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There Is Nothing You Cannot Have

By: Gloria Marie

Your thoughts and desires are like a radio station for what you want and what you do not want. Learn to use techniques to keep your vibration stronger and over time, they will get stronger and stronger until your desires manifest on the physical plane. The simple three steps: ask, answer and receive. Receiving also includes allowing. Is there anything from your past, good or bad, that is interfering with your allowing?

Law of Attraction and Creativity

By: Gloria Marie

Seven different ways to incorporate creativity into your life to increase your vibration, increase your energy of openness and change, and allow the flow for the Law of Attraction. Our minds and bodies become stagnant if we do the same things over and over. By taking the time for creative activities you will be happier, more relaxed, and more in touch with your soul. With the Law of Attraction, we focus on distant and outer goals. Creativity helps us to surrender to the present moment.

Money Mind Reset

By: Gloria Marie

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Money carries energy. There is an infinite amount of money available, but, sometimes we need to shift our perception This video demonstrates five ways to do a money mind reset. All techniques are practical and easy to implement.
Step Two Affirmations
” I am now receiving financial prosperity.”
“I am open to receive abundance.”
“Money flows into my life freely and easily.”
“I am willing to release old negative habits.”

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