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7 Ways to Build a Network of Single Friends

By: Gloria Marie

Tip #8 Build a Network of Single Friendssunset-242713_150

If you have never been married, you probably already have many single friends both male and female.  If you are recently divorced, more than likely most of your friends are married. When I separated from my husband, I did not have one single friend.  I was married for 21 years; our lives were intertwined and revolved around our boys.    My married friends, at first asked me out to lunch but, those times became few and far between.  Not because they were being rude, they really did not know how to relate to my new circumstances. Several said to me that they could not imagine being in that situation.  It was almost like I had a contentious disease.

Most of the first year, I spend in front of the TV.  Occasionally on Saturday night, my Mom and I would go to the movies. Gradually, very gradually, I did meet single friends both male and female. The Universe will fill a void in our lives be patient and be open to new friendships.

At first it was uncomfortable for me to meet a friend at a restaurant or bar. I was nervous walking in alone and would arrive late or call them on their cell to confirm they were already at the restaurant.  The more I ventured out the easier it became-like riding a bike.

Suggestions to Meet Single Friends

  1. Say “Yes” when sometimes it is easier to say “no” and stay in front of the television. Change is not easy. Be patient with yourself and try going new places with different people
  2.   A great web base resource.  As their website says, “Neighbors getting together to learn something, do something, and share something”. There are some groups designed just for singles.  Explore!
  3. Join a club.  Check your local newspaper for community based clubs. Check out your local library to join a book club.
  4. Do you play any sports?  Join a team.
  5. Get a gym membership.
  6.  Are there any single colleagues at your work place?  Suggest going out for dinner together.
  7. Sign up for some community classes. I took tennis, acting, and mediation classes.

How have you meet new, single friends?

Journal for Manifesting

By: Gloria Marie

Sensational Sunday Journal for Manifesting

Every Sunday the Single, Happy, and Strong Blog will have an exercise for you to do.  This is a wonderful way to start a new week; to reflect, grow, and begin a shift in your life. This week we will learn to journal for manifesting, a powerful exercise.


Journal for Manifesting

Researchers have found that writing about emotions and stress can boost immune function.  Studies have been done at both University of Texas at Austin and Syracuse University.  Being single or divorced certainly can increase stress and can be very emotional at times. Journaling is a very convenient, easy way to express emotions and feelings.  There is not much required: a journal or blank notebook and a pen. Journaling is portable; you can take a small journal with you to record thoughts or insights during your day.

Today’s Exercise

Sit is a quiet place where you will not be distributed.  You may want to light a candle.  Silently ask yourself the following question:

“What do I desire?”

Spend a few minutes just being: quietly sitting. Do not judge any thoughts that come up and do not try to find the answer.  Just be. By silently asking the question, you have put it out in the Universe and asked the deepest part of you.

After a few minutes, take out your journal and being writing.  Just write, let your pen flow.  Do not judge what you write.  Take a deep breath and continue writing. There are no rules as to the length or the time you spend.

After you are finished writing, take a deep breath, read over what you wrote. Then complete the following sentence:

“I am manifesting………”

This is a powerful exercise to bring your desires into your life.  Is it a new job, more income, a boyfriend, more friends?   Write your “I am manifesting” statement in your journal before you go to sleep.  Our thoughts manifest.  Start manifesting positive changes in your life.










3 Tips for On-Line Dating

By: Gloria Marie

Tip # 7

3 Tips for On-Line Datingcouple-168191_150

On-line dating is pretty mainstream today, if you do not intend to stay single the rest of your life, it is probably worth a try.  Personally, I have tried several sites and think it is a matter of your personal preference as to which site works best for you. With that being said, you have to make smart choices in your on-line dating life.  The US Census states that 44.1% of the population is single, of that 53% are women and 47% are men. For every 84 unmarried men there are 100 unmarried women.  Girls, we have to be smart about dating, the statistics are not in our favor.

These suggestions are from my experiences from on-line dating.

1.      Make sure your photos look like you.   The number one complaint I heard from the men I went out was that most of the women did not look like their photos. When they met the women in person, they looked older. Everyone has different tastes; so, keep that in mind when choosing photos. Use photos that look like you and use a variety of photos.  I had one photo of me casually sitting with a cup of coffee, very little make up.  It was the most liked of all my photos. Wouldn’t it be great if on your first meeting, your date said, “You look better than your photos”?

2.      On your first meeting go for coffee or a drink.  It usually does not take long to decide if you would like a second date.  It is the worst, to know in a few minutes that this person is not for you and then you have to suffer through a dinner or a daylong event.  Make the first meeting quick and then plan to spend more time together if you want a second date.  I have one friend that arranges for someone to call her 15 minutes after she meets a date.  If she does not like him: the phone call is “an emergency came up” and she has to leave.

3.     Look your best!  We are all magnificent human beings and I truly believe with an open heart and true intentions, we will all find our special someone.  However, consider that a first meeting is like a job interview.  You want to look your best: a nice outfit, hair washed and styled, and most important, a SMILE.

What have you found works best for you on a first meeting?

Rose Quartz and Romance

By: Gloria Marie

Tip #6 Get Some Rose Quartz for Romancerose-quartz-242289_640

Eros, the Greek God of love, brought rose quartz to the earth in the hope that its gorgeous color would arise love, romance, and desire. Since the Middle Ages, rose quartz has been considered a love charm. Get some rose quartz for romance and to surround yourself with its energy.

Rose Quartz stimulates circulation and thus increases sexuality. It is considered helpful in affairs of the heart and the heart chakra.  It is found naturally as a piece of quartz. It is usually found in Madagascar, Brazil, United States, and Austria.

Consider buying a rose quartz.  It comes in all sizes and price ranges.  I keep a small rose Quartz crystal in my bedroom, another in my living room and I wear a rose quartz bracelet.  Its beautiful pink translucent color reminds me of romance.  When you go to purchase one, hold several in your hands before you decide on the one to buy. Listen to your heart while choosing one.

When you buy a piece of rose quartz for your home, place it in your bedroom.  If you decide to buy another one, walk around your home and feel where you think it would be best displayed. It has powerful energy even when simply placed in a room as a raw stone.

When placed next to the computer is can prevent headaches and eye fatigue, while placed next to the bed it can improve the quality of your sleep.

When you first purchase it and bring it home, dip it in salt water to cleanse the energy. I put my crystals in the sun to recharge them once a week.

Its properties for love, may be all legend, but, I think it is worth a try!

Do you have any stories of Rose Quartz bringing romance into your life?



Use Words to Change Your Life

By: Gloria Marie

Sensational Sunday Use Words to Change Your Life

Every Sunday the Single, Happy, and Strong Blog will have an exercise for you to do.  This is a wonderful way to start a new week; to reflect, grow, and begin a shift in your life.  This is Word Wall Sunday and you will practice using words to change your life.



Listed below are adjectives that you can use to describe yourself.  Today, I want you to pick 3 that you feel describe yourself today and pick another 3 that you would like to become. The list below is just suggestions, feel free to add others.

 For example: I feel I am kind, reliable and spiritual.  I would like to become more fun, romantic, and creative.  We are our thoughts, so, by consciously deciding what you would like, subtle shifts will begin.


1. Get a blank sheet of paper. At the top of the page, write your name, Word Wall and the date.

.On this paper, write all 6 adjectives that you have chosen.  Have fun with it: color it, put borders, and make some drawings.

3. Then put it where you can see it every day for the next week.  Maybe put it by your computer, where you prepare dinner, or on your bathroom mirror.  Every time you see it, read the words and feel them in your heart.  You are taking charge of your life.

 Word Wall 

Kind                             Bright                          Passionate                   Fun

Generous                     Happy                          Beautiful                     Trustworthy

Patient                         Faithful                        Cheerful                      Reliable

Humorous                   Truthful                       Positive                        Creative

Peaceful                      Forgiving                     Prosperous                  Romantic

Grateful                       Compassionate           Athletics                      Content

Spiritual                       Religious                     Loving                          Healthy

Joyful                           Dependable                 Generous                     Artistic

Blessed                        Confident                    Carefree                      Focused





5 Ways to Bring Love into Your Life on Valentine’s Day

By: Gloria Marie

Tip #5 – 5 Ways to Bring Love into Your Life on Valentine’s Day

 Happy Valentine’s Day!dreamstime_xs_1333379[1]

It is difficult to love someone else, if you are not in love with yourself.  You are a unique, special, amazing human being. Sometimes, when we go through challenging times it is hard to remember that. If there is not a significant partner in your life, it is even more important to remember that and treat yourself with love. So do that this Valentine’s Day!

On this Valentine’s Day, you may not have a date, that’s alright. Here are 5 things to do to surround yourself with love and change your energy from lack to abundance.

Try these today, on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Gratitude will change your attitude.  Write down 5 things that you are grateful for today.
  2. Buy yourself some flowers. They do not have to be extravagant.  You will be bringing fresh energy and life into your home.  Pink flowers symbolize romance.
  3. Sit in a comfortable chair.  Take a few deep breaths. Imagine you are surrounded by pink light.  The pink light starts at your heart and moves through your body and eventually into your whole living area.
  4. Repeat this affirmation.  “There is abundant love in the Universe and I am attracting that love now”.  Repeat at least 3 times today.
  5. Do something special for yourself today.  Watch a movie, treat yourself to a special dessert, get a manicure, or get together with a group of friends. Just because you may not have a date today does not mean you cannot have a GREAT day.

Did you try any of these?  What else did you do to make Valentine’s Day special?






Self Empowerment With 3 Words

By: Gloria Marie

Tip #4 Self-Empowerment With 3 Words

“As a being of power, intelligence, and love…you hold the key to every situation, and contain within yourself that transforming and regenerative agency by which you may make yourself what you will.”

-James Allen


This is a beautiful quote from “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen, written in 1904.  It is a little book of only 90 pages but, written with such wisdom and timeless advice.

We do and can control our mind.  Life is challenging, when we are going though transitions and changes it can be more difficult to control our thoughts and our minds.  But, that is also the time for the most growth.  Positive thoughts produce positive results.  The key is to be vigilant about your thoughts because improved results may take time.

When I was selling my house, it took what seemed an eternity.  I probably showed it over 100 times. Friends would ask, “What are you going to do?  What if you cannot sell it?”   My answer would always be “It will sell when the time is right”.  It was not easy to stay positive about this situation. But, I controlled by thoughts and when a negative, fearful thought would arise, I would say, “It will sell when the time is right”.

We do have the power, intelligence, and love to transform our lives; sometimes it is hidden and needs nurturing to expand. The key is to be patient with ourselves and every day make a little progress in controlling your thoughts.  Small steps will in time, produce large results.

As James Allen says

Keep your hand firmly upon the helm of thought. Self-control is strength: right thought is master; calmness is power.

Say to your heart, “Peace, be still!”

Remember those words to control your thoughts


 Did you feel more positive using this phrase?

Great Tips for Hot Flashes

By: Gloria Marie

# 3 Great Tips for Hot Flashessunset-13444_150

Of course, my new dating life coincided with menopause and the dreaded hot flashes.  The timing was not good. Living in Florida, the heat fueled the fire, so to speak. Besides the temperature, being in an uncomfortable situation, like going on first dates, also brought them on with a vengeance. Inevitably while getting ready for a date, make-up perfect, boom, a hot flash would come on and literally melt my make-up off my face. air-2260_150

So, here is my tip: I purchased a small fan for about $13 and set it right on my vanity. When the unwelcome hot flash would begin, I would put my face right in front on the fan and my make-up stayed intact.

Hot flashes also came on strong within the first few minutes of a date and I sitting down to dinner. Sweat dripping down my face is not romantic.

So, here is my tip: I purchased hand-held folding fans! I would whip it out of my purse and fan myself.  The folding fan originated in Japan in the 6th – 8th century.  Something that has been around that long has got to work. When I am in New York, I go to China Town to buy them in all colors and sizes, that way there is always a back up. They are not expensive and are easy to carry in your purse.  You can match the colors to the outfit you are wearing, just like a piece of jewelry.

hand-166503_640The important point to remember is that the intensity and frequency of the hot flashes will decrease with time.  Also with time, you will learn to accept it as part of life and laugh it off if they come at an inconvenient time.

Do you have any tips to share of what worked for you? Let us know.

Use Feng Shui in Your Living Space

By: Gloria Marie

Tip #2 – Use Feng Shui in Your Living Spacecandle-76367_150 (1)

Interior decorating is not my forte.  In other words, when I purchased a painting and hung it in my home that is where it stayed forever.  All the large pieces of furniture were put in place and that is where they stayed.  Of course, this made Christmas decorating and other holiday decorating very easy.  The boxes came down from the attic and we all knew where to place the contents.  Yes, the mantle had the same angels and Santa Clauses for over 20 years. Using Feng Shui in your living space can help change the energy.

One day when I was browsing through books at the library, I picked up a book on Feng Shui. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system that aims to create a sense of harmony and balance in your home. This was fascinating for me and worth a try. By rearranging the energy in my home, I could feel more peaceful and happy? This book motivated me to give it a try to move things around.  It was a full week project, moving things around and adding some different colors and objects.  Discount stores were a great place to find reduced price objects.

It was amazing how a few changes made such a difference.  The energy in my home felt more positive and it looked different, though the changes were not huge.  I especially recommend applying some of the principles in your bedroom, if you are looking for a relationship. I am not an expert at Feng Shui, but, that library book helped me create a more harmonious living space.

Try it, shake things up a bit!  Small changes will help you make larger changes.

On a side note, the library was a great place to spend time in the summer.  When it was hot outside, the library was cool, so I saved on my electric bill because I did not have to run my air conditioner.

candle-76367_150 (1)

Have you tried Feng Shui?


Learn How to Date

By: Gloria Marie

Learn “How to Date”photo

Tip #1 – Take classes or read some books.

If it has been a while since you “dated”, you may need a refresher course. Or, if you feel your dating is not what you like, get some tips. Dating has certainly changed in the last 28 years. That was the last time I actually dated. Today, women call men- they do not just wait for the phone to ring. This was unheard of 30 years ago.  Some of my dates think I am not interested in them because I do not call them. And texting….well that does make everything easier, like telling someone who you really do not want to see them again.  It is not personal and that may be an advantage sometime.

A male acquaintance of mine told me he expects his date to pay for dinner every 4th date! Who knew?  Is this written somewhere?

So, my recommendations to get up to dating speed and save yourself some embarrassing moments:

  1. Read a  current book on dating, there are many to choose from.
  2. Take some classes on dating, some local community groups give them.
  3. Start being comfortable texting your dates.
  4. Try to call your date; you would probably be surprised how much they would love to hear from you.  This is still a stretch for me, but, I am trying.
  5. After a few dates, offer to pay for dinner or make him dinner.

It also helped to discuss my date with my single friends. This was really uncharted territory for me and for many newly divorced or separated women. It is like going through life without a rehearsal.  You are going to make some mistakes and that is alright. With each new experience you will learn and grow.

Most important-Have FUN! 

Do you have any tips to share?