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Life Changing Creative Visualization

By: Gloria Pierson

If you feel you are struggling or feel stuck, creative visualization can be life-changing for you. There is a three-step process that I describe in the video and then guide you through a visualization. Visualization is using your imagination to create what you want. You become an energy magnet to attract what you desire. All growth begins within and then manifests on the physical plane.

Visualization helps you to impress your desires on your subconscious mind and that is what is aligned with Infinite Intelligence. There are angels, beings of light and ascended masters that will help us, but, we need to put our desires out there first. Stop struggling and allow the Universe to flow and help you.

How to Begin Visualizing

By: Gloria Pierson

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“Creating Your Destiny” is a new series on my channel. It will focus on practical tools and exercises for you to manifest the life you want and that you deserve. Think of it as putting the Law of Attraction into your everyday life.

Images we form in our mind come into our lives. Before words, there are images. Visualizing is a powerful tool for manifesting, but, it takes motivation and practice. Initially, your ego mind gets in the way. You need to let go of fixed expectation of what you think you “ought” to see. This video gives two techniques to help you begin visualizing.