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Contact me today to start claiming a life of Infinite possibilities!

You can create a life filled with happiness, abundance and love.

I use powerful tools and resources to shift your thought patterns and transform your life.

Dream BIG!


Why Work with a Life Coach?

Working with a life coach is a powerful experience. With a one-on-one session you can have transformations in short periods of time.  I will guide you to change your thought patterns and transform fear to faith. You will learn to stop making the same mistakes and with my guidance and support you will create a life filled with peace and joy. The sessions focus on solutions not problems.

What I Do Best?

I motivate and facilitate you to achieve your true potential and bring positive change into your life. You will be challenged to build on your strengths to move forward.

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Gloria is an amazing life coach. Focusing on solutions, rather than on the past, she has helped me to clearly identify my priorities and to establish my life goals. Her knowledge and understanding have enabled me to develop and implement specific actions that help me achieve what I truly want in my life. Her genuine caring and positive, optimistic manner come through in everything she does.       Doug, Port St. Lucie, Florida

Life Coaching Areas

  • Explore career options and/or career transitions
  • Relieve stress with specific tools and techniques (including meditation)
  • Transition from a fear-based life to a faith-based life
  • Find your passions to create more happiness in your life
  • Improve your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Develop a plan to bring more prosperity into your life
  • Start or grow a business
  • Develop more positive habits
  • Time management skills
  • Attract a relationship

I bring over 35 years of entrepreneurial experience to my life coaching skills.  I am a transformational life coach, spiritual mentor and teacher. I use tools and techniques that deliver results. My approach involves the mind, body, and spirit. Let me create a supportive environment for you to achieve your goals.

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My Commitment to You

  • To develop a positive process, tailor-made to suit the agenda and your specific needs
  • To establish an interactive relationship between you and me based on the full commitment of all parties
  • To motivate and facilitate you to achieve true potential and bring positive change through the setting and achieving of self-defined goals
  • To operate on the premise that all parties are creative and resourceful with the ability and the potential to express and define their own solutions
  • To establish a partnership which challenges you to recognize and build on strengths, explore current reality and find positive ways to make changes and move forward
  • To be an instrument in helping you develop a fresh perspective on each situation you are facing and supporting you to explore a range of options
  • To maintain the highest level of integrity and unbiased opinion regardless of gender, ethnic, social or religious background
  • To maintain absolute and total confidentiality

Gloria has been my life coach for several months. She is wise, strategic, discerning, compassionate and uniquely gifted. Gloria ascertains her clients’ strengths and weaknesses then gently yet forcefully guides them to play to their strengths and minimize negative outcomes from their weaknesses. Gloria has been an incredible blessing to me. She deserves 10 stars.         – Penny J.

Gloria’s Coaching Packages

1. 50 Minute Weekly Sessions by Skype or phone

  1. A 50-minute weekly session by Skype or phone.
  2. A personal action plan to meet your specific needs. The plan will have objectives with measurable results. You will set a goal, and then together, we will break it down into action steps. We will also discuss any obstacles and ways to overcome them.
  3. Specific tools and techniques to help you meet your objectives.
  4. Each week you will learn a new life tool and I will guide you through it. Examples include: meditation, visualization, relaxing techniques, deep breathing techniques, journaling, use of affirmations.
  5. A “homework” assignment  each session. These will include worksheets that will help you reach your objectives.
  6. Suggested readings to reinforce your action plan.
  7. Unlimited email support.
  8. During the weekly Skype or phone sessions, we will discuss progress, obstacles and create an updated action plan.


Package of Four Sessions $295

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2. One Skype or Phone Session

  1. One 50 minute Skype or phone session.
  2. A Self-Assessment worksheet will be sent to you prior to the session.
  3. Based on your Self-Assessment worksheet, we will develop goals and an action plan.
  4. We will discuss possible obstacles and ways to overcome them.
  5. I will guide you through a specific technique to help you achieve your goals. Examples include: visualization, breathing techniques, meditation, visualization.
  6. After the session, I will email you the Action Plan based on your goals. It will include specific tools and techniques.


$100 – 50 minute Skype or Phone session and a detailed Action Plan with goals and objectives. Tools and techniques tailored specifically to help you achieve your goals. You will have a complete plan to move forward.                                                                                            

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3. Sessions by Email

  1. You contact me by email with the top challenges you face right now or with the biggest change you would like to make in your life. I will send you a Self-Assessment worksheet to fill out.
  2. I will develop and email to you a personal Action Plan with specific objectives.
  3. In addition, I will email specific tools and techniques to help you meet your objectives.
  4. In the three follow-up emails, we will fine tune your action plan and discuss any barriers or obstacles and make adjustments to your action plan.

Email sessions –  $100 – 4 emails that include one action plan with tools and techniques.

Contact Me

You do not have to leave the comfort of your home.

Gloria is an outstanding coach! Her enthusiasm, professionalism and positive attitude towards life, makes working with her a great experience. Thanks to her guidance, desire to see others succeed and her positive energy, I have been able to overcome the fear to an upcoming certification test in my field of business. Gloria has guided me through different written, oral and breathing exercises that have helped me gain more confidence in myself and my capacity to succeed on my test. I will recommend Gloria to anyone who needs not only a coach, but a ray of sunshine in their life.                                      -Marilu E.

Gloria’s Professional Training and Experience

  • Master in Education degree
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Solution Focused Coach
  • Over 35 years of entrepreneurial experience
  • Author of the popular blog Single, Happy and Strong
  • Author of the bestselling book “Divorce the Divorce: a 52 Step Journey to Create Unlimited Happiness”
  • Instructor on Udemy.com.  Author of the online course, “Triumph Over Fear.”
  • Guest writer on DivorceMoms.com
  • Articles featured on Huffington Post
  • Gloria’s Story

 Great coaching session! Gloria was thoughtful, insightful, and impactful.    – Andy L.

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 Contact me today to start claiming a new life of Infinite Possibilities!

 Gloria is an insightful, intuitive and caring coach who helped me better understand and address areas of my life I wanted to work on and improve. Being a full-time working mother, who is trying to advance in my career, I have been increasingly interested in how to increase my output at work and balance the  family and spiritual sides of my life. Gloria was great at listening, defining what needed to be worked on, and then helping me identify solutions to better balance the demands of my life in order to move forward and be happier. She has a good balance of directness in helping clients see things in a new way, while respecting one’s own preferences and processes for problem-solving. I highly recommend Gloria as a career/life coach and have thoroughly enjoyed our sessions together.       – Michelle, Virginia


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