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How to Confidently Make Important Decisions

By: Gloria Pierson

divorce, divorce advice, divorced women, divorce the divorceDid you ever notice when you must make an important decision, your thoughts rapidly go through your head, and it seems like there is so much noise that you cannot think? We have all probably been there, and it might be because you are afraid that you will make the wrong decision. Or maybe you are scared to make any decisions. But, you can learn how to confidently make important decisions.

The key is to quiet your mind. We all are born with Inner Knowing and Inner Guidance that connects us with God, the source of Infinite Intelligence. But, we get caught up in the day to day activities, and we lose touch with this source. However, it is there for us to tap into and by training ourselves to tap that source, we can confidently make important decisions.

One of the ways to get in touch with our Inner Guidance is using a mantra. A mantra is a short phrase or word that you can silently repeat to yourself. With consistent use of a mantra, you can learn to calm your mind. With a calm mind, you can clearly make decisions.

Pick a mantra from the list below and silently repeat it to yourself. When you are stressed or worried, repeat it. When you are in traffic and upset, repeat it to yourself. By using it in everyday situations, it will become a powerhouse for you. Then, when it is time to make an important decision you are ready. Sit down in a quiet space, take some deep breaths and silently repeat the mantra. After a few minutes, your mind will quiet down, and you can begin to get in touch with your Inner Knowing and confidently know the answer.

Try this technique for small, unimportant decisions. Then, when the life-changing decisions need to be made, you will be ready!

Wishing you a week filled with love and light.

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Om mani padme hum

“The jewel in the lotus of the heart.”

Pronounced: ohm maa-nee paad-may-hoom





Ave Maria or Hail Mary

“Ave Maria” means “Hail Mary” a mantram in honor of Mother Mary


My God and my all.

This was a phrase that Saint Francis used in his prayers


Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on us.

The Jesus prayer


Kyrie eleison or Lord have Mercy




“The Lord as the source of abiding joy.”



Barukh attah Adonal

“Blessed art thou, O Lord”

Pronounced: baa-rook aa-taa aa-doh-nai


Ribono shel olam

“Lord of the Universe”

Pronounced: rib-on-oh shell oh-lam




The name of God.


The Surrender Experiment

By: Gloria Pierson

the surrender experiment, divorce, divorced women, single happy strong

“The Surrender Experiment” is a fascinating, true story of Michael Singer’s life. After a spiritual awakening he decided to surrender to whatever life brought his way. Sometimes he did not want to do what came his way, but, he made a commitment to accept what life brought him. And what came his way was pretty amazing. Some of the experiences were nothing short of miracles.

Michael founded a spiritual community near Gainesville, Florida. It currently sits on over 600 acres of forest and meadows. The Temple of the Universe has daily mediation services in the morning and evening. Michael also gives lectures on a weekly basis. He made a pledge to “stop the chatter in his mind” and to begin “the surrender experiment” with his life.

He developed a medical practice accounting software from his place in the woods and it turned into a billion dollar company. The people and events that came to him at just the right time is remarkable.

Reading this book may have you change the way you look at your life and the experiences that it brings. You may decide to just go with the flow.

An excerpt from the book:

“One thing is for certain: he who left on this journey-never returned. The flow of life had served as sandpaper that, to a great extent, freed me of myself. Unable to unbind myself from the incessant pull of my psyche, in an act of sheer desperation, I had thrown myself into the arms of life. From that point forward, all I did was my very best to serve what was put in front of me and let go of what it stirred up within me. Joy and pain, success and failure, praise and blame-they all had pulled at what was do deeply rooted within me. The more I let go, the freer I became.”

I received this book from Blogging for Books in order to write this review.

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