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3 Tips When Feeling Overwhelmed

By: Gloria Marie

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Do your days seem to go from one crisis to another and then before you know it, it is time for bed? When was the last time you laughed or had fun? Do you feel a tightness in your shoulders or chest? If these sound familiar, you are most likely need these 3 tips when feeling overwhelmed.

3 Tips for When Feeling Overwhelmed

1. Take the time to plan your week. – Spending just a few minutes over the weekend to plan the week ahead. Jot down your intentions and goals for the week and your to-do list. When you look over your list, is there anything that can be delegated to someone else? Remember to plan some time for recreation. Take control of your schedule. I call this self-management instead of time management. Become the master of the ship of your life. I use an Elephant Journal that I purchased on Amazon and it has helped me tremendously. If you add anything to your list for the week, think very carefully if it is necessary.

2. Meditate – Spend just five minutes first thing in the morning meditating. It will set the tone for your day. Think of it as “re-clothing your spirit.” It will help you make clearer decisions during the day and help relieve stress.

3. Focusing – This is an exercise called, “Clearing the Space.” I want you to listen to your body and how you are feeling. This exercise provides clarity to know which situations need your attention the most. Maybe some of the issues can stay on the shelf.
3.1. Find a comfortable place to sit, close your eyes and ask yourself,” How am I right now?” Pause and find the answer by feeling the sensations in your body, not your head.
3.2. Ask yourself, “What is between me and feeling fine right now?” Is it work problems, a dirty house or you are feeling sad?
3.3. Without judgment say hello to the feeling and imagine putting it on a shelf across the room.
3.4. Repeat the above steps until nothing else comes up.
3.5. Next ask yourself, “Which of these issues am I most drawn to today?” Listen to the whispers in your body to learn what needs your attention.

I urge you to try at least one of these this week. Let me know how it goes.

Least Action to Get More Done

By: Gloria Marie

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It is a law of physics: Minimum energy times minimum time equals the greatest results. This video will give two tips to spend the lease action to get more done. In our world that is filled with technology, we run around multi-tasking, but, at the end of the day that will leave us burned out and frustrated. Instead, try my tips: planning your day ahead with LESS and one-pointed attention.

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How to Begin Using Visualization

By: Gloria Marie

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Our thoughts are creative and what we imagine or visualizes will manifest in the physical form. Visualization takes practice and determination. If you are having trouble with visualization, this video provides a technique to learn the process. It is a great tool for you to try. It works!

The Power of Visualization Technique

By: Gloria Marie

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All growth is from within and visualization is a fantastic tool to help. The world within gives the cause and the world without the effect. It is important to control our thoughts to bring desirable conditions. “Right thinking” can be learned to manifest what you desire in your life. A new relationship? A new job? More money? A new home?

For visualization to be most effective, you need to believe in the images and as the experience becomes effective your belief will deepen. The tool explained in this video can help you kick-start your process. It is preparing your mind to accept and become receptive to the helpful images. I like to refer to it as Step One in the Visualization learning process.

Let me guide you through the process.

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30 Day Road to Success

By: Gloria Marie

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There is a little over 30 days left in the year. Instead of waiting for the New Year to begin those goals, why not start this month? Try this 30-day road to success.

Is there something in your life that you wish you could change? One year from now, what do you want your life to look like? Using goal setting, commitment and controlling your thoughts, you can start achieving what you want. I challenge you to try this experiment for the next 30 days. See what happens, you have nothing to lose and much to gain.

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve.”
-Napoleon Hill

1. Write on an index card what you want more than anything else to create the life you desire. Spend time in silence to give this some thought. It could be more money, a partner, a new job, a new home, or a family. While in silence, listen to your heart’s desires. Once you decided what you want, create a single goal that is clearly stated. Write this on the card.
2. Do not share this goal with anyone. Keep it to yourself.
3. Read it out loud every morning and before going to bed at night. Say it with faith. Envision yourself as if you already achieved the goal. Believe in the goal and yourself.
4. Stop any negative thoughts or fears immediately. When a fearful or negative thought about achieving your goal enters your mind, replace it with a positive affirmation or a mental picture of you achieving your goal. Some positive affirmations may be: I release all fears and doubts. I believe in myself. I can and will achieve my goal.
5. Be grateful for all the abundance you already have.
6. Release the “how” of how to achieve it. The answers will come in time from a force much greater than you.
7. Do this for 30 days.

This 30-day Road to Success is a simple experiment. It does not cost you anything and is easy to fit into a busy schedule. However, it is not easy to release fears and negative thinking. Be vigilant and do not give up! Stay inspired and continue to passionately believe in yourself.

“By the Power of Almighty God in me, I know that whenever I stand with determined desire to accomplish something constructive, it cannot fail.”