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How to Raise Your Vibration and Frequency

By: Gloria Marie

Your vibration affects your mental, physical, and spiritual bodies. Sound can massage your molecules back to the right places and raise your vibration. Sound healing has been around since Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. This video goes over two different methods, one using the sacred sound “OM.” The other is the use of the Solfeggio Frequency of 963 Hz. The sound for I AM, to bring you closer to light, Spirit, and Oneness.

Lock Out Negative Thoughts

By: Gloria Marie

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If a stranger came to your door unannounced, would you let them in your house? Probably not. Negative thoughts and words need to be treated the same way. Protect your “magic circle” and you decide what thoughts or words enter it. Our words and thoughts are magnets. They go out into the Universe and return to us. Increase your power and you will see changes for the better.

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