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How to Focus on Changing Your Condition

By: Gloria Marie

Try a seven day “mental diet” to change your conditions in your life. The thoughts we have today will produce your conditions in your future. The great news is that you can change your thoughts and form new habits. For this diet, you do not need to give up any food. You must only give up any thoughts of failure, disappointment, jealousy, sickness, and criticism. Follow the six steps and begin today to focus on changing your conditions.

Change Your Story By Changing Your Thoughts

By: Gloria Marie

Learn three simple techniques for changing your thoughts. Don’t let the events of the past define who you are today. Loss of money, love, or a job does not mean the pattern will repeat. You can change that using your thoughts to re-mold the future. The Universe is in constant motion. Take charge and believe have faith in change and new beggings. Change your story going forward.