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A Must Read

By: Gloria Marie

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A must read! This beautifully written novel was a joy to read and I was sorry when it ended. The story weaves past and present; from small town Ohio to the glamour of Hollywood. “June” by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore is a page turning novel filled with intrigue, betrayal, romance and disappointments. This is a perfect summer read.

Twenty-five-year-old Cassie Danvers moved to rural St. Jude, Ohio after her grandmother’s death. She moved into the decaying family estate, Twin Oaks. Cassie’s grandmother, June, raised her after Cassie’s parents were killed in a car accident. Cassie was in a depression and spent most of her days sleeping.

A knock at the door one day changed her life forever. Cassie inherited the entire $37 million fortune of a movie star named Jack Montgomery. The only ties that Jack had to St. Jude was a movie he stared in that was filmed there in the 1955. Cassie did not even know how Jack Montgomery knew her name.

Soon, Jack’s famous daughters arrive to Twin Oaks determined to stop Cassie from getting the inheritance that they feel is rightfully theirs. Together they discover the reason behind June’s silence about that summer in 1955 and how June and Jack’s lives were forever changed by blackmail, betrayal and murder.

While there is a lot of intrigue, “June” is a love story and a tale of hearts broken and mended.

I received a copy of this book from Blogging for Books in order to write this review.

Vacation Stop

By: Gloria Marie

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Have you ever felt that you are just existing and not living? I believe we all go through periods like these. It is easy to get comfortable with our routines and change is not easy. It is easier to continue with our current circumstances then to stir up the pot. Initiating change takes courage. It takes going deep into your soul to figure out how and what to change. I would like to change some things in my life and that is why I am going to do “A Vacation Stop.”

I have not been on a vacation for over two years, but, I have planned an incredible one for this summer. My youngest son and I are going to spend some time in the mountains. He will be graduating from college later this year and it is the perfect opportunity for both of us to regroup, refresh and nurture our souls.

My friends and family are all saying what a great, fun time we will have. That is true, we will have a wonderful time, but, that is not what this vacation is about. This is a vacation stop. Both my son and I are going to stop our routines and stop our crazy, busy lives. We are going back to the basics. We will spend time hiking in beautiful woods, taking drives to observe wildlife, and taking time to smell the sage brush.

We probably will not have Internet, nor cable television. But, we will enjoy eating our dinners outside overlooking a mountain and watching the magnificent night sky. Without distractions, we will be able to read those books we never seem to find the time for.

Most important, by hitting the stop button we will bring our inner and outer worlds closer together. We will be in touch with our souls and feel closer to God. Our true self is perfect and achieving inner peace brings fulfillment in life. With inner peace, we may decide or refine what our purpose is in life. Just like a cut will heal with a band aid on it, our stop vacation will be healing for our soul.

This summer, try a stop vacation for even just one day!

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The Golden Key

By: Gloria Marie

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The Golden Key is a simple technique that has amazing results. The Golden Key is a tool that I have used for years. It was developed by Emmett Fox. Emmett Fox (1886-1951) was one of the most influential spiritual leaders of the twentieth century and a pioneer of the New Thought movement. His theories have influenced many of the present day spiritual writers.

The Golden Key puts your difficulties or troubles into God’s hands. God is omnipotent and has power over all things. When you put your trust in him, you are relaying on a power much greater than yourself.

The actual method is very simple. All you have to do is stop thinking about your problems and difficulties and think about God instead. It is simplistic, but, very powerful and most important it works.

It makes no difference what the trouble is or how difficult the trouble is. Think about God or say his name instead of dwelling on the problem. It is simple, but, at first it may be hard to train yourself to do this. You are changing a lifetime of habits and it may take some time. But, by consistently thinking about God you will see a demonstration.

Sometimes it may help to repeat a statement about God: God is love. God is guiding me now. God’s love surrounds me.

Try not to dictate how your problem will be solved. Trust in God to handle that. Leave the ways it will be solved to God.

Over the years, I have had amazing results using this method. Sometimes the answer or solution will come in ways that I did not expect, but, that does not matter. The important point is to put your faith and trust in God instead of your problems.

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Shedding Weight

By: Gloria Marie

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With summer here, shedding weight may be on our minds. Especially if you are planning on putting on that dreaded bathing suit. But, we also carry around excess emotional weight and this can create a heaviness around our bodies. Our bodies are made up of energy and negative emotions can affect us at the cellular level. What are we carrying around? Usually, it is regrets of the past or fear of the future.

There are theories that we literally put on weight in order to “isolate” ourselves from feelings and emotions. Our cells live in the present. If we can learn to live in the moment, all regrets and fears would vanish. It sounds so simple and it is simple in theory. The difficulty lies in changing our old habits.

The great news is that you CAN change your old habits. We are writing our own book about our life and we can change it. By changing our thoughts and having trust in God, we can modify the story. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Man is what he thinks all day long.”

We cannot change the past however much we may like to and we cannot predict the future. However, we can have faith in God and know that whatever comes our way, we can deal with it. This faith can help us shed our excess weight and emotional baggage that we carry around.

When we begin to heal and ease our burdens, we will have more energy and experience the peace, joy, and love of the present moment. Deepak Chopra said, “The present moment is your magnet and you are the compass.”

Tools to Live in the Present Moment
1. Pray – Spend at least a few minutes daily in silent prayer.
2. Breathe- When you are living in the past or the future, stop and take a few deeps breaths to center yourself.
3. Affirmations – They are powerful tools to bring you back to the present moment. “I am drawn into the present moment with peace and joy.”

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A Tool for Confidence

By: Gloria Marie

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This is a tool that I use if I am feeling a little down or need to boost my confidence. I remember the three accomplishments I am proudest of in my life so far. Our minds tend to replay our mistakes or the should-of or could-of. That is a habit. But, we can break that habit. Try this tool for confidence the next time you need a little boost.

What would your three accomplishments be? Take some time to think about them. It may not be the first three that you think about. Also, do not restrict it to adulthood, you may have had an awesome achievement while you were in elementary school.

When you are thinking about this, really try to go deep. What is it that YOU think? This is not how you made the most money or the one that your parents were thrilled about. It maybe something that you worked hard to accomplish and did not give up.

My proudest accomplishments:
1. My boys – I did the best job I could raising them and being a mother. I am very lucky that God blessed me with two wonderful sons and I am proud of the men that have become.
2. Earning my Screen Actors Card while in my 20’s. – I gave up my full time teaching job to pursue an acting career. That is a tough business and I worked several part time jobs while trying to support myself. I would take acting classes at night and when I booked my first national commercial, it was fantastic. That SAG card took years of dedication and commitment to earn.
3. Surviving my divorce. – I was married for 21 years and never envisioned myself divorced. It was really difficult in so many ways. First dealing with the betrayal and struggling to survive on my own. I received alimony for only a few months. I was a stay at home Mom, so, getting back into the workforce and supporting my sons was challenging. But, I survived and I am proud that I went from devastation to happiness.

What are your proudest accomplishments so far? Write them down and next time you are ready for a challenge, know that you CAN do it. You have done it before and that strength and determination is there for you again! No matter what decade you are in, there is more you can and hopefully will do.

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