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Whatever is Good for the Soul

By: Gloria Marie

Very excited to be interviewed on the website What Ever is Good for the Soul.

Life Coach Specialist in Singletons & Divorcees:
Gloria Marie Pierson

Today Gloria Marie Pierson shared her wonderful story and soul with us. Gloria is a well-renown life coach, specializing in singletons and divorcees. Listen to the story of her divorce, and how she managed to change it all. Gloria shares her to day to day life and really allows us to become inspired.

Where are you from?
I grew up near Gary, Indiana and moved to Boca Raton, Florida in 1970. That was quite a change. I was a junior in High School. Boca Raton was a small beach town at that time. I still live in Boca Raton and raised both my sons here. It is a wonderful community.

How do you try and live a zen and balanced lifestyle?
I lead a very “zen” life. The past 8 years brought many changes into my life, a balanced life, helped me survive.
My daily zen routine: Before my feet touch the floor in the morning, I say out loud that “I am so grateful for this day and all the gifts that it will bring” Next, before I engage in the world, I meditate for 20 – 30 minutes. After meditating, I sometimes journal. Breakfast is usually a “green” protein shake followed by some type of exercise. I follow a vegetarian diet. Next work begins, I go into my office and before I turn the computer on I pick out and write an affirmation for the day. I keep in on my desk. After lunch, I try to spend 20 minutes reading an inspirational book before I begin working again. That keeps me inspired. Before bed, I try to write in a journal at least 3 things I was grateful for in the day. My soul is happy spending time in nature, listening to beautiful music, laughing with family and friends, and watching movies. I love movies.

Tell us about your business
My business is life couching. My aim is to help women that are single or women that are going through a divorce. I learned so much from my process and I want to share this with others. Instead of being broken you can thrive through difficult times, if you are willing to work at it. I offer practical lessons and exercise to help them create a life filled with love and joy. My sessions begin with a series of question to help my clients discover what they would like to improve in their life. I as always say, “It is an inside job”. I offer my services primarily through phone sessions.

What has sent you on the path to become a life coach?
It all started with my blog, Single Happy and Strong. I started the blog as a hobby, a creative outlet, to pass on what worked for me the past 8 years. In the past 7 years: I went through a divorce, both my sons went off to college, my beloved dog died, and I was unemployed and underemployed. My home was going into foreclosure. It was a very, very dark period. The one rock I has was my Mom, who, also passed away. This dark period forced me to go deep within and begin a balanced lifestyle. It was not easy, but, I did it. I loved writing and sharing so, I decided to turn my hobby into a career and became certified as a life coach.

How do you think living a balanced and zen lifestyle has helped your business?
My balanced and zen lifestyle has helped my business because I practice what I preach. It is an authentic lifestyle that is congruent with my work. I lived through hell and it was a great teacher. I am no longer fearful or afraid of the future. I live passionately in the moment and really enjoy life. I want my clients to believe they can lead a happy life and help them get there. There is no greater satisfaction then seeing the changes in their lives.

What does your soul love?
I live in Florida just 20 minutes from the beach, so, this is going to sound strange. What does my soul love….the mountains in Jackson Hole, WY. My soul cries with happiness every time I land in that beautiful area. I love hiking in the canyons, canoeing on the river, or spending the day reading by a lake. It refreshes my soul. Every so often, I need my JH fix.

What advice would you give someone looking to move into the mind, body & soul revolution?
I would tell them to “just begin”. Make a commitment that you are going to move into the mind, body, movement and create an awesome life. It all starts with commitment. It can start with small steps. I would suggest that they do research on the Internet, read books, take some classes, and find blogs that give suggestions on life style changes. Then write down an “action” plan and stick with it. My clients have found that even small changes can have a huge effect on their lives. One example of this: meditate first thing in the morning for just 5 minutes.

Visit Gloria on her webpage to hear more of her inspiring story, advice and contact details.

Until next time,

– Whatever is good for the soul, x.

Surrender to Change

By: Gloria Marie

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Life is all about change. Life is impermanent. Fear comes in when we resist life’s changes. Learn to surrender to change. We do not always have to be in control. Life involves many endings and many things passing away or passing on. Loss is a part of life. It could be the loss of a relationship, the loss of your marriage, the loss of a parent or the loss of your precious pet.

Pema Chodron in her book, “When Things Fall Apart “says:

If sometimes we can approach what scares us, and sometimes we absolutely can’t, then that’s our experience. “This very moment is the perfect teacher, and it’s always with us” is a most profound instruction. Just seeing what’s going on-that’s the teaching right there.

When I was selling the house I lived in for 25 years, it was terrifying. I was filled with so much fear. I felt that the very foundation of my life was crumbling and I guess in a strange way it was. What I did was replace my fear with faith. I believed the Universe had a master plan and I needed to surrender to the change. Instead of focusing on my fear, I began to see that the loss of my house was also a new beginning for me. It was another step toward my new life.

This poem by Rumi provided comfort to me during those times.

The Guest House
This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
Some monetary awareness comes
As an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows,
Who violently sweep your house
Empty of its furniture,
Still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out for some new delight.

The dark thought, the same, the malice,
Meet them at the door laughing,
And invite them in.

Be grateful for whoever comes,
Because each has been sent
As a guide from beyond.

Cut Those Toxic Ties

By: Gloria Marie

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Toxic relationships can poison your life.  Would you put toxic chemicals in your body? More than likely, you try to avoid them.  Toxic relationships drain your time, your energy, and your self-esteem.  You know when you are in this type of relationship. You may feel tired, mistreated, and give more than you receive.  These relationships can be with a lover, a friend, a family member or an ex-husband.  Make 2015 the year you begin to recognize and cut those toxic ties.

Recently, I cut a toxic tie with a friend. He continually disappointed me and I allowed it. It took one last huge disappointment and I said enough! I would no longer tolerate this type of treatment.  I kept hoping for a change that may never occur and the only one suffering was me. Once I made that decision and performed my burn ritual, I felt more in control of my life.

What you tolerate will happen again and again.  It is like watching a movie or reading a book and hoping for a different ending.  That is not going to happen. Releasing this type of relationship requires courage. It is not your fault that you are in a relationship of this type. But, you can do something about it because there is a huge cost.

  1. If you are stuck in a toxic relationship ask yourself who or what are you stuck to?
  2. If it is a romantic relationship, do you believe that you do not deserve real love?
  3. Set healthy boundaries and do not feel guilty about it. Or you may have to avoid contact all together.
  4. Ask yourself, what difference would it make in your life if this energy drainer was out of your life?

Have the courage to release.  Do not tolerate mistreatment.







Dating after Divorce

By: Gloria Marie

Dating after divorce can be the good, the bad and the ugly. When you start dating, I can pretty much guarantee that you will experience all three. I certainly have. One date, who I will call Jack, not his real name, invited me over for dinner and to watch a football game. He had steak, crab claws, baked potatoes, corn and salad. Really a very nice, well thought out dinner. He lived in a beautiful home on the water and we decided to enjoy our dinner outside. Well, Jack must have been watching a lot of football that day and enjoying some beers. He burnt the steak and forgot to serve the corn. During dinner he fell off his chair flat onto the floor, his crab claws went flying. I could not help him because I was busy trying to get a crab claw from his dog’s mouth. He picked himself up and did not say a word. Pretty soon after that, I excused myself and drove home.

There was another date that was not quite accurate about his age. Let’s call him, Dennis. I met Dennis for dinner at his country club. They had a beautiful buffet and a separate salad bar. Dennis had trouble walking and keeping his balance. I had to help him get his food and carry it our table. He was about 20 years older that he admitted.

Trust me, you will have some great and some not so great experiences. Try to relax and enjoy the moment. What is meant to happen will happen. Be yourself. Do not get stressed by desperately trying to find ‘the one”. When you are happy and relaxed people will be drawn to you. Stay positive and have faith that one day you will meet “the One”. Until then, enjoy your life.

Open Your Heart for Love

By: Gloria Marie

Divorce, painful relationships, and childhood based hurts can all allow us to close our hearts for love. If you are looking for love, it is important that your heart remain open to both give and receive love. Our heart chakra is in the middle of our chest. It is associated with the color green. This exercise will help you open your heart for love.

Change your energy and open your heart with this exercise from “The Eight Human Talents” by Gurmukh.

Sit cross legged on the floor. You may sit on a cushion, if it is more comfortable. If you cannot sit cross legged, sit straight on a chair. Stretch your arms straight out in front of you. Your elbows are straight, your palms are together and your arms are parallel to the floor. Inhale through you nose. As you inhale, open your arms widely to the side. Think of opening your chest and bringing your shoulder blades closer together. Exhale through your nose and bring your arms back to the original position.

As you bring your arms to the side on the inhale, place an awareness in your heart area. This awareness may have a beautiful, bright color associated with it. Maybe a beautiful pink color for love and romance. You may picture this color expanding out into the Universe.

As you open your arms repeat silently, “I open myself to give and receive love”. Slowly repeat this exercise 26 times.

How did you feel after doing this? You may want to journal your feelings in a notebook. When you are feeling unloved or alone, try repeating it. The best way to be ready for love it to love yourself first. Usually, that is the hardest thing for us to do. But, if you are aware and make an effort you can love yourself and spread love to others too.

New Year’s Resolutions

By: Gloria Marie

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Here we are the middle of January, 2015. Did you write any New Year’s Resolutions? Have you kept them the past 14 days or are they forgotten. A friend of mine said her New Year’s Resolution for 2015 would be, “to remember her New Year’s Resolutions.” I think many of us are like that. Personally, I do not write resolutions, probably because I forget about them. I do an end of the year reflection, which I wrote about in “Let Go of 2014 and Manifest in 2015” blog.

Maybe this year, you do not need to remember or write resolutions, maybe you just need to make a few changes in your lift to begin to manifest a life you love. Spend some time reflecting on the following questions:

1. If you could have one magic wish this year, what would it be?
2. If you could spend a day doing whatever you want without consideration of time, money or location: what would that day look like?
3. If you had a date with your dream man, what would he be like?
4. If you had unlimited funds to buy something, what would it be?

Now think of what you can change in your life, even if it is only a small change to come closer to the life you desire. Try to incorporate that small change this year. Large life changes begin with small steps. With small steps, you are telling the Universe, I am changing courses. Think of the turtle, slowly walking along. In the Native American tradition the turtle wisdom teaches about walking our path in peace and sticking to it with determination and serenity. You can make a change in your life this year. Have confidence and courage to move forward.

Maybe you begin a new exercise routine.  Whatever you change, try to make it doable and attainable with your lifestyle.

What will you do?

How to Get Him off Your Mind

By: Gloria Marie

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This is what I consider a tough part about dating: the break up. But, breaking up is inevitable until you find “The One”. I try to stay positive and think that every relationship I have is preparing me for “The One”.  I imagine bricks going into a foundation for a house. Each brick represents a relationship or maybe even a date and they are helping me grow and build that strong foundation for the loving relationship that I am looking for. So, how to get him off your mind? Follow my 5 steps listed below.

  1. Do not fantasize about him or your relationship. This is tough to do. It is easy to remember all the good times. Force yourself to remember the “not so good times”.  Write them down. Think of his flaws and right them down too.  Did you hate the car he drove?  Was he a slob?  Did he snore at night?  If you are having problems doing this, ask your friends for help.  They can probably be more objective.
  2. When you think about him, replace the image with something else. Think of something that brings you happiness and joy. Picture that instead.
  3. Getting him off your mind will not happen overnight. Try to endure the discomfort of letting go.  Plan some activities with your friends. Maybe it is time for those tennis lessons.
  4. Remove any memories of him from your home, your computer and your work space. This also will free his energy to allow new energy and maybe that new man to enter into your life.
  5. Say affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements that are said in the present tense. Say these out loud. Put them on post it notes in your mirror and on your desk.  Repeat them often
    1. I am attracting a man who loves, adores and appreciates me.
    2. I release the past.
    3. I am ready for love.
    4. I am willing to let go.


Stay strong and before you know it, you will feel better.  What do you do to get him off your mind?


5 Habits of Strong Women

By: Gloria Marie

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These are 5 habits of strong women. Strong women can be in all walks of life: a career person, a mother, a wife or a student. It does not matter what your do, it is to develop these habits and begin incorporating them into your life.

1. They start the day with a purpose. Strong women have a plan for the day with goals and clearly defined objectives. They do not get up and just “wing it”. They also understand that the first hour of the day sets the tone for the rest of the day. This is a time for inspirational reading, reflecting, and/or meditation.
2. They surround themselves with supportive people. Their immediate circle of friends and colleagues are supportive and positive. They inspire them to achieve great things. They are not “energy vampires”. You know this type, when you are with them, you leave feeling drained and tired. The people you surround yourself with should leave you feeling fantastic and ready to conquer the world.
3. They do not live in the past. The only thing we have control over is the present moment. We have no control over the past. We can learn from our past, but, we cannot change it. Strong women realize that the past does not define them.
4. They are not concerned of how others judge them. They have their own clearly defined values and goals. Their self-esteem is intact and they interact with others without letting their ego get involved. We can all listen to our hearts and we all know what is best for us in life.
5. They balance their life: physical, mental, emotionally, and spiritually. If we balance these 4 aspects of our life: we will have a more balanced life. Physically- take care of your body with good foods and exercise. Mentally – never stop learning, reading and visualizing. Emotionally – be of service to others. Spiritually- find a practice that works for your life.

Follow Your Dreams with These 5 Steps

By: Gloria Marie

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This is my first blog for 2015 and what a better way to start a New Year than by planning to follow and manifest your dreams. Make this a year to plan step by step, to not give up, and to take at least one small step everyday towards your dream. The Universe will support you, if, you put forth an effort and stay consistent with clear intentions. Give it a try, you can do it. Follow your dreams with these 5 steps.

Your dreams can take many forms. Is it a new job, a relationship, a new hobby, a dream trip, more love, or more abundance? After my divorce, I was lost and really not sure which direction to go. I needed and wanted a new career and followed the steps below. The important point is to not give up. I eventually found a career that I love and that is making a difference in the world. But, it was not a direct route. It was like going from Florida to New York by way of Dallas and Chicago. I trusted that all the detours were part of the master plan to prepare me for the ideal career.

Try these 5 steps to Follow Your Dreams

1. Have very clear intentions of what you want to manifest. It might help to write them down or journal about them. Say them out loud. Put that energy into the Universe.
2. Stay positive and feel good about your intentions.
3. Believe that it will happen with your whole being.
4. Remain flexible. Like I said above, it may not be a direct route, but, have faith that you are being prepared.
5. Stay confident that hidden forces are at work to help you manifest your dreams. Do not worry. Do not have fear, replace fear with confidence and love.

Go for it! What do you want to manifest in 2015? Start today!