Awaken To Your Spiritual Path

By: Gloria Pierson

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Our spiritual path can take many forms. All spiritual beings can find one’s true self, the interconnectedness at a deeper level. It is accessing a deeper level of consciousness. Your spiritual path may be compassion, gratitude, appreciation, generosity and well being.

Your spiritual path is a process, but, you have hints of this deeper awareness. Have you ever had an AHA moment? How about a desire filled? Or a sense of guidance?

Become open to this awareness with the three exercises described in this video. With a stronger connection, you will struggle less, have less stress and have strokes of luck.

2 thoughts on “Awaken To Your Spiritual Path

  1. Jenn

    I am having trouble manifesting, I have read all the books, done all the exercises, watched all the videos. I have been trying to manifest for over 3 years and I have not been successful. It is getting increasingly difficult to have faith and believe that God/The Universe will help me. I tried to manifest the healing of my dog, he ended up dying. It was only after his death that I found out his death could have been prevented. That is just one example. It is difficult for me to have faith that God will help me, when God has not helped me in that past. How do I have faith in something when all my past experience tells me it doesn’t do any good?

    1. Gloria Marie Post author

      If you are doing all the exercises, you will manifest what you want. Try to give up any timeframes. Leave that to God and have faith. When we put seeds in the ground, we are confident a plant will grow. There is a lot going on beneath the soil before a blossom appears. Likewise, with our intentions, the Universe is getting everything lined up and ready. Our egos love when we question the process and revert back to our old ways. Stay strong, have faith and believe you will manifest. Usually before a big manifestation, comes apparent failure and disappointment and that is when it is important to keep the faith. When we question the process, we kind of go backward. Just because the past has been disappointing, does not mean the future will be. See yourself receiving what you want. These principles have been around for thousands of years and they WILL work for you. Try to manifest small things first, to gain confidence in the process. ​


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