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Do This to Release Betrayal

By: Gloria Pierson

DO THIS TO RELEASE BETRAYAL A powerful technique to release betrayal and to allow your energy to flow easily again. When we hang onto betrayal, we are stuck and our energy becomes cloudy. It may take a little time for you to release, but, it will allow the Universe to bring more love and new people into your life. Begin today to chip away the betrayal.

Freedom From Past Hurts

By: Gloria Pierson

Carrying past, unfinished business is a drain on our emotional and physical being. This burden can include bitterness, hurt, unforgiveness, and revenge. If your life is not flowing freely and with ease, chances are you are carrying around some of this baggage. This video describes a technique to remove this baggage. It was developed by Emmett Fox. Cut the cord to unforgiveness. Peace and freedom are the doorways to happiness. Practice the Law of Forgiveness and give up the need to punish the people that hurt you. Unless you are willing to forgive, how can you be forgiven?

Getting Past Betrayal

By: Gloria Pierson

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Betrayal hurts and it is a process of getting past the betrayal. This video gives a six-step process to help you. There is also a technique at the end of the video to develop self-love.

By focusing on your fantastic qualities, you will begin the process of getting past the betrayal. This exercise will enable you to raise your frequency and vibration to allow new friends to enter your life. Friends that will respect you.