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How to Begin Using Visualization

March 18, 2018
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Our thoughts are creative and what we imagine or visualizes will manifest in the physical form. Visualization takes practice and determination. If you are having trouble with visualization, this video provides a technique to learn the process. It is a great tool for you to try. It works!

What to Do if Manifesting Doesn’t Work

March 14, 2018
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If your manifesting does not work, here is how you can change it. You need a change of consciousness and this video gives you a simple tool that worked for me.

Emile Coue Method for Autosuggestion

March 11, 2018 emile coue, gloria pierson, gloria marie pierson, single happy and strong, transformation coach

Affirmations are statements that help us practice positive thinking. Your mind cannot have two thoughts at the same time. You may have thoughts that follow one another but there is only one thought at a time. Affirmations help us replace any negative or undesirable thoughts with a thought that will empower us. Affirmations can help us become strong, happy and whole. There are all types of affirmations: for love, prosperity, good health, happiness, self-love, the list can go on and on. I am a very strong believer in affirmations. I write down affirmations and keep them on index cards or sticky notes. I put them on my bathroom mirror, my desk, my kitchen, or where ever I spend time. They change as I change or as my life changes. This is the Emile  Coue method for autosuggestion.

An interesting point about affirmations is that they have been used for a long time. In 1922, Emile Coue´ published a book titled, “Self Mastery through Conscious Autosuggestion”. He was a French psychologist who developed a method for attaining health, success, and happiness through the use of autosuggestion. He did 20 years of scientific research and experiments with thousands of people to develop his method.

This is the Emile Coue´ method:

1. Sit in a relaxed position with eyes closed.

2. Repeat in a monotonous tone, the magic words:


3. Repeat these magic words 20 times in the morning and 20 times in the evening.

4. Do not think about your illness or your troubles while repeating these words.

5. Your desire must have absolute faith and confidence.

That is it! This is simple to do. You do not need any special props or need to be in any particular place. What you do need is confidence in yourself and to believe firmly that all will be well.

Try it for a month. See if there are some positive changes in your life.

The Law of Attraction Beauty

March 6, 2018
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There is power in your thoughts. Learn to use the Laws of Nature. Every demand, silent or spoken, brings the things you wish for in proportion to the intensity of the wish. Learn to set this in motion.

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Technique to Improve Attention and Visualization

March 4, 2018 gloria pierson, gloria marie pierson, visualization

Technique to Improve Attention and Visualization

Our thoughts are a product of our mind and our mind is creative. The process of visualization makes it possible to use our thoughts and our mind to achieve specific goals. Of course, this takes practice, especially with our dependence on technology and wanting immediate results and gratification. If you begin a workout program, it takes practice and time to build your muscles. Likewise, with visualization, practice is needed to master it. This blog will provide one technique to improve attention and visualization.

If you prefer, here is the link to the YouTube video for this process.

Compare our attention to a magnifying glass. If the magnifying glass is not focused on one area, it proves worthless. However, if you concentrate the glass on a specific area, it is magical how useful the result is. By learning to improve attention, you will be shocked how it can have to help you overcome obstacles. Practice makes perfect!

There is a professor at Harvard that assigns her students to write an intensive research paper on a single work of art. Before they begin the research, they must spend three full hours looking at the work of art, examining every inch. This does seem like a long time, however, just because you have looked at something does not mean you have seen it.

By learning to improve your attention and practice visualization, you can begin to have your thoughts become a reality. The creative power of your mind will be in harmony with Source, and that is the Law of Attraction.

I have other blogs and videos about visualization and learning to visualize the life you want in detail, but, sometimes we need baby steps to achieve that end. I was speaking with someone last week that was having problems staying consistent and on track. After a few days, she would give up. This is the suggestion I gave to her. It breaks down the bigger picture into smaller step

Technique to Improve Attention and Visualization
1. Find a photograph that appeals to you. You may use the photograph in this blog. Examine it for ten minutes. Look at all the details. Look at the “whole “photo first, then break it down into sections and look at specific information and colors.
2. After ten minutes, close your eyes and try to see it mentally. Can you see every detail?
3. Accepting this visualization process is essential. If you have a fixed perception of what you ought to see, you may feel discouraged. This takes practice. Try not to judge nor let your ego rule.
4. Practice this every day, until you feel confident about your visualization.
How did this work for you? Remember practice makes perfect.

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