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Manifest Love Change Your Energy

By: Gloria Marie

Your critical view of yourself my be sabotaging you manifesting for love. Negative thoughts can block your positive loving energy. Learn to become aware of your self-criticism with a simple exercise. Then change it around. The four main areas for self-criticism are: De-Value, Fatalistic Thinking, Compare and Compete, and Blame. The video gives techniques to deal with each one of these. Empower yourself and change your energy today.

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How to Begin Manifesting Love

By: Gloria Marie

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If you are looking and wanting love, but, nothing seems to be working, try clearing your energy field first. This video describes how to begin manifesting love in four steps. True love attracts true love. You attract what you are!
Step 2 Affirmation – “I believe in myself; I accept myself. I magnetize others who accept and believe in me also.”
Step 4 Visualization – “I am now attracting a man/women into my life who is honest, sincere, loyal, faithful, peaceful, happy, and prosperous. These qualities are going into my subconscious mind. I believe in the Law of Attraction and I know I will attract a man/women according to my beliefs.”

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In this channel, I guide you to create positive shifts in your life using the power of positive thinking and mindfulness to open the door to the treasures of abundance, happiness, and health.

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