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How to Use Positive Thoughts for Wellness

April 9, 2020

Use these powerful affirmations for wellness. Our thoughts can create the smallest of things and also create the greatest. Talk to your body and your cells. Command them to maintain your body and renew your cells. Of course, receive medical treatment as needed for physical healing, but, use affirmations to heal mentally and spiritually. Also, use positive thoughts for your continued wellness.

How to Navigate Disruptions in Your Life

April 8, 2020

Learn to make the present moment your friend. Your ego will resist because it prefers fear and blame. But, living in the present moment your life will become friendly and flow smoothly. In order to help navigate your life in these disruptive times, the video introduces an Abraham Hicks technique called, “Which Thoughts Feel Better?” Our thoughts manifest into our lives and it is important to keep then affirmative.

Messages and Signs from the Angelic Realm

April 3, 2020

Angels are around us to protect us, warn us and guide us. But, because of our free will, we have to ask for help, ask for them to intervene. Learn to talk to the angels and start to become aware of the signs that they are around you. Do you see reoccurring number sequences? I will explain the most common ones and their meanings. The video also gives a prayer to Archangel Micheal asking for protection.

Anxiety Relief Guided Visualization

March 25, 2020

Create your own special place to relax and feel safe. This video will guide you through an anxiety relief visualization. Your special place can be indoors or outdoors. Make is peaceful, comfortable and safe. You may even allow room for your inner guide or spirit guide. All you need to do is listen to my voice and allow any stress to release.

How to Raise Your Vibration and Frequency

March 3, 2020

Your vibration affects your mental, physical, and spiritual bodies. Sound can massage your molecules back to the right places and raise your vibration. Sound healing has been around since Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. This video goes over two different methods, one using the sacred sound “OM.” The other is the use of the Solfeggio Frequency of 963 Hz. The sound for I AM, to bring you closer to light, Spirit, and Oneness.

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