware of this and to correct old habits. But, there are two words that can align you with the Divine. The two most powerful words are,” I AM.”

“I AM” is “God in Action.” When you say and feel,” I AM”, you are releasing God’s everlasting life flow into your life. Try saying this right now, “I AM unlimited.” “I AM love.” “I AM strong.”
How did that feel? By saying “I AM” you are using enormous power that is love, peace, beauty, harmony and opulence for life. Isn’t that what we all want?

I know I get stuck in a rut sometimes and do not choose my words wisely. I try to catch myself before I sink too far down and write some “I AM” affirmations. I write them down and say them out loud several times a day. I have had some amazing, wonderful experiences with the use of these two powerful words.

What is it that you would like to manifest more of in your life? Start with an “I AM” to align your thoughts with God’s Divine Energy. This is very great stuff.

The “I AM” opens the door to the tremendous love and energy of the Divine. One word of caution, you can SLAM the door shut just as easily by saying, “I AM not.” I am not prosperous. I am not well. I am not happy. This energy works both ways and that is why it is important to become aware of the words you use.

Also, be aware of saying affirmations like, “I AM sick.” You are reversing the principles of life. This is not a positive affirmation, but, it is an affirmation.

A lifetime of habits cannot be changed overnight, but, with awareness, change will begin. Think this over and start to incorporate it into your life. Keep that beautiful, powerful energy of God coming into your life.

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Shedding Weight

By: Gloria Pierson

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With summer here, shedding weight may be on our minds. Especially if you are planning on putting on that dreaded bathing suit. But, we also carry around excess emotional weight and this can create a heaviness around our bodies. Our bodies are made up of energy and negative emotions can affect us at the cellular level. What are we carrying around? Usually, it is regrets of the past or fear of the future.

There are theories that we literally put on weight in order to “isolate” ourselves from feelings and emotions. Our cells live in the present. If we can learn to live in the moment, all regrets and fears would vanish. It sounds so simple and it is simple in theory. The difficulty lies in changing our old habits.

The great news is that you CAN change your old habits. We are writing our own book about our life and we can change it. By changing our thoughts and having trust in God, we can modify the story. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Man is what he thinks all day long.”

We cannot change the past however much we may like to and we cannot predict the future. However, we can have faith in God and know that whatever comes our way, we can deal with it. This faith can help us shed our excess weight and emotional baggage that we carry around.

When we begin to heal and ease our burdens, we will have more energy and experience the peace, joy, and love of the present moment. Deepak Chopra said, “The present moment is your magnet and you are the compass.”

Tools to Live in the Present Moment
1. Pray – Spend at least a few minutes daily in silent prayer.
2. Breathe- When you are living in the past or the future, stop and take a few deeps breaths to center yourself.
3. Affirmations – They are powerful tools to bring you back to the present moment. “I am drawn into the present moment with peace and joy.”

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Release and Surrender

By: Gloria Pierson

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Lately I have heard from so many people that feel frustrated in some part of their lives. It may be frustration from trying to launch a new company, frustration in trying to sell a home, or frustration in a dead end job. Have you ever felt that no matter what you do or no matter what steps you are taking; it seems like you are getting nowhere? Maybe it is time to release and surrender to a power much greater than yourself.

Surrendering does not mean you are giving up. It means you are going to stop holding onto the problems with your hands in tight fists and probably your stomach in knots. Do you find yourself thinking, “I am so mixed up and do not know what to do?” Think of what mixed signals you are giving your subconscious mind. You want to move forward, but, are verbalizing the opposite. A good analogy is getting in a taxi. You give the drive one address; you do not keep changing it. Eventually you arrive at your destination.

It is the same with our subconscious minds. Our subconscious mind is aligned with God. Give it positive thoughts for what you want to manifest and then let go. Easy does it, have faith that your prayers will be answered.

Several years ago, I had to sell my home of 25 years. I could no longer afford it and it was a very emotional time with many, many changes and difficult situations throughout my life. The house was on the market forever. I must have shown it over 100 times. It was so frustrating dealing with my financial situation and having to put a happy face on when showing the property. In addition, I was cleaning out 25 years’ worth of memories. Not an easy time at all.

I was like the passenger in the taxi giving too many directions. On the one hand, I desperately needed to sell the house. But, on the other, I kept thinking: Would my son and I be homeless? Where were we going to live? What am I going to do with all the furniture and other stuff?

I held the situation, “tightly in my hands” and it did no good and did not produce a buyer for the house. I remember one day, praying and meditating and a shift occurred. I felt it in my heart, the faith to release my worries and give them to God. After that day, whenever my worries would arise, I would say a prayer or think of God. I trusted that God could move mountains. I did sell the house and the sale went smoothly.

Sometimes we need to let go, let God and spend time quietly listening. Keep the ego mind in check and get in tune with your subconscious mind. Stop the struggle and open your heart to God’s love. Again, you are not giving up and of course, still take action steps toward your goals. But, also listen and believe in a power much greater than yourself.

Easy does it!

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The Big F Word

By: Gloria Pierson

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Forgiveness is the big F word. Forgiveness is probably the most important act we can practice in our lives. It may not always be easy to forgive, but, it is vital for your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

If someone hurt you deeply or did something that physically hurt you, it does not mean you condone the act. You can accept that it was wrong and that it is unacceptable to treat you that way, but, you can still forgive.

When we have ill or negative thoughts about someone, it is like putting poison in our own bodies and hoping it will have the effect on the person that hurt us. It does not work that way. Those negative thoughts come back to you like a boomerang and can affect you both physically and mentally.

Forgiveness does not happen overnight, but, once you make the decision, it CAN be done. Imagine how much lighter you will feel without holding onto something so negative. Other more positive things will appear in your life. The Universe will fill that void.

About a year ago I lost my job. That in and of itself was really tuff, but, I realized the owner of the company lied to me about why I was let go. This was a friend and someone I trusted. As a single mother supporting a son in school, I was let go after four years with no warning and no severance. Our mission at the company was to promote peace and love in the world. So, not only was I without work, all I had worked for was false.

I know how important forgiveness is and I began immediately to pray to God to help me and guide me. It wasn’t overnight, but, it worked. The litmus test for forgiveness: you hear something wonderful happened to the person and you are actually happy and joyous for them.

Not only are you happy, but, you are FREE!!!

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4 Ways to Deal With Unpleasant Thoughts

By: Gloria Pierson

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We are bombarded on a daily basis with unpleasant media, thoughts, and events. To remain positive and in a state of love and grace is not easy. It is something that requires vigilance and awareness. Dealing with unpleasant thoughts is easy once you become aware of your thoughts. Try these 4 ways to deal with unpleasant thoughts.

First, become aware and then change can occur. Try spending just part of one day being mindful of your thoughts. Every time you have a negative or fearful thought, mark it down on a sheet of paper. Did you find any surprises?

Sometimes you can actually feel the fearful thoughts in your body, especially around your solar plexus. The solar plexus is about two inches above your navel. Try scanning your body next time you have some unpleasant thoughts and see if you can “feel” them. Again, first becomes awareness and then change.

The past several years, I have had to face many fears. Most days I think I am going along pretty darn well and then I hear a word or sentence uttered by someone and bam, the fear returns along with that awful feeling in my solar plexus. Let’s face it, many of our fears have been with us our whole life. They have a long history in our minds, but, we can deal with them and the sooner we dispel the negative thought the better.

Try this next time you are dealing with unpleasant thoughts.

1. When a fearful thought arises pray and demand that it go. Relay on the power of God for help.
2. Try saying, “I refuse to accept this thought and the mental and physical condition it has brought on me.”
3. Become aware of what you read and what media you watch. It is not necessary to know of every murder, robbery, or crime. Also, become aware of the books you read. I believe in reading the news, but, I do not engage in the negative thoughts. I release them.
4. When an unpleasant thought arises, close your eyes and picture a beautiful beach or mountain scene. When you open your eyes, do you feel a difference?

We are meant to have happy, cheerful, loving and beautiful thoughts and you CAN; give it a try!

Create a Morning Ritual

By: Gloria Pierson

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This is a chapter from my book, “Divorce the Divorce: A 52 Step Journey to Unlimted Happiness.”   It is available on Amazon.  This chapter describes my morning ritual. Maybe this is the week to create a morning ritual.  With the holidays around the corner, it is a great way to relieve stress and ground yourself before you start the day.

divorce the divorce

Chapter 19
Morning Rituals

“In the silence of the heart God speaks. If you face God in prayer and silence, God will speak to you. Then you will know that you are nothing. It is only when you realize your nothingness, your emptiness, that God can fill you with Himself. Souls of prayer are souls of great silence.”
-Mother Teresa

I have my morning ritual; it is a time that I cherish. I believe this time helps me stay centered and calm throughout the day. Most mornings, I get up early, while it is still dark and the world is quiet. I make myself a cup of coffee and retreat to my “meditation chair.” It is an oversized, comfortable chair with a large basket of inspirational books next to it. This hour that I spend every morning is a gift to myself. Most days there are no startling insights: just time to pray, go deep into my soul, and be in God’s presence. This week, try to give yourself a gift of silence each morning.
My morning ritual consists of meditation, journaling, inspirational reading, and sitting in silence. I begin reading while enjoying my coffee. By my chair, I have several books to choose from. Next I meditate for about 20 minutes. This is followed by journaling and praying. Some days, I do not have the luxury of an hour and that is alright. This morning ritual has helped me transform my life from fear to peace and love. Some mornings I wake up feeling ho-hum, but after my quiet time, I feel ready and excited to begin another day. Besides some books, I have some crystals on the small table next to my chair. It is my sacred space. There are many ideas and activities in this book that can be suggestions to help you transform your life. I consider my Morning Ritual as the cornerstone to my spiritual practice.
As women, we are accustomed to nurturing others, and it can be difficult to carve out the time to nurture ourselves. But through changes, it is even more important that we find this time to connect with our inner beauty, our inner peace, and our soul. This is where we will find the courage and the answers to move forward with our lives. Sitting in silence can be uneasy at first and maybe a little frightening. The hurts, the betrayals, and the fears will probably all surface. In this silence, you will begin little, by little to heal and begin, little by little to create a beautiful new life. You will gradually replace fear with love.
Try doing this for the next 21 days as an experiment, and see how you feel at the end of the 21 days.

Create Your Own Morning Ritual
1. Pick out a spot in your home that you can remain undisturbed. It is preferable to have a chair to sit on. If you do not have an hour to spend, try half an hour.
2. Inspirational Reading – Pick out several books to keep by your side. I like to have a variety depending on what my mood is. Currently, I am reading, “Thoughts in Solitude” by Thomas Merton. I also have a book of daily inspirational messages that I read right before my meditation. My old standby is “Around the Year with Emmet Fox.” I also enjoy, “The Book of Awakening” by Mark Nepo. I usually read for about 20 minutes while sipping my coffee.
3. Meditation – If you do not have a meditation practice, a breathing meditation may be the way to start. Sit silently and concentrate on your breath going in and out of your body. When thoughts come, just let them go. Do not engage the thoughts. Just breathe. I set a timer for 20 minutes.
4. Journaling – After meditation, open your journal and begin to write. Let the pen just flow. Some mornings, I may write a letter to God.
5. Silence and Reflection – Before you leave the chair, spend a few minutes in quiet reflection and prayer.
These are just my suggestions. Be flexible and create your own morning ritual. It is a beautiful way to begin a day and in time you will see a change in your life. It could be less anxiety, less stress, more love, or more peace.

Mid-Week Delight
Watch a sunrise and a sunset in silence.

Book Review “Triggers”

By: Gloria Pierson

“Triggers” is a must read for all coaches, yet, it is clear enough for anybody looking to change their lives. It provides practical tools to implement change. Marshall Goldsmith, an executive coach, uses examples from his clients to illustrate the points he is making. This book will help you find what your “triggers” are and by identifying them, transformation can begin. He has a fantastic chart to keep track of your goals on a daily basis. The chart also includes six engaging questions, which he believes we need to ask ourselves every day. One of the engaging questions is, “Did I do my best to be happy today?” “Triggers” is packed with powerful information for anyone ready to change some behaviors.

I received this book from Blogging for Books in order to write this review.

Three Powerful Words

By: Gloria Pierson

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An all-time favorite book of mine is “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen. It was written in 1904 and is about 88 pages. I first read it in the 1970’s and continue to reread its timeless message year after year. He suggests three powerful words to help us control our thoughts.

As a being of power, intelligence, and love…you hold the key to every situation, and contain within yourself that transforming and regenerative agency by which you may make yourself what you will.
-James Allen

We do and can control our mind. Life is challenging, when we are going though transitions and changes it can be more difficult to control our thoughts and our minds. But, that is also the time for the most growth. Positive thoughts produce positive results. The key is to be vigilant about your thoughts because improved results may take time.

When the non-profit company that I worked for recently eliminated my position, it was time to reread this wonderful book. Here I was without work and no other means of support. I was given very little notice. It was and is a stressful time. However by controlling my thoughts and by remaining positive about my future, I am dealing with the stress. As James Allen suggests, when things get tuff, I say to myself, “Peace, be still!” and I know everything will work out. I do believe in Divine Order.

We do have the power, intelligence, and love to transform our lives; sometimes it is hidden and needs nurturing to expand. The key is to be patient with ourselves and every day make a little progress in controlling your thoughts. Small steps will in time, produce large results.

As James Allen says-
Keep your hand firmly upon the helm of thought. Self-control is strength: right thought is master; calmness is power.
Say to your heart, “Peace, be still!”

Remember those words to control your thoughts

Living with Intent Book Review

By: Gloria Pierson

“Living with Intent” is Mallika Chopra’a journey to finding peace and happiness. She is a business women, wife and mother. The book beautifully describes her journey while juggling the demands of everyday life. This book is inspiring for all of us who lead busy, hectic lives yet yearn for the time and ways to find more meaning in our lives.

Mallika wanted to find time in her schedule every day to meditate. As a busy person, it was not only the practical part of actually carving out the time, she also had feelings of guilt. Guilt that there were other things she “should” be doing. Her solution was to say no to some activities. She rearranged her priorities to find time not only to meditate, but, also take yoga classes. This small change created a shift in her thinking and in her life. It helped her become more mindful.
She describes incubation as, tapping into silence and stillness about settling the constant chatter in our minds to feel connected to the deeper spirit that lies within all of us. Every chapter gives reflections and practical ideas for living with intent. She gives detailed instruction on meditation, developing a balance wheel of your life, and drawing your mind map.

There are also interviews with other experts: Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Arianna Huffington, Andrew Weil, Dan Siegel and of course, her dad, Deepak.
Her steps to living with intent are: incubate, notice, trust, express, nurture, and take action. This book is a guide book to taking those steps. It is the type of book I will refer to often.

Favorite quotes:
“Microintents may seem so small as to be meaningless, but I’ve learned that there’s enormous power in baby steps.”
“But my way isn’t the highway. It’s the quiet country lane, the less traveled back road.”
I have received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.