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Learn simple techniques that will allow you to live in the present moment, get rid of fear and self-limiting beliefs, and design the life you want and that you deserve. You will also acquire several techniques to release stress. When we are stress-free, our thoughts flow freely, and we can be open to more possibilities and blessings to flow into our lives.

Spend just 15 minutes for the next 28 days and learn to tap into Source and connect to the power that is inherent in all of us. Learn to believe in and use this power and it will be there to help you transform your life.


“Overcome Anxiety: Breakthrough to Happiness and Peace”

 A Course on Udemy

Regularly $45 Now only $15 WITH THIS COUPON

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What if I told you that only ONE hour is standing between you and a life of living your dreams? That is it.  Watch one hour of videos, do the assignments and tomorrow you can begin to reclaim your dreams.

COURSE LINK  Now only $15!

“With fifty-plus years of experience helping others actualize their potential, I can honestly say that this course provides a practical means for making ones Journey more meaningful, productive and positive. Taking it is a small investment that will pay huge dividends for both the “novice” and the “master” student of Life-as-it-can-be.” – Rev. Gordon

  • Learn about the power of your sub-conscious mind. It is a goldmine!
  • Discover the ancient Egypt Law of Polarity and put it to work for you.
  • Explore your fears and learn to trust and have faith in yourself.
  • Create a detailed vision and use it in a powerful visualization exercise.
  • Practice eleven different coping tools and techniques.
  • Become less fearful using meditation.
  • Experience the difference between avoiding fears and embracing fear.
  • Stop procrastinating about your dream life and create an action plan to move forward.
  • Create your own real-life coping skills.
  • Understand the power of your words and begin to use affirmations.

“Gloria’s guidance is masterful. Her teaching on fear and the alternative of Faith is energizing. She offers tools that are useful to make REAL changes in your Life. Best course on this I have seen!!! Enroll and Take the Energizing Course online.”- Paul

“This easy to follow course was outstanding. I never thought about how we choose our thoughts. The handouts and worksheets were clear and concise. I especially liked the tool on “embracing fear” and the lesson on standing like I am a “Marvelous Woman”. I cannot wait to take another course with this instructor. She is an outstanding, thought-provoking educator.”- Denise

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Amazon Link to Book

 Purchase this best-selling book, do the easy to implement activities and you WILL create a positive shift in your life.  It has 186 pages of topics: using affirmations, finding your passion, relieve stress, learn how to meditate, and build self-esteem. Get your power back~

Going through a divorce brings many changes, but, you can control if the changes leave you broken and full of fear or empowered and full of love.  “Divorce the Divorce: A 52 Step Journey to Create Unlimited Happiness” has been designed with practical, easy to implement tools to help you create a life of filled with love and abundance.

Begin today to take action, face your fears and replace them with love and gratitude.  This book has 52 chapters. One for each week of the year. Each chapter has an essay and activity or tool for you do.  There is also a “Mid-Week Delight” suggestion in each chapter. The mid-week activities are reminders to do something special for yourself every week.

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