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Listen and Trusting Your Inner Voice

By: Gloria Marie

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This video, “Listen and Trusting Your Inner Voice, explains a four-step process to access the inner voice that is always available to you. Your answers are already a part of the Universe, but, you need to ask, slow down and create space for the answers. All creatively comes from inner spaciousness and comes through you. Worry, fear, despair blocks the flow of this guidance.

You may have a big decision to make on a career change or ending a relationship or perhaps, you just want more passion in your life. This four-step process will help.

1. Ask
2. Create the space of stillness.
3. Be Open to the signs.
4. Patience

Decrees mentioned in the video:
Decrees from the video:
” I AM the presence, thinking, through this mind and body”
“Universe, let me be aware of the signs and answers.”
“Great self, speak to me.”
“I AM being divinely guided.”
“Mighty I AM Presence, show me what you want me to do now and make me do it perfectly.”

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How to Trust Your Inner Guidance

By: Gloria Marie

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It seems whenever there is dissatisfaction in our lives, we become more impressionable. At times like these, there is a tendency to allow the opinions of others to affect our lives. We get caught in the currents of change and grasp for input. I am not saying that friends and family are not well meaning, they want you to be happy, successful, and content. But, the best guidance is your inner guidance and your connection with God, Infinite Intelligence. How to trust your inner guidance and gain confidence in your choices?
Always remember, there is a place you are to fill, and no one can fill it, something you are to do. That is why God created you to be on this earth. You have a special role to fill. You may not be sure of what it is, but, in silence and with a connection to God, your heart and soul will reveal it to you. There may be baby steps along the way, but, learning to trust your inner guidance and rejoice in the present moment, you will get there.
Trusting yourself may be uncomfortable for you at first, especially if you have allowed others to make your choices. Or you may be nervous that you will not succeed or that you will appear foolish. To reach your dreams, you could have setbacks or look foolish. So, what? Only you know what is right for you.
Every performance an actor has in a movie does not win an Academy Award. Some of my favorite actors had incredible performances in wonderful movies, yet, they were not nominated. Does that stop them from accepting the next role? No, because they are filling their place that no one else can fill. And, so can you.
Take the direct, straight route to find your life purpose and follow your dreams. Spend time in silence, asking God for guidance. Try lighting a candle and put your ideas in a journal. Remember, you are on this magnificent Earth for a reason. Learn to trust your inner guidance and move courageously forward.