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Five Tips for Dealing With Difficult People

By: Gloria Marie

Our world would be pretty boring if we were all alike. Think about it for a minute; there would be no variety in art, music, movies or clothes. So, when we encounter difficult people, be thankful you have variety in your life. Try these five tips for dealing with difficult people and you may discover something about yourself.

Beautiful Prayer from Paramahansa Yogananda to reflect and meditate on to help you raise your consciousness and get along with difficult people.

“I will speak the truth, but I will at all times avoid speaking unpleasant or harmful truths. I will offer no criticism that is not motivated by kindness.”

How to Deal with Difficult People

By: Gloria Marie

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A surprising twist on how to deal with difficult people. Remember the Golden Rule: What you react to in another person, you reinforce in yourself. Learn tips to change your perspective.

Instead of allowing difficult people to increase your stress, GROW your soul and consciousness from the experience. If you allow them to ruin your peace, you are amplifying the problem.

You have the power to take control and grow! Watch the video to learn how.