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This site is devoted to sharing my tools and resources to help you manifest a life filled with peace, joy and abundance. We are meant to live lives filled with happiness, but, sometimes fear gets in the way of our faith.

My journey to this point was not easy.  About eight years ago I went through a very dark, difficult time. At that time, I was married with two sons in high school.  I was the typical soccer mom and the queen of crock pot dinners. My life was pretty darn good.  I had lots of friends, was involved at the boy’s school, did volunteer work and enjoyed our family time.

Then one day, yes, in one day, that changed. My husband found someone else and he filed for divorce. I was devastated and could not believe it.  The first person I called was my Mother, of course.  She thought it was a joke, unfortunately for me and my boys, it was not.  I was so frightened and lost.  It was very hard for me to even get out of bed most days.

There were so many questions in my head.  This was not how I imagined my life would be.  There were so many changes besides the divorce.  When my former husband moved out, I was left penniless and without a car or a credit card.  In the next few years: both my boys went away to college, my beloved lab of 11 years died, I was underemployed and unemployed.  I did not receive the court ordered alimony and there were weeks that I had barely enough money to buy food for my two boys and I.  I could not keep up the mortgage payments on the house, so, that went also.  There were times I would sell things just to have money for food.

There was no stability in my life. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. The one consistent “rock” that I had in my life was my Mother. Through this period, she was diagnosed with cancer and died a short six weeks later.  Now I was really alone and lost. I knew I had to do things differently and I knew the changes had to begin with my inner world in order for my outer world to change.

I began to go deep within, started meditating, taking workshops and reading all sorts of spiritual books. I uncovered an inner power and began to create my new normal.  I went from living with a sense of lack and fear to a life filled with peace, happiness and abundance.

The tools I used worked for me and they will work for you. I learned to trust in God. I learned to have fearless faith. I learned the power of the words we speak. I learned to believe in miracles and have had many miracles occur.  You too can have miracles in you life!

My blog gives practical advice to help you transform your life and take charge of it.  You will learn to love yourself, trust your intuition, and have confidence in yourself. As a certified life coach, I want to share the techniques that helped me change my life. I can help you create a magnificent life.

As a transformation life coach, spiritual mentor and teacher, I bring over 35 years of entrepreneurial career experience to help you design the life you want and deserve.  Learn to break through any personal blocks to experience the life of your dreams based on a foundation of happiness, love and peace.

My blogs are posted every Sunday.  If you ever have a question about my blog or just want to chat, send me an email.

Sending  you Love and Light.



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Gloria Marie Pierson Bio

As a Certified Life Coach with a Masters in Education, Gloria Marie Pierson offers 35+ years of entrepreneurial career experience as a Marketing Consultant and Corporate Operations executive.

Pierson previously served as a Marketing Consultant with GP Consulting, LLC, in Boca Raton, and before that, as Co-Founder & Director of Operations for Broadband Oasis, LLC, in Fort Lauderdale, charged with directing daily operations, including business development, customer support and training for independent sales contractors. Ultimately, Broadband Oasis was successfully sold to a publicly held company.

She also worked as Co-Founder & VP of PolySolutions Corp., in Deerfield Beach, Fla., overseeing business development (product rollout, marketing, customer relations, order fulfillment, accounting, human resources), while establishing contracts for government agency sales and implementing cutting-edge strategies to licensees in Florida, Wyoming, and Mexico. Again, PolySolutions was sold to a publicly held company.