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Following the Path

By: Gloria Marie

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“Following the Path: The Search for a Life of Passion, Purpose, and Joy” is an insightful book to help you clarify your calling. If you are at a crosswords in your life of if you feel in your present life you are just going through the motions, this is the book for you. It is written by Joan Chittister and her writing style is almost poetic.

Joan writes that no matter what our age, like a magnet to metal, our hearts will lead us to our true path. She describes the story of visiting an Aunt of hers that was in her 80’s and lived in a very modest, simple apartment. The Aunt’s walls were filled with large, vibrant colored paintings. Joan asked her where she got all the paintings. The Aunt replied, “I always wanted to learn to paint, so, last year I took a course”.
This story so beautifully illustrates that someday, somehow, we will listen to our hearts and find our path. Sometimes it may be the loss of a job that forces us to go deep and look for direction. This story hit home to me. I started my blog as a hobby and turned it into a career. When I look back over my life, actually back to my childhood. I always loved books, libraries, and book stores. I remember getting a typewriter for Christmas when I was five years old. My heart knew my path, it took me many decades to listen.
A favorite quote from “Following The Path”:
“The song of life is born in every soul. But the song we are meant to sing does not come to us whole. It grows in us-louder, stronger, clearer, more fully –over the years until we discover, finally that our call has been within us all the while. Learning to hear the song within us, finding the call within us, and then bending our lives to the fullness of ourselves is the key to happiness to meaning, to fullness of life.”

Between the Dark and the Daylight

By: Gloria Marie

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Joan Chittister’s new book, “Between the Dark and the Daylight: Embracing the Contradictions of Life” is filled with insight and wisdom. It is a guide to help our soul confront those fears, questions, and problems that haunt us in the middle of the night. This book provides a framework for us to better understand ourselves and to better understand our relationship with God.

She writes about many topics that we deal with in our busy, stressed out world. Each chapter introduces a new topic. Some examples are: The Mirage of Security, The Success of Failure, The Liberation in Loss and The Loneliness of Love. She writes about how each challenge is an opportunity for growth. By going inward to the depth of our spirit we can find the light in the darkness.

This book provides life changing awareness to help navigate through life’s disappointments, losses, and confusions. There is a lot of great advice. It takes the centuries old spiritual wisdom and applies them to our modern world.

This is a book I will reread many times. It is a beautifully written treasure that will probably become a spiritual classic.

Some of my favorite quotes:

“Without risk we live in a small world of small dreams and lost possibilities.”

“Growth is the boundary between the darkness of unknowing and the light of new wisdom, new insight, new vision of who and what we ourselves have become.”

“Loss frees us to begin again, to be seen differently, to tap into something inside of ourselves that even we were never really sure was there.”

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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Self Help Books for April

By: Gloria Marie

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Spring is here, a time for renewal.  This is a great time to read some new inspirational books.  I have picked out three to recommend this month.  One of them, I actually reread again.  “As A Man Thinkekth”, I never get tired of the wise words of James Allen.  Try these self books for April.

As You Think”

By James Allen

 The original classic was written in 1904. It reveals to us that the keys to success are within our own minds, it show us how to use these keys to unlock the greatest fulfillment we can imagine. “As You Think” is a simple yet powerful reminder that “all we achieve and all that we fail to achieve is the direct result of our own thoughts.  We are the master of our desires.

“How to Survive the Loss of a Love”

By Harold Bloomfield, Melba Colgrove, and Peter McWilliams

 One of the most directly helpful books on the subject of loss ever written, the first edition of this comforting and inspiring book, published in 1976, sold nearly two million copies. This completely revised and expanded edition encompasses not only the medical and psychological advances in the treatment of loss, but also the authors’ own experiences.  This is a handbook of inspiration, ideas, poems and encouragement.  The authors state, “This is a book to be used not just read.”


“The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money and Miracles”

By Marianne Williamson

In The Law of Divine Compensation, she reveals the spiritual principles that help us overcome financial stress and unleash the divine power of abundance. A guru to anyone interested in spirituality, Williamson’s words ring with power and truth as she assures us that, with faith in God’s promise of prosperity for all, we need never fear the future.  This book has suggested activities, prayers, and meditations.

Happy Spring!  What are some of your favorite self-help books?


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My Morning Ritual

By: Gloria Marie

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I have my morning ritual, it is a time that I cherish. I believe this time helps me stay centered and calm throughout the day. Most mornings, I get up early, while it is still dark and the world is quiet. I make myself a cup of coffee and retreat to my “meditation chair”. It is an over sized, comfortable chair with a large basket of inspirational books next to it. This hour that I spend every morning, is a gift to myself. Most days there are no startling insights: just time to pray, go deep into my soul, and be in God’s presence. This week try to give yourself a gift of silence each morning.
My morning ritual consists of meditation, journaling, inspirational reading and sitting in silence. I begin reading while enjoying my coffee. By my chair, I have several books to choose from. Next I meditate for about 20 minutes. This is followed by journaling and praying. Some days, I do not have the luxury of an hour and that is alright. This morning ritual has helped me transform my life from fear to peace and love.
Create Your Own Morning Ritual
1. Pick out a spot in your home that you can remain undisturbed. It is preferable to have a chair to sit on. If you do not have an hour to spend, try half an hour.
2. Inspirational Reading – Pick out several books to keep by your side. I like to have a variety depending on what my mood is. Currently I am reading, “New Seeds of Contemplation” by Thomas Merton. I also have a book of daily inspirational messages that I read right before my meditation. My old standby is “Around the Year with Emmet Fox”. I also enjoy, “The Book of Awakening” by Mark Nepo. I usually read for about 20 minutes while sipping my coffee.
3. Meditation – If you do not have a meditation practice, a breathing meditation may be the way to start. Sit silently and concentrate on your breath going in and out of your body. When thoughts come, just let them go. Do not engage the thoughts. Just breathe. I set a timer for 20 minutes.
4. Journaling – Buy a special journal that you will use just for this purpose. After meditation, I open my journal and begin to write. I let the pen just flow. Some mornings, I may write a letter to God.
5. Silence and Reflection – Before leave my chair, I spend a few minutes in quiet reflection and praying.
These are just my suggestions, be flexible and create your own morning ritual.
What are your favorite books for inspiration?

5 Self Help Books to Read Now

By: Gloria Marie

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Reading has always been a passion of mine. When I was 5, I remember being so thrilled because I could read “The Cat and the Hat” all by myself.  This passion for reading continues to this day. I love going to libraries and bookstores. The amount of knowledge in these places humbles me. This list of “5 Self Help Books to Read Now” are currently the ones on the coffee table in my family room. Maybe try to pick up at least one of these and read it this year.

  1. “The Book of Awakening: Having the Live You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have”  Mark Nepo –  This book has a reading for every day of the year. The message is timeless.  When I want some inspiration, I pick it up and open it to any page. Each day has a theme, a quote, and a story. Today’s quote- “We love what we attend”. Mwalimu Imara
  2. “Self-Mastery through Conscious Autosuggestion” by Emile Coue. This little gem was written in 1922 and has 118 pages. Emile Coue was a leader in believing that the mind is the principal factor in health in sickness.  His affirmation, “Every day in every way, I am getting better and better”.
  3. “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. This has been my go to book for affirmations since 1987. Louise’s life story is inspiring and her techniques for using affirmations are timeless.
  4. “Secrets of Attraction: the Universal Laws of Love, Sex and Romance” by Sandra Anne Taylor. The author reveals how the Universal laws including quantum physics can affect your relationships.
  5. “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale. This is another classic. It was published in 1956 and it is a mire 42 pages. It is easy to read and yet a timeless, powerful message. His key to success and failure. “We become what we think about”.

Try to pick one of these books up. It may change your life.

Be Happy Today

By: Gloria Marie

Sensational Sunday   Be Happy Today

Every Sunday the Single, Happy, and Strong Blog will have an exercise for you to do.  This is a wonderful way to start a new week; to reflect, grow, and begin a shift in your life.  This week we are going to be happy and practice some techniques that allow you to change your mood.



You have a choice whether or not to be happy today.  Things may go wrong for you.  Your car may run out of gas.  Someone may say something unkind to you. You may receive a bill that was unexpected.  Life is not meant to be perfect. But, you can control whether you feel happy.  This is a deep happiness that remains evan when life brings problems.


This happiness is being grateful when you wake up to a new day.  Happiness allows your energy to flow.  When you are unhappy, do you feel tightness in your chest?  Maybe around your heart area?  This is the constriction of your energy and that may be the first sign to stop and allow your energy to flow.  You can make a conscious decision to remain happy.  The more you relax and are aware of the flow of energy, the more you can change it.

Today, make the decision to be happy.  We are meant to enjoy life.  Tell yourself that no matter what happens, you will not close your energy.  If you begin to fell the tightness: meditate, do affirmations or whatever will get you out of that space.

Some days and some events are harder to deal with and will require more work on your part.  If you are having trouble feeling happy, try one of the suggestions below. Change your energy; the more you are aware of it the quicker you will be able to change.

Try One of These Techniques:

  1. Go for a short walk.
  2. Pray.
  3. Meditate.
  4. Sit down and take 5 deep breaths. Concentrate on the breath going in and out.
  5. Affirmations – write several down and say them out loud.
  6. Read an inspirational quote or book.
  7. Spend a few minutes thinking about what brings you joy.
  8. Close your eyes and visualize a location that brings you peace and happiness.
  9. Watch an inspiring video on uTube.
  10. Walk outside and be grateful for this incredible world we live in.

Have you made the commitment to be happy?

Dealing with Stress

By: Gloria Marie

sunset-205717_640Dealing with Stress

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

 No matter how much we try to lead a harmonious life, we will experience stress. We do not live in a vacuum and life was never meant to be perfect.  When you feel on edge, try to adopt an attitude of acceptance.  Denying that you are feeling stressful or trying to suppress it, will only cause more stress.

Next time you feel stressful, try to sit quietly and notice what you are feeling.  Accept the experience and the anxiety. Where do you feel the tension?  Is it in a particular part of your body? Where do you feel the anxiety?  What made you irritated?  Do you feel tension in your shoulder?  Is your breathing shallow and fast? Try not to suppress the feelings, say yes to them. Let them progress naturally.  Take some deep breaths and continue exploring what you are feeling until they are gone or reduced.

Next time you feel stressful try the following:

1. Sit quietly and take a few deep breaths.

2. Try to accept the experience. Ask yourself the questions listed above.

3. Continue to explore the tension in your body.

4. Continue to take deep breaths.

5. When you feel the anxiety has diminished begin to think of the most beautiful and peaceful scenes you have ever experienced.  For example: a mountain stream flowing over rocks and boulders, a beautiful sunset on the ocean, the pristine silence and beauty after snowfall, a full moon, or morning fog in a forest. Spend a few moments taking a few deep breaths and letting that imagine stay in your mind.

6. What word describes the image: peaceful, serene, and magnificent?  Repeat the word out loud several times.

What was the beautiful scene you imagined?



Create a Vision Board

By: Gloria Marie


Sensational Sunday

Every Sunday the Single, Happy, and Strong Blog will have an exercise for you to do.  This is a wonderful way to start a new week; to reflect, grow, and begin a shift in your life. Today on Sensational Sunday we will discuss how to create a vision board for manifesting changes into your life.


“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined”

-Henry David Thoreau

 A Vision Board is a collage of photos, quotes, and images of your goals and aspirations.   It is a very powerful visualization tool.  It is kept in a place where you can see it every day and serves as a reminder of your hopes and dreams.  The Vision Board works with the Law of Attraction: what you think about and visualize will be drawn into your life.  You may put photos of people that inspire you.  It represents what you want to be or what you want in your life.  The Vision Board will provide clarity to your dreams and goals.

Materials Needed:

1. A Poster board.  I prefer to have a foam type board, so, it is easy to display.  The size should be at least 24” by 14”.  There are no rules on the size of the board, whatever appeals to you works.

2. Scissors and glue.

3. Magazines and/or photos from the Internet and quotes.

4. A photo of yourself looking happy and content.


  1. Put the photo of yourself in the center of the board.

2. Imagine the board divided into 4 sections.  The top left section is for “relationships”. The top right section is for “career”.  The bottom right section is for “health and wellness”. The bottom left section is for “personal growth and/or spirituality”.

3. Find images, photos, quotes to put into each of the sections.  Remember these are your dreams and desires. Do not think too much while looking for the photos, create! Go with your feelings and do not worry if it is not realistic.

4. When it is complete, put it where you can see it every day. Maybe take a photo of it and put it on your phone.

5. Be patient for the results.

What action step could you take today to get closer to your dreams?






Sensational Sunday Clean Environment

By: Gloria Marie


Sensational Sunday

Every Sunday the Single, Happy, and Strong Blog will have an exercise for you to do.  This is a wonderful way to start a new week; to reflect, grow, and begin a shift in your life.  This week we are going to clean, clear and toss.  A clean environment with help you have a clean mind to move ahead with your life.


Clean Environment Clean Mind

 We all have some areas in our homes that could use some clearing and tossing.  If you look at your whole house, it could be overwhelming, so, choose one room or one area.  One area might be your desk, the stack of magazines, your closet, or your kitchen junk drawer.  All “things” in our environment have energy.  While you are going through the area you picked pay attention to your thoughts.  If you are hesitant to get rid of something you no longer need or use, spend a few minutes thinking about this.

If something has positive memories you may decide to keep it.  If you no longer wear the bracelet you loved several years ago, consider giving to someone that might enjoy wearing it. We accumulate so much stuff and probably most of it is not needed.  Once you clear one area you will notice that you feel lighter and will think clearer.  Give away anything that you no longer use, takes up space or have negative emotions associated with it.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself during this Cleansing

1. Do I feel happy when I look at it?

2. Could this item bring someone else happiness?

3. Do I love it?

4. Does it represent the person I want to be?

5. Would I use this? Do I use this?

Remember to start small with just one area and good luck!

What did you clean out?




Entering the Workforce After Divorce

By: Gloria Marie

Entering or Re-entering the Workforce After Divorce


Entering or re-entering the workforce after a divorce can be frightening. Suddenly you are single and may need to support yourself.  Most of my marriage I was a stay at home mom.  I did lots of volunteer work and my ex-husband and I started 2 companies, but, when I went to write a resume, there was no one I could list for a recommendation. Or you may have worked but, need a better paying job. Have faith and believe in yourself.  You can small steps to find that ideal job.

Marianne Williamson, in her book, “A Return to Love” writes:

“God, please use me” is the most powerful affirmation we can say for an abundant career.  It is the miracle worker’s prayer. Everybody wants a great job. Accept that it’s already been given to you. The fact that you’re alive means a function has been assigned to you: open your heart to everyone and everything. That way you’re a vessel of God.”

Of course, the ideal career may not happen overnight.  You may have several jobs until you arrive at the career you love. The important thing is to believe in yourself and begin to take steps toward your path.  My May 4 blog had, “10 Questions to Find Your Passion”.  Look back at it and answer those questions, the more you learn about yourself, the clearer your goals and dreams become.  Do not become a victim; move forward, one step at a time.

Six Questions to help you create a vision:

1. What would you like to be doing five years from now?

2. What part of that could you begin doing now?

3. How do you need to plan and prepare so you can be in that role in five years?

4. What would you say are your best strengths?

5. What percentage of the time are you operating out of your strengths?

6. How could you increase that, or creatively apply your strengths to today’s challenges?