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Decluttering Will Help Manifestation

By: Gloria Marie

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Clutter is stuck, stagnant energy. By changing your home, you are changing the energy in your home and allowing more possibilities to enter your life. The Universe fills voids.  You are also creating the mental, emotional and spiritual space for your dreams and desires to manifest. Decluttering will help manifestation.

One wonderful question to ask yourself; Do you own your clutter or does your clutter own you? Take a stroll through your home and contemplate that question. Why do we keep things that we do not like, use or need? Are you keeping something “just in case?” This is a fear based response. It is a lack of trust in the future.

Do you own your clutter or does your clutter own you?

Inherited clutter could be a problem. This is like the “just in case” syndrome. Inherited clutter is also guilt-ridden. How could you get rid of that vase that your Mother loved? She would be upset. Sound familiar? It could also be a gift from someone, and you feel guilty getting rid of it.

This past weekend, I decided to declutter. When I moved into this home four years ago, I bought stuff that I did not need or like, but, it was expensive stuff, so I kept it. This past Sunday, I went and bought large moving boxes and got started. There was no stopping me, and when I was finished, it felt so great. The energy in my home felt lighter, and I felt so proud that I was able to release many things from my past.

How much of your clutter is “just in case” syndrome?

I went through the box of my deceased mother’s knick-knacks. Most of these have been in a box in my closet for the past four years. My Mother loved these knick-knacks, but, I did not and realized I was keeping them out of guilt. My Mother is in spirit, and she will always be in my heart. I know someone will love to have them and appreciate them, so, they got donated.

If you are going through a divorce or a relationship breakup, it is important to clear the energy of your ex. It is a time to clear and emotional bring in new energy.

When clearing, look at your home and surroundings in a new way. For many years, I always kept large baskets above my kitchen cabinets. Why? Because that is what I did in the past. Well, this weekend all the baskets were put in bags for donations, and the clean look in my kitchen makes me smile. That expensive brass lamp that I never liked also went. I know someone will enjoy my discarded things and I feel like a rebirth.

Open your windows and sage you home when you are finished.

My Five Steps to Declutter Your Life:

1. Put in on your calendar and get the supplies you need: boxes, tape, large trash bags.
2. Decided on the time of day you will do this. Are you a morning person or do you do better at night?
3. Play upbeat music. Get your game on!!
4. When going through the clutter ask yourself two questions. Does this object bring me joy? Why am I keeping it? If you are not sure about some objects, set one box as a “maybe.” Put a date on it and revisit after six months.
5. Reward yourself. When you are finished, pat yourself on the back. Take a stroll around your home and feel the difference in the energy. Open the windows to allow fresh air to come in.
Transform your life. Set the day to declutter.

Irresistible Personal Magnetism

By: Gloria Marie

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Have you noticed that when some people walk into a room they have a personal magnetism about them? It does not matter what they are wearing, how they look, or the style of their hair. They glow from within. This video will teach you how to get that irresistible personal magnetism with practical tools and techniques.

Attract Love Meditation

By: Gloria Marie

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Manifest Love Meditation- Get comfortable, sit back, and relax with this guided meditation that will raise your vibration and help you attract love. You will get in touch with your heart center, your deep longings and send loving light to others. The more you repeat this, the more effective it will be.

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Manifestation Guided Visualization

By: Gloria Marie

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This guided manifestation visualization uses a technique of visualizing a final state. If you want a new car, first decide the model, make and color. Then you do not change your mind. In this guided visualization, you will first become very relaxed and then picture a screen 1 ” by 2″ in between your eyes. This is programming your subconscious mind that is connected to Source. Learn this technique by this guided step by step instruction. It works, today put it to work for you.

3 Ways to Make Your Affirmations Work

By: Gloria Marie

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Do you ever feel your affirmations are not working? You are doing all the right things: meditating, affirmations, visualizations and prayers and yet nothing is changing. You are still struggling with work, your health or money problems. Some days, you may give up and feel that all that positive thinking does not work. Well, I say STOP! It does work and please do not give up. Try these three ways to make your affirmations work.

If we had perfect faith in our hearts and minds, you could initiate change instantly. But, the fact remains that we must cultivate and grow perfect faith, and that may take some time. You are dealing with habits, and negative thoughts that have been with you probably your entire life and that type of change takes time.

What I can tell you, is that it is worth the time and effort you are putting in to change your life. God wants us to have beautiful lives filled with love, peace, and abundance. Through our life experiences, we have learned to expect less than that. But, it is never too late to change.

Sometimes before everything goes right, everything may seem to go all wrong. This is when you need to stand firm and continue your affirmations. The change you want can be right around the corner. Even when everything seems wrong, that is movement, and that is an indication that your affirmations are working!

Three Ways:

1. With Feeling – It is not the number of times you repeat the affirmation, but, the feeling that you put into them that matter. Before you start to say them, stop, close your eyes and envision a connection with your I AM presence. Make that connection with Source. Then state your affirmations with feeling, love, and faith.
2. Mirror Work – Look in the mirror and be willing to release old feelings and patterns. Tell yourself that you are eager to change. Then say your affirmations while looking deep into your eyes. It will take several times to feel authentic while doing this technique.
3. Physical Release – Sit in a chair and relax your body starting with your scalp, your face, shoulders, and continue down to your feet. Take some deep breaths and relax. Next, say to yourself the following:
a. I am willing to release and let go.
b. I release all fear.
c. I release all sadness.
d. I trust the process of life.
e. Next, say your affirmations in this relaxed state.

Dealing with Life’s Transitions

By: Gloria Marie

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Our daily lives are filled with providing our basic needs: food and shelter. We wake up, to work, and accomplish our to-do lists. Most of our concentration is in our outer, exterior world. Then a transition occurs, a job loss, divorce, illness, or a break- up. Learn to trust in Divine order. Trust in the Universe. Release control and ask for help.

How to Let Your Inner Light Shine

By: Gloria Marie

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When we go through challenges our beautiful inner light may diminish, but, it never goes away. You can get your inner light to shine brightly. This video goes over four easy techniques to incorporate into your life. When your inner light shines, you will look beautiful and other people will notice.

The affirmations from the video:
I AM Inexhaustible Energy.
I AM Irresistible Divine Love

A Journey to Develop Willpower

By: Gloria Marie

gloria pierson, gloria marie pierson, law of attraction coaching, journey to build willpowerThis blog is about a journey to develop willpower that I am embarking on, and I would like you to join me. But, first the background of how the journey started.

Recently, I celebrated a birthday and as I normally do, I journal to reflect on the past year. I also write about my goals and desires for the coming year. The week before my birthday, I attend a cocktail party. Summers in Florida are hot and uneventful. Most of my days, I wear spandex athletic pants and tee shirts. However, for this party, I needed to wear a nice dress. That was the moment, I knew this next year, some things needed changing. I tried on three dresses that did not fit. Finally, a very forgiving dress fit with sphanx. So, maybe I was uncomfortable, but, that was perfect because it would remind me not to eat everything offered to me.

I realized I had lost my willpower concerning what I was eating. Because I wore mainly work out pants that stretched, it was simple to deny the enviable. Usually, I am disciplined about my work and my meditation practice, but, I understood that willpower was missing. On my birthday, I committed to myself, that in this next year of my life, I would lose weight and get in shape again.

I write about our thoughts and how we can master them. Well, time for a new challenge for me. I need to not only think, but, to act. My will was weakened by my failure to act. I was ready to bring my will to full capacity.

To do this, I downloaded an app to keep track of my calories. I decided to stick with about 1200 calories per day. I also committed to not have any wine during the week. Some days that is painful, but, I am sticking with it. I also signed up for “Camp Crunch” at the gym. Going to the gym the past year for me has consisted on me spending 30 minutes on the treadmill daily. Almost like my body would not move beyond that point.

“Camp Crunch” is brutal. It is a small group one-hour class lead by a trainer. It is like Cross Fit. The first week, I barely was able to do two classes. I’m in my fourth week and up to five classes a week. I feel so good from the workout and the fact I have kept my commitment. The weight is not coming off as fast as I would like, but, I can wear clothes that did not fit a few weeks ago.

The amazing thing is the carryover of this increase in willpower to other avenues in my life. I look forward to the workouts and feel proud and in control. I am getting stronger and stronger both physically and mentally, and it feels great.

This blog is Part of One of my “A Journey to Develop Willpower.” I will keep you updated. In the meantime, is there some area in your life, where you can take control and build your willpower? Take my word, after the initial first weeks; you will begin to feel fantastic. This will help you with self-control, and you will become less affected by what takes place in your outer world. You will get in touch with your “I AM” presence, the height of self-mastery. Get strong mentally and watch your power grow.

Join me on this journey.  If you need any advice or motivation, contact me.

Do This to Relieve Stress

By: Gloria Marie

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This video describes a technique that will allow you to relieve stress and become mindful of the present moment in a calm, relaxed, peaceful manner. I call it the “Telephone Meditation.” When you are calm and present, you are giving a gift to the other person on the line. Try this to become your own master of your life. You will develop conscious breathing, think clearer and feel refreshed.

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Build A Strong Willpower

By: Gloria Marie

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In order to manifest with the Law of Attraction, you need a strong will power or else you may have the will to think, but, not to act. You need: will to direct, will to control, will to imagine, will to push your mind and creativity upwards. This video will give two ways to build a strong willpower. Do not diminish your power, run on full efficiency and capacity.