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Journal to Attract Prosperity

By: Gloria Marie

Journaling is an excellent way to process emotions. There are no special tools involved; just a pen and a journal. You can journal anywhere and at any time. There are no limits on how much you write or how little you write. Journaling merely is, writing down your thoughts. That is, it!

To begin, get a journal that gives you a feeling of joy when you hold it. For practical purposes, you can choose one with lines or without. It is whatever you want. There are no rules. More than likely you will not be sharing the intimate thoughts and writings with anyone, so, get a journal that pleases you and only you.

This video will give you tips and starter questions for you to journal to attract prosperity.

Manifest Prosperity While You Sleep

By: Gloria Marie

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If we manifest while sleeping, there is no interference. No ego is involved. Using our delta brain waves, we can tap into Wisdom and the Universal Mind. Manifest Prosperity While You Sleep gives you three steps to practice right before you go to sleep. It works!!!