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Start Today to Manifest

By: Gloria Marie

Each day there is a new sunrise and a new opportunity for you to start over. If you feel stuck, examine the story you believe about yourself. That story can be changed. You may have some mistakes in the past, but, learn from them and rewrite your story. When you do the internal work and self-assessment, you can begin to manifest with your intentions. Today begin to end cycles and have a new way of being.
“I am so pleased and honored to be me.”

How to Increase Your Personal Magnetism

By: Gloria Marie

Put into practice today five simple ways to increase your personal magnetism. If you are applying for a job, want to meet some new people or starting a new endeavor, these tips will increase your success. You will feel, look and be more confident. Enhance your self-esteem with these techniques and I guarantee others will notice.

Powerful Morning Routine for Success

By: Gloria Marie

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You may be thinking, I do not need one more thing to in the morning, however, spending just a few minutes at the start of your day puts you in charge of your day. You become the captain of the ship instead of the ship controlling you. It is all about self-love and nurturing. Somedays nothing may happen, but, if you continue to go deep, something good WILL happen. A morning routine gives your heart space to feel and expand. A morning routine will put you on the road to success.

This past week, I was working with someone dealing with anxiety and stress. We went over practical tools, but, those can be band-aids. Getting to the root of the problem is quieting your mind and giving yourself the gift of time and quiet. This video desires five suggestions to try in the morning. Take control of your day!!!