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How to Make a Vision Board for Visualization

By: Gloria Marie

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A vision board will allow you to keep a clear focus on your intentions and this video will describe two ways to accomplish this. The first is a traditional vision board using images to support your intentions. There is a four-step process: gather, connect, display and allow the Universe to its part. The video describes how to divide your vision board in order to create balance in your life. I have used this method very successfully for many years. A vision board helps to keep a clear focus on your visualization process.

The second vision board I describe is actually a cutting-edge technology that uses a current photo and then using graphic design creates a design of you “already” manifesting the life you envision. This is the link https://goo.gl/qfMUVw

Available on Amazon – “Create Your Own Destiny: A 28 Day Adventure” https://goo.gl/sCaAWU

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A Tool for Confidence

By: Gloria Marie

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This is a tool that I use if I am feeling a little down or need to boost my confidence. I remember the three accomplishments I am proudest of in my life so far. Our minds tend to replay our mistakes or the should-of or could-of. That is a habit. But, we can break that habit. Try this tool for confidence the next time you need a little boost.

What would your three accomplishments be? Take some time to think about them. It may not be the first three that you think about. Also, do not restrict it to adulthood, you may have had an awesome achievement while you were in elementary school.

When you are thinking about this, really try to go deep. What is it that YOU think? This is not how you made the most money or the one that your parents were thrilled about. It maybe something that you worked hard to accomplish and did not give up.

My proudest accomplishments:
1. My boys – I did the best job I could raising them and being a mother. I am very lucky that God blessed me with two wonderful sons and I am proud of the men that have become.
2. Earning my Screen Actors Card while in my 20’s. – I gave up my full time teaching job to pursue an acting career. That is a tough business and I worked several part time jobs while trying to support myself. I would take acting classes at night and when I booked my first national commercial, it was fantastic. That SAG card took years of dedication and commitment to earn.
3. Surviving my divorce. – I was married for 21 years and never envisioned myself divorced. It was really difficult in so many ways. First dealing with the betrayal and struggling to survive on my own. I received alimony for only a few months. I was a stay at home Mom, so, getting back into the workforce and supporting my sons was challenging. But, I survived and I am proud that I went from devastation to happiness.

What are your proudest accomplishments so far? Write them down and next time you are ready for a challenge, know that you CAN do it. You have done it before and that strength and determination is there for you again! No matter what decade you are in, there is more you can and hopefully will do.

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The Secret to Following Your Heart

By: Gloria Marie

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On Valentine’s Day, I think of hearts. They are everywhere today. But, I also think about our own hearts and our own self-love. Do you follow and listen to your heart? Some days it might be easy to do, but, holding the vision can be tricky. So, how do you follow your heart? These 4 steps are the secret to following your heart.

1.The quickest way to begin is to spend some time in silence. Quiet you mind. This can be done by meditation, prayer, deep breathing, listening to beautiful music, or spending time in nature. There are countless ways, do whatever works for you. If you meditate, it does not have to be long. Five minutes in meditation will do wonders for quieting all the chatter in your mind.
You may try this one day and think, alright, I tried it and all I could think about was my busy schedule for the day. The key is, silencing the mind takes practice. Try doing one of the suggestions above for seven days straight and see if you notice a difference.
2. Now that you have your mind somewhat under control, you can begin to learn to follow your heart. After you have finished your silent time, ask yourself: “Where would you have me to go? What would you have me to do? What would you have me do today and to whom?” These questions are from “A Course in Miracles.” If you feel you have answers to these questions, get out a journal and write them down. Continue this until you feel comfortable with your answers.
3. Next write down some concrete, action steps that you can take to reach for your dreams and to follow your heart. It is okay to begin with small steps. Even small steps taken weekly is letting the Universe know that you are ready to follow your dreams and ready to listen to that small, so very wise voice that we all have inside us.
4. Do not give up. Keep that vision, that dream. Your dreams are like seeds planted in a garden. They make take time to grow. But, by taking action steps and holding your vision, you are watering that garden and someday will reap the harvest.

Life is Not an Elevator Ride

By: Gloria Marie

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Recently, I spoke with a friend that I had not spoken to in a while. We both shared a little bit about the past few months. The past few months had brought a few ups and downs to my life. She said, “Life is not an elevator ride.” I really loved that phrase.

Whether our life is going perfectly well or whether we are at a crossroads, it is not a straight journey up. There are bends and curves in the road. Or in the elevator phrase, there may be stops at many floors before we reach a destination.

How has your year gone? This is a great month to reflect, plan, and prepare for next year. Even if this year brought you some unexpected turns and stops, it is important to keep your vision for want you want. This vision could be in any area of your life that you want improvement or change: abundance, health, relationships, or career/work.

Emmet Fox talks about the “Two Spirations.” First, you need inspiration and second, you need perspiration. Inspiration is your vision, your steadfast belief and faith. It is listening to you Inner Being and having faith even when you are thrown a curve. When you are thrown a curve, try to find the blessing in that situation. Maybe it was there to prepare you for the next stops.

Perspiration is your action plan. Sitting on your couch will probably not bring results. But, by taking small steps every day toward your goals, you will progress.

Having faith through the trying times is not always easy. We are conditioned by habit to become depressed and ready to give up. That is when your faith and inspiration can kick in. Do not give up, the top of that elevator may be closer than you think.

Remain flexible, take action steps and have faith!

Vision Board for Love

By: Gloria Marie

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My theme for February has been love and romance. To continue with that theme, let’s make a vision board for love this month. Having a “visual” to look at helps employ an extra modality. It supports the feeling of giving and receiving love to permeate your entire being. My first career was as an exceptional education teacher. I taught multiply handicapped children. My lesson plans involved using as many modalities as possible to teach a concept. For example, if I was introducing a letter of the alphabet, I would employ touch, taste, visual and auditory stimulation. To introduce the letter “A”, I would have them say “A” out loud, show the letter “A”, touch the letter “A” in sandpaper or clay, and taste an apple.

“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere,
They’re in each other all along”

Follow these steps to design your vision board for love.
Materials Needed:
1. Gather together a poster board, scissors, glue, and colorful markers. I usually like to use a foam board. There are no rules for the size of the board
2. Search the Internet and magazines for photos that you feel represent love and romance.
3. A photo of yourself looking happy.
Making the Vision Board for Love:
1. Put the photo of yourself in the middle of the board.
2. Surround your photo with photos from magazines and the Internet that illicit the feeling of love in your heart. This is a very personal decision. Look for photos of happy couples and couples in love.
3. Use the colorful markers to write quotes about love and romance.
4. Decorate the poster with other fun things: stars, airline tickets (if you want to travel), ribbons, and flowers.
5. Leave some room for other photos or quotes you may find in the future.
6. Place this vision board where you can see it every day.
Did you have fun doing this project?  Where are you going to put your vision board?

Create a Vision Board

By: Gloria Marie


Sensational Sunday

Every Sunday the Single, Happy, and Strong Blog will have an exercise for you to do.  This is a wonderful way to start a new week; to reflect, grow, and begin a shift in your life. Today on Sensational Sunday we will discuss how to create a vision board for manifesting changes into your life.


“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined”

-Henry David Thoreau

 A Vision Board is a collage of photos, quotes, and images of your goals and aspirations.   It is a very powerful visualization tool.  It is kept in a place where you can see it every day and serves as a reminder of your hopes and dreams.  The Vision Board works with the Law of Attraction: what you think about and visualize will be drawn into your life.  You may put photos of people that inspire you.  It represents what you want to be or what you want in your life.  The Vision Board will provide clarity to your dreams and goals.

Materials Needed:

1. A Poster board.  I prefer to have a foam type board, so, it is easy to display.  The size should be at least 24” by 14”.  There are no rules on the size of the board, whatever appeals to you works.

2. Scissors and glue.

3. Magazines and/or photos from the Internet and quotes.

4. A photo of yourself looking happy and content.


  1. Put the photo of yourself in the center of the board.

2. Imagine the board divided into 4 sections.  The top left section is for “relationships”. The top right section is for “career”.  The bottom right section is for “health and wellness”. The bottom left section is for “personal growth and/or spirituality”.

3. Find images, photos, quotes to put into each of the sections.  Remember these are your dreams and desires. Do not think too much while looking for the photos, create! Go with your feelings and do not worry if it is not realistic.

4. When it is complete, put it where you can see it every day. Maybe take a photo of it and put it on your phone.

5. Be patient for the results.

What action step could you take today to get closer to your dreams?