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The Present Precious Moment

By: Gloria Marie

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This past week, I visited a friend at Hospice. Visiting someone at Hospice is never easy. There is a silent acceptance of the inevitable. However, every time I go to see someone at Hospice, it is moving, and I leave feeling more compassionate. As hard as the visit is, I leave feeling I received a gift; a reminder of the present precious moment. All renewal comes in the present moment, the Now.

I am aware of my limitations and know there is nothing I can do about my friend that is suffering. But, I can be authentic, compassionate, and present when we are together. And maybe this will help her find strength. The visit made me wonder if she has any regrets about her life? Another jewel from the visit was thinking about my own life and committing to letting go of any regrets and do something every day that brings me joy.

It is easy to get wrapped up in our routines: our daily, weekly, and yearly routines. Our egos love routines. It keeps us safe and predictable. But, what if you allowed yourself to break routines? Get out of your comfort zone. Release old mental programs and do something every day that brings you joy instead of doing the “shoulds.”

Break free and enjoy each precious moment. When was the last time you played or laughed? Start today to show up for your life by paying attention. Start to live in a sustained state of awareness with gratitude for the many gifts you have. Shift your attention away from routines. Start by committing each day to do something that brings you joy. The key is YOU, not your child, your husband, your co-worker, just you. It could be as small as reading a novel, a walk in nature, or planting a garden. Or maybe you begin to meditate daily and go deeper to discover what brings you joy.

Give yourself a gift. Be tender with yourself. Commit to renew your life. All renewal comes in the present precious moment.

Acceptance of the Present Moment: The Key to Happiness

By: Gloria Marie

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Acceptance of the Present Moment is the key to happiness. When you surrender to the present moment, no matter how much you dislike it, peaceful energy will flow through you. It is knowing and trusting that in the long run the Divine will win and good will come.

Acceptance of the Present Moment

By: Gloria Marie

single happy and strong, gloria pierson, gloria marie pierson, surrender to the present moment

Acceptance of the present moment is a state of consciousness. Acceptance is easy if everything is going exactly as you like it and want it. Your ego is so happy. But, life is not always exactly as we want it. You may have problems in a relationship. You may be in a job that you dislike. You may have a health challenge, or you may be struggling to pay your monthly bills.

By accepting the present moment, you are in a state of peace, and that peaceful energy flows through you. The situation you are in may not be perfect, but, do not fight against the moment. By acceptance, I do not mean that you want and will prepare for something better to manifest. However, resistance, anger or negativity will stop the energy to flow and will hinder your manifestation of something better.

If you plant a seed in the ground for a flower to grow, you patiently wait until it sprouts out of the ground. You do not pull the seeds out if the flower fails to sprout in a day or two. You patiently wait with confidence for the flower to bloom. You have faith in those seeds you planted.

It is the same with happiness even if the present moment is not perfect. Happiness is an interior quality within Divine Order. It is knowing and trusting that in the long run the Divine will win and good will come. Just like the seeds, you planted will produce a flower.

Surrender to the present moment no matter how much you dislike it. Let the peaceful energy flow through you. Take responsibility for your life and your actions. Take steps to change what you dislike about your life and have faith that you can change it. Every moment is temporary. Be active, not passive in every precious moment. Give every moment your full and present attention. Only you control your consciousness and your thoughts.

Sometimes it is hard. Earlier this year, I had big plans to go on vacation out west. I loved the west and was looking forward to the trip. But, the week before my trip, I fell in my bedroom, broke several bones in my foot and needed surgery. So much for the trip. This is not what I wanted or planned. But, rather than become negative and resist the moment, I accepted it. I wanted peaceful energy to flow through me and help with my healing. I believed in Divine order and knew, in the long run, more good, and happiness would come into my life.

Acting in a state of peace will raise your consciousness and your energy. With a raised consciousness, you are in a mental state to receive gifts. Trust the integrity of the Universe.
Flow with the river of life, not against the current.