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Gratitude is a Powerful Practice

By: Gloria Marie

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Gratitude is a powerful practice. It can affect you both physically and spiritually. Research shows that gratitude lowers blood pressure, helps your immune function and helps with cardiac health. Spiritually studies show that it improves happiness and well-being. Even you are going through a difficult time, there is always something to be grateful for. Did you have clean water to drink today? You woke up today. A lot of people might have had been plans today, but, never woke up.

Gratitude can open doors for more grace to enter your life. It helps align your thoughts with what you want to enter your life. We usually know what we ought to do, but, never actually wind up doing it. You can make a decision to have a daily practice of gratitude. It will help your thoughts stay positive. Negative thoughts are like velcro, they stick with us. Positive thoughts are like Teflon, they are non-stick. Let’s start today to make an effort to increase those positive thoughts.

This video describes five different ways.

1. Gratitude first thing in the morning. Keep a note on your mirror to remind you.
2. If in a difficult situation, look for the blessing or gift that situation brought you.
3. Write a gratitude letter.
4. Make a gratitude visit to someone.
5. If you received a gift you loved, pay it forward and buy it for someone else.

Think of your mind as a garden. We want beautiful flowers to grow in our garden, not weeds. Gratitude will help you grow those flowers. This week make a commitment to incorporate just one of these five suggestions and see how you feel.  Or you may have your own special ideas. I would love to hear about them and share them.

Wishing you many Blessings this week.

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Create Your Own Destiny: A 28-Day Adventure

By: Gloria Marie

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“Create Your Own Destiny: A 28 Day Adventure” is now available on Amazon Kindle. The really great news that through January 18, you can download it for FREE! This book is the perfect way to start 2018. Set your GPS for the year.

Are you ready to start an adventure that will change your life forever? You will learn simple techniques that will allow you to live in the present moment, get rid of fear and self-limiting beliefs, and design the life you want and that you deserve. You will also acquire several techniques to release stress. When we are stress-free, our thoughts flow freely, and we can be open to more possibilities and blessings to flow into our lives.

Our thoughts manifest into our lives. That is a simple concept that you have probably heard many times. It is simple, but, difficult to put into practice daily. You can create the life you want. It is up to you. You have the power to change internally and then externally your life will change. Everything in life begins on the invisible level before it is manifest on the visible.

It there something you want to change or amplify your life? Do you want more prosperity? Or a different job? Or a loving relationship? This 28-day adventure will teach you the principles and give you the tools and techniques to tap into Source and connect to the power that is inherent in all of us. Learn to believe in and use this power and it will be there to help you transform your life.

You will learn to eliminate past conditions and limiting thoughts. Take charge to leave the past alone, absorb the lessons and move on. In this program, you will release past fears that are holding you back. Present awareness is the only place that transformation takes place. You have probably heard this before, but, this book will give you a variety of tools and techniques to be mindful in the present moment. There are no special tools, expenses, or equipment needed; just a desire for change.


Create Your Own Destiny

By: Gloria Marie

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Our thoughts are creative and at our disposal. Unlock the doors and use this to your advantage. Learn to use the vibratory power of words. You create your own destiny.