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How Not to Let Annoying People Annoy You

By: Gloria Pierson

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What annoys you? Is someone chewing food loudly? Or a co-worker taping a pen on their desk? How about someone smacking gum or a crazy driver? We have all been there. This video gives you five practical tools on how not to leet annoying people annoy you. Make the effort and practice the techniques and you will feel good instead of angry.

Om mani padme hum
“The jewel in the lotus of the heart.”
Pronounced: ohm maa-nee paad-may-hoom


Ave Maria or Hail Mary
“Ave Maria” means “Hail Mary” a mantram in honor of Mother Mary

My God and my all.
This was a phrase that Saint Francis used in his prayers

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on us.
The Jesus prayer

Kyrie eleison or Lord have Mercy

“The Lord as the source of abiding joy.”

Barukh attah Adonal
“Blessed art thou, O Lord”
Pronounced: baa-rook aa-taa aa-doh-nai

Ribono shel olam
“Lord of the Universe”
Pronounced: rib-on-oh shell oh-lam

The name of God.

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Getting Along with Difficult People

By: Gloria Pierson

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Our world would be pretty boring if we were all alike. Think about it for a minute; there would be no variety in art, music, movies, or clothes. So, when we encounter difficult people, be thankful that you have variety in your life. Try these five tips for getting along with difficult people, and you may just discover something about yourself in the process.

As humans, we do the best we can every day. I do not believe that someone wakes up in the morning thinking, “Whom could I make miserable today?’ However, we all deserve respect, so, if someone is not treating well, do not put up with any bad behavior. But, be aware of any habitual behavior that you may have. Our ego’s love to find faults in others. It helps the ego to fill superior, better, or in control. It also lowers our consciousness by judging others.

Golden Rule
“What you react to in another person, you reinforce in yourself.”

1. Approach the situation and person with the viewpoint that we are all one. We are all created by God, and we are all a part of the whole. Go beyond the surface issues, raise your consciousness and no matter how difficult someone can be, remember we are all united and all one. Take a “whole-minded” approach instead of a divided approach.
2. Ask yourself, “What is the gift in this situation?’ Is that person meant to teach you patience, confidence, or courage? Rise above the situation and look at it as an opportunity to grow in grace.
3. Look at the other person as if you were their Mother or Father. Would you then view them with love and tolerance?
4. Maybe you are to demonstrate a quality to them? Maybe you can teach them by example: self-control, happiness, or tolerance.
5. Start with yourself. What is the trigger for your reactions? Look internally to see why their behavior bothers you. If you found some negative behavior, you have succeeded!

All these tips require you to change your perspective. Instead of getting angry or annoyed, take control of the situation and change YOUR perspective.

Beautiful Prayer from Paramahansa Yogananda to reflect and meditate on to help you raise your consciousness and get along with difficult people.

“I will speak the truth, but I will at all times avoid speaking unpleasant or harmful truths. I will offer no criticism that is not motivated by kindness.”