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Manifest Through Visualization Part 2

By: Gloria Pierson

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This is Part 2 of a 5-part video series: Manifest Though Visualization. Each video builds upon the previous one. It is a five-step manifesting boot camp.

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In Part 1, I guided the viewers through a relaxation technique that is essential to get in touch with your Inner Self, clear your mind and relax your body before you begin to visualize.

In this Part 2 vide,o you will learn to practice concentration with two practical exercises. Our minds have powerful energy. You can think of your brain cells as charged with electricity, but, you need consistent thoughts and images in order to visualize. Our thoughts tend to be scattered, that is why it is important to practice concentration before you begin to visualize and manifest your desires. Concentration is the number one obstacle that most people have to visualize. The good news is that with practice, you can become better and better at it.

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Powerful Morning Routine for Success

By: Gloria Pierson

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You may be thinking, I do not need one more thing to in the morning, however, spending just a few minutes at the start of your day puts you in charge of your day. You become the captain of the ship instead of the ship controlling you. It is all about self-love and nurturing. Somedays nothing may happen, but, if you continue to go deep, something good WILL happen. A morning routine gives your heart space to feel and expand. A morning routine will put you on the road to success.

This past week, I was working with someone dealing with anxiety and stress. We went over practical tools, but, those can be band-aids. Getting to the root of the problem is quieting your mind and giving yourself the gift of time and quiet. This video desires five suggestions to try in the morning. Take control of your day!!!