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Inner Beauty Produces Outer Beauty

By: Gloria Marie

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Our thoughts determine our attitude, the shape of our body and even the lines on our face. Learn to work with the Laws of Beauty and use the power of your mind to keep your vibrations high and discipline the “worker cells ” in your body. The end of the video has a healing meditation to get you to kick-start right thinking.

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Get a Gratitude High Vibration

By: Gloria Marie

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Living with a grateful attitude will help your entire well being. There are many evidence-based studies that prove being grateful will help your physical health, improve your sleeping and increase your self-esteem. Also, being grateful will help you lead a more mindful life and increase your intuition. You can get a gratitude high vibration! With your vibration higher, it is easier to manifest what you would like. You are more in tune with Infinite Intelligence.

Does this sound too easy? It is easy, but, old habits can be hard to break without a conscious effort. We can get in a bad mood, and before we know it, our lives seem boring or seem like nothing it quite right. In the list below are ten different ways to bring on the gratitude vibration. Commit to picking one or two and do them on a weekly basis. Just reading about it, will change nothing. You need to practice gratitude. So, why not get started today? Within a week, you will have a smile on your face and feel great.

1. Gratitude Jar – Get any size jar and decorate it. Use ribbons, paint, colorful stickers, or whatever your imagination comes up with. Next cut, small pieces on paper that will fit in the jar. Every day write one thing you are grateful for and put it in the jar. When you are feeling low, take out a few and read them.
2. Gratitude Rock or Shell – Find a rock or shell that you treasure. Maybe find one at a place you love to visit. Keep in on your desk and every day, while you look at it think of something you are grateful for.
3. Gratitude Box – Similar to the gratitude jar, buy a beautiful box or use one that you already own, then begin filling it with those grateful notes.
4. Gratitude Collage – Grab a bunch of magazines or photos and images from the Internet that depicts things you are grateful for. Family photos or vacation photos can also be fun to use. Either paste them onto a poster board or put them into a journal. Keep it where you can see it often.
5. Meditation – Find a comfortable place to sit, close your eyes, relax, and spend a few minutes reflecting on the many blessings you have in your life.
6. Worksheet – Get a sheet of paper at the top write I AM grateful for……. Write down ten things on the list.
7. Grace – Before meals say grace. This will not only raise your vibration but, also raise the vibration of the food you are eating.
8. Rampage of Appreciation – This was developed by Abraham-Hicks. Look around your immediate environment and notice what please you. Hold your attention and focus on the positive qualities. Your feelings will increase the longer you can hold your focus. When your good feeling is strong, pick another object for your positive attention.
9. Gratitude Letter – Write a thank you note to someone that will be surprised by the letter. Author, John Kralik, wrote thank you notes for 365 days and it transformed his life.
10. Mirror Work – Look in the mirror and thank your body for supporting you every day. Be specific.

This list will help you get started, but, do not just read it. To raise your vibration, you must put it into practice.

Four Ways to Raise Your Vibration

By: Gloria Marie

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Four Ways to Raise Your Vibration and Your Frequency

Everything is made of energy. Everything is in motion: from our bodies to the smallest atom or molecule. Think of the frequency of vibration like a scale that goes from the highest vibration of spirit to a lower vibration of a rock. Even our emotions or other people’s emotions can affect the vibrational level. By raising your vibration and frequency with these four ways, you can gain control of this power and that is how miracles occur.

1. Positive Thinking – Learn to become the observer of your thoughts. Pay attention to them without attachment. For negative thoughts, acknowledge them, dismiss them and turn to something positive. Even a short phrase: God, Happy, Love.
2. Eat High-Frequency Foods – Putting toxins into our body does affect our vibrations. Electromagnetic waves are measured by a Hertz. Our bodies when healthy are 62-72 hertz. Colds occur at 57 – 60 hertz and disease at 58 Hertz. By eating foods with higher frequencies, we can raise our vibrations and help to stay in the 62 – 72-hertz areas. Fresh foods like vegetables and fruits have are 20-27 hertz. Processed foods have 0 Hertz. High energy foods include veggies, fruits, herbal teas, nuts, and grains. Low vibrational foods include white rice, white flour, processed foods, soda, meat, and caffeine. I am not saying to stop eating these foods, just try to limit them. Of course, clean water has a high vibrational quality.
3. Limit Time with People That Bring You Down – The signs that someone is bringing you energy down include: feeling drained when with them, headache, or a tight feeling in the chest. Try to be around positive, higher vibrational people. If you cannot, protect yourself by creating a buffer zone of white light around you as an energy shield.
4. Meditate – Return your mind to its natural state of peace. You may just uncover some treasures. Even ten minutes of silently sitting in the morning and concentrating on your breath can have amazing effects on your day.

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