Listen to Your Soul’s Desire

By: Gloria Marie

Women are notorious for putting their needs last. Raising children, a job, elderly parents or walking your dog all probably come before your needs. Maybe it is time to follow your dreams, indulge in your passions and take some time to nurture yourself. Maybe, ladies, it is time to start listening to your soul’s desire.

If you are living your life with passion you are not worried about the future. If you feel lost, confused and insecure, chances are you have not found your soul’s desire. Passion blockers can hinder the process of discovery. Passion blockers include: anger, regret, blame, guilt, and low self-esteem.

How do you begin to listen to your soul’s desire and find your passion? Begin by trying the steps below. Look at this as an adventure and be patient with yourself.

1. Spend time doing something you find calming. A quiet mind will help the answers come more quickly. Try meditating, going for a walk in nature, going for a bike ride, listening to soothing music, or just simply sitting and breathing. Make this a priority.
2. When you feel you mind is quiet, get a journal and begin to answer the questions listed below. Do not spend time analyzing your answers, just begin to write. Answer the questions over a course of a week or two.
3. When you have found your passion, take some steps to follow it. You know you have found your soul’s desire if you are feeling empowered, motivated, and excited.

1. What activity would you engage in even if you never made money doing it?
2. If money were no object what would you spend your life doing? Why?
3. When you dream, what do you dream about?
4. What do you do effortlessly?
5. What activities make you feel like your heart is about to burst?

Did you find your passion? What was it?

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