Improve Your Self Esteem

By: Gloria Pierson

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Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself as a person. Life changes can sometimes affect our self-esteem. Divorce, job loss, and break up of a relationship can all effect our self-esteem. It is a reflection of what you think about yourself. The good news is you can control and improve it. You can take responsibility for your own thoughts. Change unhappiness into happiness. You are not defined by another person, job or circumstance. Try the exercise below to improve your self esteem.

During my divorce there were many time my self-esteem suffered. When I was unemployed, alone, and scared, it took a hit. The future frightened me. It even materialized in how I dressed. My closet was filled with all black clothes. Great for attending funerals, but, this was my new life. I realized that I could control my thoughts, improve my self-esteem, and begin to create a life filled with happiness and joy.

Try this exercise below. Remember, self-esteem is an inside job and you can improve it.

1. List what you honor and appreciate about yourself – your gifts, talents, skills, and abilities. Consider these questions:
a. What do I appreciate about who I am?
b. What are my strengths?
c. What do my friends appreciate about me?
d. How would people who love me describe me?
2. When you have completed your list, read it out loud while looking in the mirror. This is more difficult than it may seem. Do this daily, until, you feel authentic while saying the statements. Keep this list to repeat when you need a little pick me up.
a. Begin each statement with the words, (your name), I love you’re…. (Gloria I love your sense of humor)
b. Begin each statement with the words, I love my…….. (I love my commitment to feeling good about myself!)

What did you LOVE about yourself?  Was the mirror exercise difficult?

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