Practice Concentration to Manifest

By: Gloria Marie

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One of the most common questions I am asked is; “How do I focus on my desires? I do it for a little while and then lose focus.”  It takes practice. Just like an athlete must practice daily to win a game or a race, you must practice concentration to manifest. This blog and video will demonstrate three separate ways to improve your concentration.

Consider these three techniques preliminary steps. Old habits of thinking must be changed. When manifesting you may go one step forward and then three steps back. So to break those old habits try these steps, so you do not become frustrated. Try them before you start visualizing your dream job, great relationship or lottery win!

These steps will enable you to fix your mind on one thought or image and keep it there. You may start to visualize that great relationship you want and before you know it you are thinking about what to have for dinner and then the grocery store and then what friends you ran into the last time you were at the grocery store. It goes on and on…… Sound familiar?  The good news is with a little practice you can change this and take control of your thoughts.

Three Techniques

  • Count Your Breaths – Sit in a comfortable chair and breathe. Count one on the inhale and two on the exchange. Continue this for five minutes. When thoughts come, do not engage them, return to the count. Try to cut the thoughts in mid-stream. Like birds flying in the sky, just let them go.
  • Concentrate on a Small Object – Get a simple object: a pencil, an orange, a rock. It does not matter what the object is. Place it a few feet away from you. Keep your eyes open and notice all the marking on it, the color, texture, and size. When thoughts come, do not engage, let them go. Continue this for one minute.
  • The Photograph Method – Get a photograph and look at it for five minutes. Then close your eyes and picture what you remember about the photograph. Be very detailed about it. Repeat this with different photographs.

These are just three methods, but, they will get you on the road to visualization and manifestation.

I would love to hear from you on how these worked.

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