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Raise Your Positive Vibration Energy

By: Gloria Pierson

Using ancient Egypt sacred geometry, you will raise your positive vibration energy and align your mind, body, and heart. The benefits of this technique include increased intuition, anti-aging, improved manifesting skills, and connection to spirit. Together will we do a short meditation using the Merkaba, a three-dimensional three-pointed star.

Visualization Manifestation Meditation

By: Gloria Pierson

In this POWERFUL guided meditation, you will create your special place for manifesting your dreams and desires. You will feel peaceful, comfortable and safe. Your special place might be in the mountains, a forest, or a special home. Think about something you would like to change or create in your life, listen to this visualization and know it is on its way. All is possible in your special place. It is recommended that you listen to this meditation more than once because each time you will bring in more details and feelings. By thinking and feeling about your desires you will bring them into your life.

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