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How to Stop Feeling Lonely

By: Gloria Pierson

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Being single can have you feeling lonely at times. But, try this two-step process to focus on your strengths and stop the negative chatter in your mind.

How to Get Over A Breakup

By: Gloria Pierson

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A breakup can take many forms. It can be the breakup of a romantic relationship, it could be the end of a friendship or the loss of a job or money. It could be divorce or a separation. Loss can take many forms. Watch the video to learn three techniques to teach you, “How to Get Over a Breakup.”

Allow yourself time to grieve. That is important, but, eventually, you will need to move on and open your heart to healing.

The visualization technique that I guide you through is a great tool for you to use in many situations.

You cannot change the past, but, you do have a choice going forward. The choice to heal, forgive and move on. This video goes over three techniques to help you move on. I discuss methods of journaling and creating a “Joy List.” Then there is a powerful, guided visualization technique for forgiveness and to open your heart to healing. Finally, I suggest the use of affirmations. Change your thoughts, change your life. Be kind and patient with yourself, and you will survive.
I deserve to be happy. I am creating my happiness
I am worth loving
I love myself.
I am strong.
Every day is an opportunity for joy.

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How to Trust Your Inner Guidance

By: Gloria Pierson

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It seems whenever there is dissatisfaction in our lives, we become more impressionable. At times like these, there is a tendency to allow the opinions of others to affect our lives. We get caught in the currents of change and grasp for input. I am not saying that friends and family are not well meaning, they want you to be happy, successful, and content. But, the best guidance is your inner guidance and your connection with God, Infinite Intelligence. How to trust your inner guidance and gain confidence in your choices?
Always remember, there is a place you are to fill, and no one can fill it, something you are to do. That is why God created you to be on this earth. You have a special role to fill. You may not be sure of what it is, but, in silence and with a connection to God, your heart and soul will reveal it to you. There may be baby steps along the way, but, learning to trust your inner guidance and rejoice in the present moment, you will get there.
Trusting yourself may be uncomfortable for you at first, especially if you have allowed others to make your choices. Or you may be nervous that you will not succeed or that you will appear foolish. To reach your dreams, you could have setbacks or look foolish. So, what? Only you know what is right for you.
Every performance an actor has in a movie does not win an Academy Award. Some of my favorite actors had incredible performances in wonderful movies, yet, they were not nominated. Does that stop them from accepting the next role? No, because they are filling their place that no one else can fill. And, so can you.
Take the direct, straight route to find your life purpose and follow your dreams. Spend time in silence, asking God for guidance. Try lighting a candle and put your ideas in a journal. Remember, you are on this magnificent Earth for a reason. Learn to trust your inner guidance and move courageously forward.

A Year of New Beginnings

By: Gloria Pierson

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Happy New Year! In numerology, 2016 was a nine year. A nine year is a year of endings and completions. 2017 is a one year. A year of new beginnings. Are you ready for some new beginnings? I feel that 2016 was a difficult year for a lot of people. It is tough to watch friends or family members suffer through adversity. In my own experience, it brought many endings and many challenges. But, though challenges, we grow stronger and maybe some of those challenges prepared us for the new year and new beginnings.

What do you want to bring into the new year and what do you want to leave behind? This is a question that you may want to spend some time really thinking about this holiday. Try the following four steps to clarify your intentions and to feel gratitude for 2016.

1. Today, get out your journal and spend some time reviewing 2016. Sit in a quiet spot and reflect on the past year without judgment. Try answering some of these questions;
a. What was the most significant thing that happened in your life in 2016?
b. List one joy and one sorrow that you experienced this year.
c. What is the greatest thing you learned this year?
d. What are you most thankful for this year?
2. Next, list what you want to leave behind in 2016. What is getting in the way of living the life you want? If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?
3. Light a candle and say a prayer of gratitude for 2016. Let a feeling of gratitude permeate your whole being. Now, leave 2016 behind, except for the lessons you learned.
4. Then, make a list of what you would like to manifest in 2017. Be very clear with your intentions. Write them in a positive form and believe the Universe will help you. God wants us to live happy, abundant lives. Commit to yourself that this year you will listen to your inner guidance and follow it. At the top of your list write, “This or something better will manifest in 2017!” Say that out loud and believe it in your soul. Whenever doubt or fear sets in, go back to your intentions.

Thank you for allowing me into your lives. I wish you much peace and happiness in the New Year! Commit to make it your best.

Affirmation for the New Year

“My God is a God of plenty and I now receive all that I desire or require and more.”

Change and Transformation

By: Gloria Pierson

With the year coming to an end, it is a good time to review your life this past year. There were probably some great moments and some disappointments. Maybe looking back, the year was just not what you expected or had hoped for. The year 2016 had quite a few powerful eclipses and is a year of endings. In numerology, it is a “nine” year, a year of endings. But, of course next year is a “one” year, a year of beginnings. I love the power of the Butterfly to represent change and transformation.

Did you have changes the past several months? Did some people eclipse out of your life?
Did you leave a job or are you thinking about changing careers? Or maybe are you considering moving? In a “nine” year, you may be thinking about a major change in your life. Well, new beginnings are coming in 2017.

A butterfly represents transformation. It has four cycles in its life. If we look closely at the stages, it can provide teaching for us. The “Medicine Card” deck, by Jamie Sams and David Carson, refers to the following four stages:
1. Is this the egg stage: Is it just a thought or idea?
2. Is this the larva stage: Do I need to make a decision?
3. Is this the cocoon stage: Am I developing and doing something to make my idea a reality?
4. Is this the birth stage: Am I sharing my completed idea?

By asking yourself these questions, you will discover the stage you were at in 2016. Many of us were probably at the cocoon stage and are now ready to give birth and FLY! Have the courage to fly and act, but, also remain flexible as to how God will manifest your dreams and transform your life.

God always finds a way to help those whose hearts reach out to Him.

Learn Radical Beauty

By: Gloria Pierson

radical beauty, deepak chopra

Deepak and Kimberly’s book delivers a holistic approach to both health and beauty. This is a fantastic book that will show you how to transform yourself from the inside out. It is filled with tips, tools, recipes and at home beauty treatments.

“Radical Beauty” is a birthright for each of us to live with full potential from our bodily tissues to our outer, visible self. They discuss Six Pillars of “Radical Beauty”: Internal Nourishment, External Nourishment, Peak Beauty Sleep, Primal Beauty, Beautiful Movement and Spiritual Beauty. In addition, there is an appendix filled with healthy recipes.

In the Internal Nourishment section, you will learn cutting edge research on food. I loved learning what to avoid and why, but, quick tips like: “Quick Beauty Circulation Test”, “Radical Beauty Liver Tonic, and “Are You Overly Toxic?”

In the External Nourishment section, “Radical Beauty” discusses skin, hair and nail care. There are recommendations for specific skins issues with recipes for different type of masks to try and ways to deal with common skin problems: bags under the eyes, acne, cellulite and dry skin.

The Peak Beauty Sleep gives findings to help you understand your sleep rhythms and what affects them. It then gives action steps to align yourself to nature’s rhythms and ways to establish an evening routine.

There is a chapter on yoga with photographs of poses to try and the benefits you will gain from doing these poses.

Finally, is the chapter on spiritual beauty and the benefits and ways to meditate. One of my favorite quotes was in this section. “How do you arrive at this state of total inner fulfillment? Surrender, Let go, Accept, and Be.”

This is a wonderful reference book that I will keep handy and refer to often. “Radical Beauty” is renewal. “Whatever path you take, please, please, renew yourself forever and without end.” This may be the best book you could purchase to learn to renew yourself from the inside out.

I received this book from “Blogging for Books” in order to write this review.

5 Minutes to Spare

By: Gloria Pierson

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Every moment of our day is precious. But, how many times do you waste precious minutes? It is usually not the hours we waste away; it is the small increments of time. Maybe you need to leave for an appointment, you are all ready, and you have 5 minutes to spare. Or, your favorite show will be on in 5 minutes. Or, you put dinner on the stove and you have a few more minutes until it is ready. Well listed below are 5 ways to spend  5 minutes.


1. Clean out a drawer. It could be your, “junk” drawer, your sock drawer, or your kitchen utensil drawer. It really does not matter, just pick one. Organizing is much easier with small steps. If you take it at 5 minutes at a time, before long, most of your drawers will be cleaned and organized.
2. Go through that stack of magazines. Chances are if you have magazines older than 3 months, you will not read them. Sort them and recycle the older ones.
3. Call someone to say hello. Keep a list of people you would like to speak to but, just never seem to find the time. Perhaps it is an elderly person that does not get out of the house much, just think how a call to say hello will brighten their day.
4. Write an affirmation. Get out a pen and a sheet of paper. Spend 5 minutes writing an affirmation that speaks to your heart. How do you feel after spending 5 minutes this way?
• Some examples:
o I am enough.
o I am loving and deserve to be loved.
o I am grateful for this day and all the blessing that it brings.
o I am creative and my creative thoughts flow freely.
o I am surrounded with abundance.
5. Sit in silence. Concentrate on your breath or sit quietly in prayer.

How did you spend your 5 minutes?

7 Ways Loss Makes You a Stronger Person

By: Gloria Pierson

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Can one of the most traumatic experiences in your life make you stronger? You bet it can! Maybe not initially, but, it is impossible to go through a divorce, a job loss, or a health crisis and not be a changed person. The key is it IS up to you. Will you cave in and let your life completely fall apart? Or will you take charge and become the best, strongest person you can be and create a life you only previously dreamed about.  Read the 7 ways loss makes you a stronger person.

The shocking moment I learned of my husband’s infidelity left me devastated. After 21 years of marriage everything was falling apart. I did go through a dark period and had trouble getting out of bed in the morning. But, one day I thought this is not how I want the rest of my life to be. It took time, but, today I am a better, stronger person and wake up feeling happy and grateful for the life I created. And you can do the same!

1. You will learn to live in the present moment. By staying in the present moment you can avoid all the “What ifs?” about your future and just deal with your life day by day. When the stress would be overwhelming, I would stop and take a few deep breaths. This simple tool worked wonders for me and helped me to stay centered and present.
2. You will learn to say “no” with assertiveness. Be protective of your time and nurture yourself through the transition and afterward. It is ok to relate to others in a different way and it is ok to say no without guilt attached to it. Treat yourself with kindness and love. Before my divorce, my priorities took a back seat. I put everyone else first, gradually that changed and I can now say “no.”
3. You will learn that alcohol or drugs do not numb the pain. They may help ease the pain temporarily, but, one day you will allow yourself to feel the hurt. This is the beginning of healing, forgiving, and moving on. You are alive and can create a positive outcome.
4. You will learn to face your fears. Fears do not go away, we need to walk up to them, embrace them and then, they will fall away. Consider fears to be your friends, they are helping you to grow stronger.
5. You will learn that change can bring gifts. It is a gift of a new life. Live your dream. Develop your passions. Get out, get moving and try new things.
6. You will learn that you will survive. With this survival comes a new you that can handle just about anything. Imagine all the doors and possibilities that will open up for you. Dream big, you deserve it.
7. You will learn that forgiveness is vital. Forgiveness does not mean you condone someone’s behavior, it cuts the ties. Do not be a prisoner to your past. Let it lose and let it go.

Try to stay positive with your thoughts and action. We attract what we think. Expect the best and you will receive the best! Endings are also new beginnings.


By: Gloria Pierson

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Do you ever lose faith and feel your prayers are not being answered? Maybe you need a LOVE rush. Emmet Fox says that, “Ninety-nine times in a hundred (your prayers are not being answered), it is because you are lacking in a sense of love for all. It is a cosmic law that Love heals and that fear and condemnation damage and destroy.”

Oxytocin is called the “love” hormone. It is a hormone that is made in the brain and it transported and secreted by the pituitary gland. It regulates childbirth and breast-feeding. Stress levels subside as oxytocin helps lower blood pressure and cortisol (stress) levels. Try these great tips for increasing your oxytocin levels and let LOVE lead!

A love connection is not only with a romantic partner or with family. Love can come from any form of authentic connection. Of course, love also begins with loving yourself. By loving yourself, you can reach out and be a beacon of light to others.

1. Hug someone. – Not a quick, let’s get this over with hug. But, a nice long hug and connection with another human being. Feel the love and compassion for the other person. You can also hug your pet.
2. Shake someone’s hand. – In order to make a connection, look the person in the eye and use both your hands to shake, one over the other.
3. Give someone a gift. – Give a gift, not out of obligation or expecting one in return. Give something unexpected and give with love.
4. Tell someone you love them and mean IT! – Is there someone you have been meaning to call or visit? Take the step and reach out to them.
5. Meditate on giving and receiving love. Try this short meditation.
6. Take a love bath. – Surround your bath area with rose or vanilla candles, fill the tub and put in several drops of rose oil. As you soak in the water, feel yourself surrounded by pink light – the light of unconditional love. Feel the rays penetrating every cell of your body. Take several deeps breaths and bask in the glowing pink light.

These tips can revive your energy and help you to love yourself and spread that love to others.

Remain Joyful

By: Gloria Pierson

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What was the first thing you did when you woke up this morning? Maybe said a prayer for having another day on this magnificent earth? Did you feel joyful and excited about your day? Finding joy and living a joy-filled life allows you to shine. Joy is a true internal feeling that is not affected by life’s up and downs. It differs from happiness which is more external. You won the lottery, you feel happiness. This is not to say that you will always be joyful, but, by cultivating joy, you will be joyful more frequently. Here are my six ways to remain joyful.

I practice these steps, not every day, but, most days. If I am going through a more challenging period in my life, I make it a habit to integrate these actions in my life. Let your soul shine through with joy, it will help everyone around you feel better.

6 Ways to Stay Joyful
1. Be grateful. A practice that includes gratitude allows you to dwell on the positive aspects in your life. No matter how difficult a period you are going through, there is always something to be grateful for. Do you say a silent prayer before a meal? Or maybe start a Gratitude journal.
2. Do something creative. Learn something new. When you are doing a creative project, you unblock energy and that energy can now flow in better ways. When you are doing the creative project; pay attention to the process. Immerse yourself in it.
3. Find your passion. Pursue something that you care deeply about. Even taking small steps toward your passion will bring you joy. What does your ideal day look like?
4. Be of service to others. Take the focus off your ego-centered self and bring happiness to another person. Think of the countless ways you can be of service.
5. Exercise. The Mayo Clinic says, “Exercise in almost any form can act as a stress reliever. Being active can boost your feel good endorphins and distract you from daily worries”. You do not have to train for a marathon. Just do some exercise that you enjoy.
6. Listen to your intuition. In silence, you deep gut feelings are very reliable. Learn to be aware of them.

What do you do to bring more joy into your life?