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Two Most Powerful Words

By: Gloria Marie

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Our words carry tremendous energy and it is important to choose the words we put into the Universe carefully. Our words manifest into our lives. It takes diligence to become aware of this and to correct old habits. But, there are two words that can align you with the Divine. The two most powerful words are,” I AM.”

“I AM” is “God in Action.” When you say and feel,” I AM”, you are releasing God’s everlasting life flow into your life. Try saying this right now, “I AM unlimited.” “I AM love.” “I AM strong.”
How did that feel? By saying “I AM” you are using enormous power that is love, peace, beauty, harmony and opulence for life. Isn’t that what we all want?

I know I get stuck in a rut sometimes and do not choose my words wisely. I try to catch myself before I sink too far down and write some “I AM” affirmations. I write them down and say them out loud several times a day. I have had some amazing, wonderful experiences with the use of these two powerful words.

What is it that you would like to manifest more of in your life? Start with an “I AM” to align your thoughts with God’s Divine Energy. This is very great stuff.

The “I AM” opens the door to the tremendous love and energy of the Divine. One word of caution, you can SLAM the door shut just as easily by saying, “I AM not.” I am not prosperous. I am not well. I am not happy. This energy works both ways and that is why it is important to become aware of the words you use.

Also, be aware of saying affirmations like, “I AM sick.” You are reversing the principles of life. This is not a positive affirmation, but, it is an affirmation.

A lifetime of habits cannot be changed overnight, but, with awareness, change will begin. Think this over and start to incorporate it into your life. Keep that beautiful, powerful energy of God coming into your life.

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Become Aware of Your Inner Rhythms

By: Gloria Marie

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Often we get caught up in “the should’s” or the “I need to” instead of listening to our hearts. We lead busy, often complicated lives and our lives can get on auto pilot, just like we are on a treadmill that keeps going and going and it actually goes nowhere.  That is precisely the time you should consider taking a step back and become aware of your inner thythms. Give yourself the gift of discovery.

“Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture the heart.”
-Ancient Indian Proverb

Do you know what captures your heart? We get so caught up in our day to day routines, that it is easy to ignore or forget what captures our heart. To hear our inner voice, our inner guidance we must have peace and trust in ourselves. This exercise will help you find your inner rhythms. This is a wonderful way to ground ourselves.

The Exercise
Go an entire day without a watch or without looking at a clock.
Spend the entire day listening to your “inner rhythms”. Eat when you are hungry. Sleep if you are tired. Reset your body and your routine.

Try to incorporate the following into this day:
1. Light a candle and sit in silence.
2. Read something inspirational.
3. Go for a walk.

By being in touch with our innermost self, we create happiness in our lives and in our relationships with others.

Journal at the end of this day.
Some questions to ask yourself.
1. What did this day look like for you?
2. What inspires you?
3. What empowers you?
4. What motivates you?
5. What drives you?
6. What makes you smile?
7. What can you not live without?
8. What incorrect beliefs do you have?
9. What did you learn from this?
10. What is the positive in this experience?

Did you find your inner rhythm?

Book Review “Triggers”

By: Gloria Marie

“Triggers” is a must read for all coaches, yet, it is clear enough for anybody looking to change their lives. It provides practical tools to implement change. Marshall Goldsmith, an executive coach, uses examples from his clients to illustrate the points he is making. This book will help you find what your “triggers” are and by identifying them, transformation can begin. He has a fantastic chart to keep track of your goals on a daily basis. The chart also includes six engaging questions, which he believes we need to ask ourselves every day. One of the engaging questions is, “Did I do my best to be happy today?” “Triggers” is packed with powerful information for anyone ready to change some behaviors.

I received this book from Blogging for Books in order to write this review.

New Moon Ritual

By: Gloria Marie

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On May 18 there is a new moon. New moons are times for new beginnings and fresh starts. New moons are turning points and a great time for manifestations. A new moon ritual helps you set your intentions for the next six months. Many different cultures and people have followed rituals for centuries. Think of the many rituals you have in your life today. Do you follow rituals at your place of worship, for birthday celebrations or for weddings?

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Rituals should fun, simple and authentic. Follow the steps below to perform your own new moon ritual.

1. Gather the following supplies: a candle, a stick of incense, matches, paper, pen, a journal, and soothing music. You can also collect any stones or crystals that have meaning for you.
2. Find a place in your home that you feel is sacred or that you feel peaceful.
3. Light a candle, light the incense and put on some soothing music.
4. Sit down and take a few deep breaths. Breathe beautiful white light into your heart area.
5. Say a prayer for inner guidance and clarity.
6. When you feel you are present and your mind is clear. Write down on the paper what you would like to bring into your life. What would you like to “grow”? To manifest? Try to make sure your intentions are truly what you believe you can attract, but, dream big.
7. When you are finished writing, at the bottom of your paper write, “And it is so.”  Sign your name and put the date.
8. Take a moment to say a prayer.
9. Write any thoughts or inspirations you have in your journal.
10. Take the paper and either burn it and blow the ashes in the wind outdoors or bury it in the garden to allow your intentions to “grow”.

Be flexible with the way the Universe will manifest your intentions.

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Crystals and Gemstones for Romance

By: Gloria Marie

Crystals and gemstones for romance are rose quartz, rhodochrosite, and moonstone. Rose quartz is the most common crystal used for romance. According to legend, Eros, the Greek God of love, brought rose quartz to the earth in the hope that its gorgeous color would arose love and desire. Since the Middle Ages, rose quartz has been considered a love charm.

Rose Quartz stimulates circulation and thus increases sexuality. It is considered helpful in affairs of the heart and the heart chakra. It is found naturally as a piece of quartz.

Consider buying a rose quartz. It comes in all sizes and price ranges. I keep a small rose Quartz crystal in my bedroom, another in my living room and I wear a rose quartz bracelet. Its beautiful pink translucent color reminds me of romance.

Rhodochrosite symbolizes openness. It is said to awaken all-embracing love that is not limited to one person. Native Americans used to offer the stone as a token of love. The Incas called it “Inca rose.” Psychologically rhodochrosite helps the wearer to achieve self-knowledge and reduce stress.

Rhodochrosite represents love and compassion. It is a wonderful crystal to work with to give and receive love. It also stimulates feeling and promotes intuition.

It can be used as a polished stone for laying on the body or cut as jewelry. It is colored bright red to pink or pink with partial white stripes. The larger crystals come from Peru and Colorado.

Moonstone has always been the stone of love and lovers. It is a very powerful healing stone for women. It symbolizes love and tenderness to lovers and for passion in romance. Legend has it that it is especially powerful when used on a full moon. It is egg-shell colored, yellowish, bluish or blue.

Their properties for love, may be all legend, but, I think it is worth a try!

3 Tips for Time Management

By: Gloria Marie

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Do you ever feel that some week go by so quickly and you look back on Saturday and say, “Wow, I did not accomplish anything this week.  That happens to all of us, but, with a little planning, you can stay on track.  These are some of my 3 tips for time management.

Set a couple long term goals for yourself. Then decide on a few goals that you would like to accomplish in the next week.

When your action plan is together, complete the following sentences.

I will avoid………

I will complete……………..

To make sure I complete my task, I will……………………….

I will not……………………….

Now do the following 3 steps to plan your week:

  1. Spend 10 minutes at the beginning of the week in a “strategy session”. Pick 2 tasks this week that will get you closer to your long term goals. Write down what else you would like to accomplish this week.
  2. Buy a planner or find a weekly planner on-line. Map out each day with realistic timeframes and tasks. Try not to over schedule. You will need some flexible time during the week. Remember to also schedule some fun and recreational activities. Put a star next to the items that absolutely must be accomplished this week because of some sort of deadline.
  3. After you have planned your week, focus only on the day at hand. If you were not able to complete all your goals for the current day, evaluate whether you could schedule it later in the week or whether it is best left for another week. Remain flexible and do not be hard on yourself if you cannot accomplish everything. With practice, you will learn how to best use your time.

Refer back to the sentences you completed above when planning the following week.

Be aware of the time you spend looking at emails. Does that detract from completing your tasks?  Maybe limit checking emails to three days a day: morning, afternoon and evening.



Online Dating Tips

By: Gloria Marie

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One in 10 Americans are actively involved in online dating. Have you ever tried it? I have tried most of the popular dating sites. I, like most people, get tired of the process. But, my philosophy is, if you don’t try, you are 100% assured of meeting no one online. As one of my dear friends says, “A man is not just going to show up on our front porch”.

There is a new study about online dating tips that was published in the Journal of Evidenced Based Medicine. The study was done by two doctors, Dr. Khan and Dr. Chaudhry. Dr. Chaudhry’s online dating attempts were not successful. So they decided to research the data and study it in the hopes of improving Dr. Chaudhry chances of success. They focused on 86 studies. This is what they found.

1. Success begins with choosing a user name. Men prefer user names that are linked to a physical trait. (Like Cutie). Women prefer user names that show intelligence. Both sexes like playful names.
2. User names from the first half of the alphabet do better than user names from the last half of the alphabet.
3. Successful profiles are divided by 70:30 ratio. Seventy percent of the profile with personal information and 30% gives a description of the desired partner.
4. Honest, likable profiles with humor were desirable.
5. Photos showing the user standing and smiling worked the best.
6. The best profiles were not too perfect.

Maybe it is time to redo you online profile using the above research tips. I think it is a good idea to have a friend read your profile. You may be omitting some great qualities about yourself. It is also good to add some new photos. Mix things up a bit.

You might also try some online dating apps. They are gaining in popularity. Tinder and The League are two popular ones. The important thing with any dating is to be smart and careful.

Whatever is Good for the Soul Blog

By: Gloria Marie

I was featured in the Blog Whatever is Good for the Soul.  The link below gives the complete interview.


Life Coach Specialist in Singletons & Divorcees:
Gloria Marie Pierson


Today Gloria Marie Pierson shared her wonderful story and soul with us. Gloria is a well-renown life coach, specializing in singletons and divorcees. Listen to the story of her divorce, and how she managed to change it all. Gloria shares her to day to day life and really allows us to become inspired. 

For the complete interview, use the link below.

Whatever is Good for the Soul

The Power in Daydreams

By: Gloria Marie

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We all engage in some form of daydreams. Think of the many times in your childhood that your daydreams took the form of fantasy.  Did you dream you were a princess?  Did you dream you lived in a fairy castle?  Or did you dream that Ken and Barbie got married and lived happily ever after? I heard on the news this week that Barbie turned 56.  It reminded me of the many hours I would play with her and Ken.  In fact, I pulled out my original Barbie doll.  Yes, I still have it, complete with the outfits my Mom and Grandmother made for her.  There is power in daydreams.

As children, our daydreams were happy and beautiful.  I do not remember daydreaming of sickness, poverty or loss.  As adults our daydreams are not always positive.  How many times do you daydream about job loss, money loss, or relationship problems?   Our daydreams can be destructive when the thoughts or outcomes are negative.  Our thoughts materialize.

“Those who cherish a beautiful vision, a lofty ideal in their hearts, will one day realize it.”

-James Allen

So dream, have a vision, just make sure it is positive.  Think of all the artists, authors, or scientists in the world.  Many of them started with just a vision or a dream.  Dream and then dream bigger!

Spend some time journaling and asking yourself the following questions.  Build your dream. Make it clear and concise. Review your vision often.  You may need to alter it but, you do not have to give up on it.

What does your ideal day consist of?

What does your ideal income provide you with?

In 5 years, what will you have accomplished?

Dream bigger?  What would your ideal life look like if you used your full capabilities?

Visualize it. Cherish your dream. Feel it in your heart and build your life with it.





5 Self Help Books to Read Now

By: Gloria Marie

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Reading has always been a passion of mine. When I was 5, I remember being so thrilled because I could read “The Cat and the Hat” all by myself.  This passion for reading continues to this day. I love going to libraries and bookstores. The amount of knowledge in these places humbles me. This list of “5 Self Help Books to Read Now” are currently the ones on the coffee table in my family room. Maybe try to pick up at least one of these and read it this year.

  1. “The Book of Awakening: Having the Live You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have”  Mark Nepo –  This book has a reading for every day of the year. The message is timeless.  When I want some inspiration, I pick it up and open it to any page. Each day has a theme, a quote, and a story. Today’s quote- “We love what we attend”. Mwalimu Imara
  2. “Self-Mastery through Conscious Autosuggestion” by Emile Coue. This little gem was written in 1922 and has 118 pages. Emile Coue was a leader in believing that the mind is the principal factor in health in sickness.  His affirmation, “Every day in every way, I am getting better and better”.
  3. “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. This has been my go to book for affirmations since 1987. Louise’s life story is inspiring and her techniques for using affirmations are timeless.
  4. “Secrets of Attraction: the Universal Laws of Love, Sex and Romance” by Sandra Anne Taylor. The author reveals how the Universal laws including quantum physics can affect your relationships.
  5. “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale. This is another classic. It was published in 1956 and it is a mire 42 pages. It is easy to read and yet a timeless, powerful message. His key to success and failure. “We become what we think about”.

Try to pick one of these books up. It may change your life.