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Learn to Let Go of Irritation

By: Gloria Marie

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Our thoughts carry tremendous energy. Usually, when we are irritated, angry, or upset, our thoughts are charged with super power. However, this is not the super power that we want or that we need. The more we concentrate on what is bothering us, the more control we give to those thoughts that do us no good. You can learn to let go of irritation; it takes letting go of the pull the thoughts have on your consciousness.

When my boys were young, I would read them a book called, “When You Give a Moose a Muffin.” In the story, the moose would get a muffin, but, then he would want something else, and this went on and on. The moose was never satisfied with the muffin or anything else. It is similar to our thoughts and our minds. If we let the pull of energy control us, we can never be satisfied.

For example, you may be shopping and see a beautiful dress that you would like to buy, but, cannot afford. You leave the store, and you are still thinking about the dress. Then you begin to think about your job that you don’t like and that you would like to have a job with a better salary. Then you begin to think that you do not like the area that you live, and maybe you should just move and get a new job. It goes on and on, and you become more and more irritated.

So, how to let the irritation go? The minute you begin to feel the pull of energy from the irritation. Relax, take a deep breath and let it go. You can let yourself be bothered by this, or you can be in freedom and let it go. Of course, you may still want the dress, but, it does not have to ruin your day or your mood. Relax, release and let go. Try to relax your shoulders and the area around your heart.

Relax, Release, Let Go

Next time you are at a light, and someone honks at you, try this technique. Relax, release and let go. Be willing to let the irritation go. It is your choice.

Be Still and Know That I Am God

By: Gloria Marie

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“Be Still and Know That I am God” is probably one of the greatest verses in the Bible. This verse alone can help us deal with fear and anxiety. It reminds us to stop and focus on God alone. But, often in our crazy, busy, daily life we forget to practice that. We are usually more conditioned to accept the fear and anxiety as a part of our life struggles.

It has been said that Buddha did a whole silent lecture once. He merely gazed at a flower. The beauty in a flower is the same beauty we all have inside of us. It is our God nature that we can access if we become still.

Yesterday I had the privilege of driving through Yellowstone National Park. I was really lucky because I was not the one driving, I was fortunate to sit back and absorb the beauty of this great National Park. It was in the silence of the drive that I marveled how great God is and in the stillness I felt a part of the incredible beauty and nature that I saw.

The beauty was sometimes in the smallest of things. The way the sun was reflecting on a river, the different mineral colors in the mountains, or an elk quietly grazing or the perfect timing of Old Faithful geyser erupting every 90 minutes. My thoughts kept going to: Be still and know that I am God. I felt love, joy, and peace.

You can access this same feeling. One easy way is when difficulties arise, turn your thoughts to this beautiful phrase, “Be still and know that I am God.” Take a pause from your problems, focus on God. God does not work with the laws of this earth, he can and does perform miracles.

Another way is to spend time in nature in silence. Like Buddha, gaze at a simple flower, or leaf or tree. Begin to connect to your deepest, beautiful inner self. By practicing in this way, it will help you to connect with your inner self the next time you are filled with fear.

This week, when fearful thoughts arise, remember, “Be still and know that I am God.”

Simply Ancient Grains

By: Gloria Marie

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Maria Speck’s cookbook will have you wanting to add ancient grains to your diet with the unique textures, ingredients, and flavors she uses in her exceptional recipes. She introduces a Two-Step Philosophy to streamline the cooking time and meal planning. The Two-Step Philosophy speeds up the cooking time of the grains by doing a little preparation at night.

“Simply Ancient Grains” has a wonderful chart that gives inspiration for picking the grains and meal planning. The recipes use a whole variety of grains including: kamut, wild rice, wheat berries, barley, and bulgur. This is a must have reference for grain lovers or anyone who would like to add more grains to their menus.

There are recipes for breakfast, for salads, for main dishes and even for desert. It is not a vegetarian cookbook, though there are many vegetarian recipes. The photos that accompany the recipes are beautiful.

Some of my personal favorite recipes are: fusilli with tahini yogurt sauce and nigella seeds, freekeh soup with spicy harissa shrimp and dates, and vegetarian wild rice paella with sweet potatoes, tart cherries and gorgonzola. The recipes are explained very well.

If you are bored of the same, old recipes and meals, pick up a copy of “Simply Ancient Grains” for new motivation.

I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.

Living with Intent Book Review

By: Gloria Marie

“Living with Intent” is Mallika Chopra’a journey to finding peace and happiness. She is a business women, wife and mother. The book beautifully describes her journey while juggling the demands of everyday life. This book is inspiring for all of us who lead busy, hectic lives yet yearn for the time and ways to find more meaning in our lives.

Mallika wanted to find time in her schedule every day to meditate. As a busy person, it was not only the practical part of actually carving out the time, she also had feelings of guilt. Guilt that there were other things she “should” be doing. Her solution was to say no to some activities. She rearranged her priorities to find time not only to meditate, but, also take yoga classes. This small change created a shift in her thinking and in her life. It helped her become more mindful.
She describes incubation as, tapping into silence and stillness about settling the constant chatter in our minds to feel connected to the deeper spirit that lies within all of us. Every chapter gives reflections and practical ideas for living with intent. She gives detailed instruction on meditation, developing a balance wheel of your life, and drawing your mind map.

There are also interviews with other experts: Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Arianna Huffington, Andrew Weil, Dan Siegel and of course, her dad, Deepak.
Her steps to living with intent are: incubate, notice, trust, express, nurture, and take action. This book is a guide book to taking those steps. It is the type of book I will refer to often.

Favorite quotes:
“Microintents may seem so small as to be meaningless, but I’ve learned that there’s enormous power in baby steps.”
“But my way isn’t the highway. It’s the quiet country lane, the less traveled back road.”
I have received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

Between the Dark and the Daylight

By: Gloria Marie

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Joan Chittister’s new book, “Between the Dark and the Daylight: Embracing the Contradictions of Life” is filled with insight and wisdom. It is a guide to help our soul confront those fears, questions, and problems that haunt us in the middle of the night. This book provides a framework for us to better understand ourselves and to better understand our relationship with God.

She writes about many topics that we deal with in our busy, stressed out world. Each chapter introduces a new topic. Some examples are: The Mirage of Security, The Success of Failure, The Liberation in Loss and The Loneliness of Love. She writes about how each challenge is an opportunity for growth. By going inward to the depth of our spirit we can find the light in the darkness.

This book provides life changing awareness to help navigate through life’s disappointments, losses, and confusions. There is a lot of great advice. It takes the centuries old spiritual wisdom and applies them to our modern world.

This is a book I will reread many times. It is a beautifully written treasure that will probably become a spiritual classic.

Some of my favorite quotes:

“Without risk we live in a small world of small dreams and lost possibilities.”

“Growth is the boundary between the darkness of unknowing and the light of new wisdom, new insight, new vision of who and what we ourselves have become.”

“Loss frees us to begin again, to be seen differently, to tap into something inside of ourselves that even we were never really sure was there.”

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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Self Help Books for April

By: Gloria Marie

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Spring is here, a time for renewal.  This is a great time to read some new inspirational books.  I have picked out three to recommend this month.  One of them, I actually reread again.  “As A Man Thinkekth”, I never get tired of the wise words of James Allen.  Try these self books for April.

As You Think”

By James Allen

 The original classic was written in 1904. It reveals to us that the keys to success are within our own minds, it show us how to use these keys to unlock the greatest fulfillment we can imagine. “As You Think” is a simple yet powerful reminder that “all we achieve and all that we fail to achieve is the direct result of our own thoughts.  We are the master of our desires.

“How to Survive the Loss of a Love”

By Harold Bloomfield, Melba Colgrove, and Peter McWilliams

 One of the most directly helpful books on the subject of loss ever written, the first edition of this comforting and inspiring book, published in 1976, sold nearly two million copies. This completely revised and expanded edition encompasses not only the medical and psychological advances in the treatment of loss, but also the authors’ own experiences.  This is a handbook of inspiration, ideas, poems and encouragement.  The authors state, “This is a book to be used not just read.”


“The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money and Miracles”

By Marianne Williamson

In The Law of Divine Compensation, she reveals the spiritual principles that help us overcome financial stress and unleash the divine power of abundance. A guru to anyone interested in spirituality, Williamson’s words ring with power and truth as she assures us that, with faith in God’s promise of prosperity for all, we need never fear the future.  This book has suggested activities, prayers, and meditations.

Happy Spring!  What are some of your favorite self-help books?


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My Morning Ritual

By: Gloria Marie

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I have my morning ritual, it is a time that I cherish. I believe this time helps me stay centered and calm throughout the day. Most mornings, I get up early, while it is still dark and the world is quiet. I make myself a cup of coffee and retreat to my “meditation chair”. It is an over sized, comfortable chair with a large basket of inspirational books next to it. This hour that I spend every morning, is a gift to myself. Most days there are no startling insights: just time to pray, go deep into my soul, and be in God’s presence. This week try to give yourself a gift of silence each morning.
My morning ritual consists of meditation, journaling, inspirational reading and sitting in silence. I begin reading while enjoying my coffee. By my chair, I have several books to choose from. Next I meditate for about 20 minutes. This is followed by journaling and praying. Some days, I do not have the luxury of an hour and that is alright. This morning ritual has helped me transform my life from fear to peace and love.
Create Your Own Morning Ritual
1. Pick out a spot in your home that you can remain undisturbed. It is preferable to have a chair to sit on. If you do not have an hour to spend, try half an hour.
2. Inspirational Reading – Pick out several books to keep by your side. I like to have a variety depending on what my mood is. Currently I am reading, “New Seeds of Contemplation” by Thomas Merton. I also have a book of daily inspirational messages that I read right before my meditation. My old standby is “Around the Year with Emmet Fox”. I also enjoy, “The Book of Awakening” by Mark Nepo. I usually read for about 20 minutes while sipping my coffee.
3. Meditation – If you do not have a meditation practice, a breathing meditation may be the way to start. Sit silently and concentrate on your breath going in and out of your body. When thoughts come, just let them go. Do not engage the thoughts. Just breathe. I set a timer for 20 minutes.
4. Journaling – Buy a special journal that you will use just for this purpose. After meditation, I open my journal and begin to write. I let the pen just flow. Some mornings, I may write a letter to God.
5. Silence and Reflection – Before leave my chair, I spend a few minutes in quiet reflection and praying.
These are just my suggestions, be flexible and create your own morning ritual.
What are your favorite books for inspiration?

Books for Inspiration

By: Gloria Marie

Reading can help develop a range of social skills and awareness.  Reading helps you develop insights into yourself or insights on the next steps you want to take in your life. I believe in reading all sorts of material.  If you normally read fiction books, try a non-fiction book. Try reading a different newspaper. Even if you do not agree with the viewpoints, you may learn something new or discover something about yourself. Today I will suggest a few books to read for inspiration.

Psychology Today cited a study:  the average home has 2.86 television sets. That is 18% higher than the year 2000 and 43% higher than in 1990. There are more televisions then people per home.  Tonight maybe try to watch a little less TV and pick up a book to read.

Listed below are 4 books that I enjoy:

  1. “The Precious Present” by Spencer Johnson, M.D. – This is a 79 page book that is simple to read, but, has a beautiful, inspiring story. As the cover says, “It is more than a book – it is a profound message that can help you be happy with yourself and your life forever”. This is a book you will want to give as a gift and read many times over.
  2. “Falling into Grace: insights on the end of suffering” by Adyashanti. He asks us to let go of our struggles with life and open to the full promise of spiritual awakening: the end of delusion and the discovery of our essential being. This book provides simple teachings to stop the thoughts that perpetuate our suffering.
  3. “When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times” by Pema Chodron. – This is useful advice about how Buddhism helps the reader cope with realties of modern life – including fear, despair, and rage. Pema approach involves moving toward painful situations with friendliness and curiosity.
  4. “Secrets of Attraction” by Sandra Anne Taylor. The author reveals how the Universal Laws actually direct the course of your relationship destiny. Your energy is the center of all you attract. You will discover what make up your personal energy field and how it impacts your relationships.

Is there a book you would like to recommend?

Ten Books for Motivation and Inspiration

By: Gloria Marie

Sensational Sunday

Every Sunday the Single, Happy, and Strong Blog will have an exercise for you to do.  This is a wonderful way to start a new week; to reflect, grow, and begin a shift in your life.  This week I encourage you to find an inspirational book, I have listed ten books, to read each morning or each evening, whichever time you can reflect on the message.


 Ten Books for Motivation and Inspiration

 This blog is all about empowering you and helping you gain inner strength.  This is a constant challenge. Some days may be great, other days we may have trouble just putting one foot in front of the other.  Since the 1970’s, I have always kept a daily inspirational book by my bedside. The book would provide a short quote or positive story.  Sometimes I would read it in the morning for motivation.  At night, if I had trouble sleeping, I would just pick it up, open up a page and begin reading.

This week, try to find an inspirational book that motivates you.  It may be religious or more self-help oriented.  This is another “tool” for your tool box of practical steps to take when you need a little more encouragement or a little more support.

Here is a list ten books that I have used.  Maybe one of these will “speak” to you.

1. “Positive Thinking Every Day: An Inspiration for Each Day of the Year” by Norman Vincent Peale.      I started reading his books, at my Father’s suggestion, when I was 10 years old.

2.  “The Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have” by Mark Nepo.

3.  “Jesus Calling: Devotions for every Day of the Year” by Sarah Young

4. “The Way is Within: A Spiritual Journey” by Ron Rathbun

5.  “Words to Live By: A Daily Guide to Leading an Exceptional Life” by Easwaran

6.   “Christian Mystics:  365 Readings and Meditations” by Matthew Fox

7. Ave Maria Press has a wonderful series of books called “30 Days with a great Spiritual Teacher”.  Each book provides a month of daily readings from one of Christianity’s most beloved spiritual guides.

8. “Around the Year with Emmet Fox” by Emmet Fox.  This has been on my nightstand since 1977 and I still enjoy reading it.

9. “A Year of Miracles: Daily Devotions and Reflections” by Marianne Williamson

10.  These are a deck of cards.  “Power Thought Cards: A 64 Card Deck” by Louise Hay

Did you find a book that touched you? Motivated you?






Journal for Manifesting

By: Gloria Marie

Sensational Sunday Journal for Manifesting

Every Sunday the Single, Happy, and Strong Blog will have an exercise for you to do.  This is a wonderful way to start a new week; to reflect, grow, and begin a shift in your life. This week we will learn to journal for manifesting, a powerful exercise.


Journal for Manifesting

Researchers have found that writing about emotions and stress can boost immune function.  Studies have been done at both University of Texas at Austin and Syracuse University.  Being single or divorced certainly can increase stress and can be very emotional at times. Journaling is a very convenient, easy way to express emotions and feelings.  There is not much required: a journal or blank notebook and a pen. Journaling is portable; you can take a small journal with you to record thoughts or insights during your day.

Today’s Exercise

Sit is a quiet place where you will not be distributed.  You may want to light a candle.  Silently ask yourself the following question:

“What do I desire?”

Spend a few minutes just being: quietly sitting. Do not judge any thoughts that come up and do not try to find the answer.  Just be. By silently asking the question, you have put it out in the Universe and asked the deepest part of you.

After a few minutes, take out your journal and being writing.  Just write, let your pen flow.  Do not judge what you write.  Take a deep breath and continue writing. There are no rules as to the length or the time you spend.

After you are finished writing, take a deep breath, read over what you wrote. Then complete the following sentence:

“I am manifesting………”

This is a powerful exercise to bring your desires into your life.  Is it a new job, more income, a boyfriend, more friends?   Write your “I am manifesting” statement in your journal before you go to sleep.  Our thoughts manifest.  Start manifesting positive changes in your life.