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If You Have Lack of Motivation Watch This

By: Gloria Marie

It is time to become a warrior during this high energy time on the planet. You are only feeling stuck or unmotivated because you are unsure about what to do. It is like being thrown off a boat and the rescue boat has not arrived yet. Try these five techniques to move forward as a warrior with motivation. Continue to visualize and move forward to create the life you want.

Start Today to Manifest

By: Gloria Marie

Each day there is a new sunrise and a new opportunity for you to start over. If you feel stuck, examine the story you believe about yourself. That story can be changed. You may have some mistakes in the past, but, learn from them and rewrite your story. When you do the internal work and self-assessment, you can begin to manifest with your intentions. Today begin to end cycles and have a new way of being.
“I am so pleased and honored to be me.”

Happiness Us A Choice Motivation

By: Gloria Marie

Two powerful techniques to reset and allow happiness to be your choice. Every day you wake up and have a choice. Your life may not be perfect, but, do not allow negativity into your day. Your happiness will have a positive effect on all those around you. This video tells a story by Swami Ramdass. In his words, “Love can never beget hate. Be tolerant and patient. Above all, be humble, and forgiving towards others.”