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Play the Prosperity Game

February 11, 2020

Introduced by Abraham Hicks, The Prosperity Game, is a fabulous technique to manifest abundance. It is simple to do and will aid with your visualization and help you become a manifesting magnet for prosperity. You will receive a check from the Universe every day and you must spend the amount every day. I have adapted the game with several variations, so, you can decide what works best for you.

Secret Formula for Manifesting

February 6, 2020

There are seven principles to follow in order to become a manifesting magnet. If you feel stuck or frustrated review the secret formula for manifesting seven principles. You can manifest what you would like, whether it is abundance, a relationship, a new home, or a new job. With clear intentions and being open to all possibilities, you can become a super attractor.

Use Your Imagination to Manifest Your Desires

January 28, 2020

Do not allow fear or failure to prevent your success. You are a powerful creator and can use your imagination to manifest your desires. Every spare moment we are creating with the images in our minds. Learn to create “pictures of the life you desire.” Reach for the stars. Follow this three-step process to start imaging the life you want.

Start Today to Manifest

January 21, 2020

Each day there is a new sunrise and a new opportunity for you to start over. If you feel stuck, examine the story you believe about yourself. That story can be changed. You may have some mistakes in the past, but, learn from them and rewrite your story. When you do the internal work and self-assessment, you can begin to manifest with your intentions. Today begin to end cycles and have a new way of being.
“I am so pleased and honored to be me.”

Release Your Struggles and Enter the Light

January 14, 2020

Light illuminates your soul with wisdom. Learn to release what no longer serves you and step into the light. Allow happiness to flow into your life. When there is darkness and an absence of light we struggle and are cut off from the flow of life. What do you need to release? It could be a person, a belief, or a habit. The video describes four different methods for entering the light.

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