About Gloria


FinalThere are many titles that I can refer to myself: mother, author, entrepreneur, life coach, spiritual seeker.  But, the one I am most proud of is a SURVIVOR!  Luckily, I cannot see into the future because if I would have known what the last ten years were going to be like, I may have just hibernated in my bathrobe in my house.

Twelve years ago, I had the idyllic suburban life.  I was married for 21 years, had two sons, and a Labrador.  My life was ruled by soccer games, swim meets, and the ever-trustworthy crockpot.  We spent the summers in the mountains and the school year in Florida.

My life was thriving and abundant. I co-founded two separate companies that were acquired by publicly-held companies. Achieving aggressive goals, designing marketing plans, and strategic planning were my strengths.  I was recognized as a leader with strengths in project management, event planning, social media, and business development.

At 50 years old, everything changed. I went through a divorce; my sons went off to college, I lost my job, my dog died, and then sadly, so did my Mom. It was scary.  It felt like being thrown into the ocean without a life raft to hold on. There were days I just wanted to stay in bed, under the covers, where it felt safe.

This was my dark night of the soul. I did not allow myself to linger in bed for long. I wanted to find new purpose and meaning in my life. I began attending workshops, reading books, taking online courses and joined a weekly meditation group – that lead to becoming certified as a life coach to guide others.

The business side of me still existed, but I learned that true happiness and peace come from the internal transformation, and it is available to each of us at every moment. I turned the dark night of the soul into an opportunity to find my inner light and allow it to shine with new possibilities.

The triggers for the dark night of the soul can come at any age. But, what I know for sure is that you can transform your life and find a higher purpose and happiness.  The tools and techniques that worked for me will work for you also!


“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

    -Robert Frost

 Maybe I was forced down that road, but, I will never look back!