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12 Ways to Instantly Raise Your Vibration

May 18, 2018
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12 Ways to Instantly Raise Your Vibration

It is a law of quantum physics that our bodies are made of energy. Within this energy, there are various frequencies from high to low. The highest frequencies are of spirit. Keeping your vibration and frequency high will result in better health, more energy, and greater happiness. If you are working on manifesting your dreams and desires; a higher frequency will give you quicker results. That is why this article will give you twelve ways to raise your vibration instantly.

Our environment, the people we are around, and our fears all affect our vibration. The electromagnetic frequencies also lower our vibration; that includes Wi-Fi and cell phones. That is why in this modern age we must be vigilant about protecting and raising our vibration.

With a higher vibration, we maintain clarity and realize the higher Presence of God. We are connected to Source, and our lives flow. It is easy to raise and keep your vibration high, you need to become aware of the situations, people, or thoughts that lower them and be proactive to raise them.

“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”
-The Kybalion

12 Ways to Instantly Raise Your Vibration

1. Eliminate sugar from your diet. Instead, try maple syrup or stevia.
2. Listen to classical music in your home and work environment. This especially helps if you are working on a creative project or need answers to solve a problem.
3. Eat raw fruits and vegetables. Green leafy vegetables have a high vibration. I am not suggesting you change your entire diet, try incorporating more raw fruits and vegetables.
4. Use Mantras and prayers. Spend a few minutes in the day repeating your favorite mantra or prayer.
5. Exercise or dance. Get your body moving to distribute and increase your energy.
6. Use essential oils. Rose oil has a high vibration, but, experiment with other oils.
7. Spend time in nature. Even a walk through a park or watching a sunset can help.
8. Meditation. There are many, many studies on the effects of meditation on our wellbeing. Aim for a five-minute meditation first thing in the morning.
9. Crystals. Have some crystals on your desk or consider wearing them or keeping some in your pocket.
10. Read classic spiritual books. You will feel inspired.
11. Do a creative project. Don’t go for perfection, have fun. Try coloring or watercolor painting.
12. Surround yourself with a “Tube of Light” in the morning. Visualize an electronic white light surrounding your entire body.

Experiment with several of these to feel what resonates best with you. Consider researching different meditation techniques, crystals, and essential oils.

Now with your vibration raised, go and work on your Law of Attraction tools!

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Set Goals for Success – A 30 Day Road

May 16, 2018
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Is there something in your life that you wish you could change? One year from now, what do you want your life to look like? Using goal setting, commitment and controlling your thoughts, you can start achieving what you want. I challenge you to try this experiment for the next 30 day. See what happens, you have nothing to lose and much to gain. Set goals for success- a 30-day road. Take the challenge.

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Create a Worry Box and Ease Anxiety

May 13, 2018 worry box, stress free, release anxiety, gloria pierson.

Creating a worry box and ease anxiety and fear. Fear and worry can both be forms of prayer, but, not the type of prayer you want to draw your energy too. Sometimes we can get caught in the spiral of fear and before we know it our fear encompasses many aspects of our lives. That is why I like to have several tools to deal with fear and creating a worry box is one of my favorites.

Normally, I try to nip fear in the bud. I have had many hurdles the past several years and it has taught me to overcome and deal with fear. If we do not deal with it, we are imprinting the fear on our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind does not judge and obeys whatever we tell it.

If we are concentrating on thoughts of worry or fear that is exactly what we are putting in our subconscious mind. Consider the analogy of a garden, instead of growing flowers, you are planting weeds. It has been written that fear is man’s greatest enemy. However, the good news is that you can control and overcome it.

The past several months, I have had many challenges. It seemed that whatever I put into motion just stopped dead in its’ tracks. Lots of hard work produced nothing. It was a very frustrating time, like, I was running in place and getting nowhere. This is when worry and fear starting trying to take over. But, I was determined to deal with it and move on. The worry box is one of the tools I used.

Steps to Create Your Worry Box.

1. Find a box you want to use. You probably already have one in your home. It could be a decorative box that is empty. Empty boxes are stagnant energy, put that box to use. Or you can use any small cardboard box and decorate it. Have some fun and let those creative juices flow.
2. Next, light a candle or some incense and say a prayer for guidance and strength. Write down your worries. I remember years ago having worry dolls. I would tell each one of them my problems and then put them in a small pouch. This is a very similar activity.
3. Cut out each “worry” and place it in your box. As you place each one, ask God to surround each of your worries with his Divine Love and Wisdom to help you work through them. Say a prayer of Gratitude that God has heard and will answer your prayers. Have trust and faith in God.
4. Close the box and leave the worries there. When you think about them or fear begins to set in, declare that God, the Universal Intelligence, is working on each and every one is perfect timing and in a perfect way.

Free Yourself Practice Forgiveness

May 8, 2018
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Are you holding onto any anger or resentment? You are clogging up your energy pipeline. Your flow of energy stops when you are still chained to the person that betrayed or hurt you. This video describes a method to cut the chains that bind you once and for all.
Free yourself and practice forgiveness. Allow your self to be free and blessed.

You have two choices when someone betrays you: you can get angry or you can forgive and let go. Neither one will feel good at first. It is a process. But, forgiveness will set you free. The energy cord that is tied to you and the other person will be cut and that will allow new energy and higher vibrations to enter your life.

It is not overnight. But, a willingness to forgive is the start. This does not mean that you condone what was done to you. But, try the exercise in the video and allow yourself to be blessed.

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Available on Amazon – “Create Your Own Destiny: A 28 Day Adventure”

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Practice Concentration to Manifest

May 4, 2018
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One of the most common questions I am asked is; “How do I focus on my desires? I do it for a little while and then lose focus.”  It takes practice. Just like an athlete must practice daily to win a game or a race, you must practice concentration to manifest. This blog and video will demonstrate three separate ways to improve your concentration.

Consider these three techniques preliminary steps. Old habits of thinking must be changed. When manifesting you may go one step forward and then three steps back. So to break those old habits try these steps, so you do not become frustrated. Try them before you start visualizing your dream job, great relationship or lottery win!

These steps will enable you to fix your mind on one thought or image and keep it there. You may start to visualize that great relationship you want and before you know it you are thinking about what to have for dinner and then the grocery store and then what friends you ran into the last time you were at the grocery store. It goes on and on…… Sound familiar?  The good news is with a little practice you can change this and take control of your thoughts.

Three Techniques

  • Count Your Breaths – Sit in a comfortable chair and breathe. Count one on the inhale and two on the exchange. Continue this for five minutes. When thoughts come, do not engage them, return to the count. Try to cut the thoughts in mid-stream. Like birds flying in the sky, just let them go.
  • Concentrate on a Small Object – Get a simple object: a pencil, an orange, a rock. It does not matter what the object is. Place it a few feet away from you. Keep your eyes open and notice all the marking on it, the color, texture, and size. When thoughts come, do not engage, let them go. Continue this for one minute.
  • The Photograph Method – Get a photograph and look at it for five minutes. Then close your eyes and picture what you remember about the photograph. Be very detailed about it. Repeat this with different photographs.

These are just three methods, but, they will get you on the road to visualization and manifestation.

I would love to hear from you on how these worked.

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